Canadian Connection to 7/7 Tube Bombing: Momin Khawaja, Orleans Born-and-Raised


One of the few alleged terrorists that our Federal Court judges have not yet gotten around to releasing into the community is Momin Khawaja, a native of the middle-class Ottawa suburb of Orleans. Khawaja was picked up in 2004 at the family home that he never moved out of, concurrently with the arrest in England of Omar Khyam and his co-conspirators who plotted to bomb night clubs with fertilizer bombs. Khyam and his co-conspirators were convicted and handed life sentences today by the British courts. Khawaja was named as a co-conspirator in the plot, but as a Canadian arrested in his home country, was not indicted by the Brits.

If this wasn’t bad enough, the court released evidence with the verdict today that Khawaja, Khyam, and their mates were in contact with the ringleaders of the 7/7 London Tube attack, and that Khawaja associated personally with the 7/7 ringleader :

On Monday, more allegations against Khawaja were made public. Prosecutors allege he attended an al-Qaeda training camp in Pakistan in 2003 with the mastermind of the London subway suicide bombings. Fifty-six people died when bombs went off on three subway trains and a bus on July 7, 2005.

Prosecutors also allege that the fertilizer bomb plotters met regularly with the subway bombers.

So…is it possible, lefties, that the Government of Canada sometimes, just maybe, has reason to hold blokes like this for the safety of the country and the world? Or would it be better to release him via technicalities or The Charter (Peace Be Upon It), free to, at best, get off scot-free for his attempts to destroy innocent human life, and, at worst, continue to put his plans into action?

Thank God, not even the extremists at the “Stop Secret Trials” campaign, who revel in the trashing of Canada’s rule of law and protection of innocents, seem interested in touching this trash. With evidence collected by the Brits for the successful conviction of the fertilizer bomb plotters, Khawaja’s trial should be quick and straightforward, once he and his lawyer finally allow it to begin



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4 responses to “Canadian Connection to 7/7 Tube Bombing: Momin Khawaja, Orleans Born-and-Raised

  1. EmZi

    “The Charter (Peace Be Upon It)”


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  3. Bibi

    I know this man very well and he is innocent. This world is full of demons and these people are liars.

  4. Khalid

    Bibi, I know this man very well too and he is guilty. This world is full of demons and liars..he is one of these demons and liars.

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