Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May: Moonbat Follower of George Monbiot


Elizabeth May, the former Executive Director of the environmental protection agency The Sierra Club, was supposed to be the pragmatic choice to lead a fringe party into the mainstream when she was elected to head the Green Party of Canada last year. Well, she certainly fooled Stephane Dion! Based on her latest rantings, May appears to be firmly in the mainstream…of the socialist-internationalist-pacifist-conspiracy-theory-obsessed loony left!

May has come under criticism for her speech at a United Church congregation in London, Ontario this past weekend that accused Stephen Harper’s stance on the environment as being “a grievance worse than Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of the Nazis.” The London Free Press reviews the speech here.

May yesterday refused to backtrack on her comments, and explained the Nazi reference as being words not of herself, but of British author George Monbiot during an appearance with David Suzuki over the weekend. Yay, that makes it all better…or does it?

Here a section of the transcript from a Monbiot interview with Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez in 2004:

AMY GOODMAN: You have heard the headlines and have heard about the situation right now in Fallujah. In one of your latest pieces, you talk about the situation in the Middle East. You say, “In order to understand it, we have to understand politics in Texas.” Why?

GEORGE MONBIOT: Well, there’s this group of Christian fundamentalists who want to have a new world war, and they want that world war to begin in the Middle East, because they’re their reading of the bible suggests if there’s an all-consuming war between what they consider to be the forces of Christ versus the forces of the anti-Christ, who could be the Muslim world or the United Nations or the European Union or France, depending on your interpretation. That will bring about the second coming of Jesus and all of the true believers, in other words, people who believe what they believe, will be magically wafted out of their clothes and spectacles and dental fills and will fly up to heaven to sit at the right hand of God. In order to bring about this event where the sky becomes filled with floating nudists. They need to create a great conflagration in the Middle East and bizarrely, weirdly, though this sounds completely insane, these people have a great deal of power within the republican party, and in Texas in particular, at the recent conventions, for instance in Houston, again and again they were thumping this Middle East drum and saying, “we basically have to get in there and back Sharon far harder than we have backed him. We have to get the Palestinians out of Palestine, shove them into exile. We have to get a greater Israel that goes from the Nile to the Euphrates and then we can bring about the second coming.”

Aha, of course, the great end-of-days conspiracy theory that antisemites and atheists love to use to delegitimize Evangelical support for Israel! That’s mainstream…

And then there’s this exchange, explaining why people aren’t rioting in the streets to stop “climate change”:

JUAN GONZALEZ: Yet when it comes to change in this area, the Bush administration here in the United States is perhaps doing everything it can to set back all of the environmental efforts and reform that this country has been involved in now for the past 30 years.

GEORGE MONBIOT: That’s right. It’s a measure of effectiveness of the corporate propaganda relayed through the corporate media that people aren’t taking to the streets about this right now. I mean, this guy, George Bush, is endangering the conditions which make human life on earth possible. What could be worse than that? What could be a more appalling disastrous project than the one that he is following? If people are going to rebel about anything, that’s the thing to rebel about.

Aha…people are so influenced by the Bush-controlled media (!) that they are lulled to inaction. PERHAPS THEY THINK YOU PEOPLE ARE NUTS, MOONBAT!

I’m sure there’s lots more in his 2004 opus, “Manifesto for a New World Order”. From the review:

a utopian vision of a global democratic order that transcends the obsolete nation-state, based on a real world program for concrete institutions to supplant the undemocratic power centers of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization. His most substantive ideas concern world trade, which he feels should be restructured to open advanced countries to Third World exports while allowing backward economies to develop behind protectionist barriers. He calls for a Fair Trade Organization to set mandatory standards for international corporations, and resurrects Keynes’s proposal for an International Clearing Union that would automatically rectify trade imbalances and prevent poor countries from getting trapped in debt.

Aha…the American-and-Jew controlled World Bank, IMF, and WTO…that’s the problem! It’s Wolfowitz, damnit!

Thank you, Lizzie May, for exposing your sources and sympathies. Reflects real well on you, Steffi Dion…

UPDATE 8:00 EDT – Bruce Cheadle of CP has more on the fallout from May’s verbal diarrhea here. More on Monbiot:

Monbiot had told a conference on Saturday that there is a “new axis of evil” on climate change, naming U.S. President George Bush, Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Harper as the offending trio.

According to May, who says she took notes, Monbiot called the three “more culpable in the eyes of history than (former British prime minister) Neville Chamberlain’s attempt to appease the Nazis.”

May says she repeated Monbiot’s opinion on Sunday when she spoke to a church group in London, Ont., at the invitation of the local Liberal MP who had defeated her there in a fall federal byelection.

The point, May said Tuesday, is that Monbiot was comparing the moral failure of meeting the targets of the Kyoto protocol on greenhouse gas emissions with Chamberlain’s failure to appreciate the dangers of Nazi Germany.

Hmm…May continues to embrace Monbiot, and makes no apologies. She doesn’t even know how to play the “sorry if I offended anyone” game. Fringe is fringe for a reason…

“We run the risk of losing civilization,” said May.

The suggestion was not well received even by Canadian politicians who consider themselves May’s environmental ally.



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5 responses to “Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May: Moonbat Follower of George Monbiot

  1. Where are your manners, Neil. He is a prophet!
    (I am not making this up, in today’s National Post article you can read that “Mr. Monbiot, who has been named by the London Independent newspaper as one of the 40 international prophets of the 21st century…” )
    The worst thing that can happen to May and her ilk is to have a tribune (or should I say a pulpit) from which they can address the rest of us, poor ignorants of the big dangers ahead, and expose themselves as the frauds they are.
    (just between you and I, imagine how fun would it be to have a business card with your name and the word ‘Prophet’ below it 😉

  2. EmZi

    I don’t like how so many non-Christians (presumably May included) assume that the beliefs of Evangelical Christians represent the most ancient teachings about Christianity, on the meaning of the word “Israel” or anything else. They generally don’t.

    There are good secular reasons to support a democratic state of Israel in the Middle East, but to contend that the Bible *requires* people to go to war so that the Second Coming can occur is…well, I don’t even know the polite way to describe that….other than WRONG. God is not sitting wringing His hands waiting for flags to be inserted into the ground, or groups to be defeated for Him….the world will end when He chooses, and His kingdom is not of this world, so military outcomes here are irrelevant to His power and authority.

    All of that said, I *am* happy that May keeps showing her true colours.

    Now she *and* Dion are the gifts that just keep on giving…to the Tories.

  3. Thanks Emzi. For a great read on the relationship between Evangelicals and Jews, check out Zev Chafets’ recent book “A Match Made in Heaven”. A truly wonderful work!

  4. jm

    Religion aside, the important thing is that climate change IS indeed a moral issue above all. Much like our debt and the costs of war, NOT acting effectively on reversing it to less of a burden for the future is fundamentally irresponsible.

  5. Environmental responsibility is indeed a moral issue. “Climate Change”, however, is a nonsensical codeword used by socialists as a wedge against capitalism. I’m sure you can understand the difference…unless you yourself are a socialist.

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