Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher Shows Off Ugly Face of the Left

Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher and Mayor David Miller

A taxpayer listens to John Tory’s drive-time radio show on 1010am, and is encouraged to attend a public budget consultation meeting at Toronto City Hall. After asking a question about rising property tax rates, Toronto Ward 30 City Councillor Paula Fletcher does us all a great favour, and shows us off the true face of the leftist crew that currently runs Toronto council: utter contempt, absolute condescension, and pure venomous hatred for the middle class. Her public denunciation of the taxpayer is indistinguishable from the tactics used in Maoist and Stalinist purges. Listen and be amazed at the treatment afforded to a man who, like us all, pays her salary!

Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher Freaks Out on Constituent, Radio Host, Political Enemies.

UPDATE: Did I say “Marxist Hatred”? I didn’t even know how right I was! For, alas, this is the same Paula Fletcher that led the Communist Party of Canada – Manitoba from 1981-86, standing as a candidate for the legislature under that party’s banner twice.



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4 responses to “Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher Shows Off Ugly Face of the Left

  1. alp

    Councillors Fletcher and Carroll reflect everything that is wrong with City Hall and the arrogance of the socialist ‘pot-hole’ fillers who are running this city. The budget process is a farce – it is not transparent, try reading it and fathoming out what is happening to taxpayers monies and where increases are taking place and why. There is no accountability, no priority setting and no way of comparing year over year each departments’ budgets with the baseline of 1998 and any measures of significant indicators which reflect productivity. Comparisons with other large cities if available are not published and a zero-based budget system seems to be unheard of ( the system capability for reporting in this manner is installed as they are using SAP systems software at City Hall). Why do we need over 40 councillors with their attendant staff and overheads – this is unmanageable in any organization. In addition service charges are added willy-nilly, MPAC is blamed for increases in taxes and the unions are running rampant with exhorbitant increases which are far in excess of inflation. Employees are bad-mannered and not service oriented – try getting someone to tell you how a tax penalty has been calculated!!! and just take a look at the TTC – they add 500 positions and only 200 are ‘front-line workers so that leaves 300 more bureaucrats. It is obvious that a house-cleaning has to take place both at the councillor and all levels of the City Hall organization or we will end up with more of the same. What will it take for the taxpayers in this City to get riled up enough to vote these people out – we have gotten rid of Miller thank goodness but what about the other hangers-on who are not qualified to do the jobs they are doing. In any organization at least 10% can be cut right off the top and that includes all departments and all levels so let’s get some reality into these budgets before the whole City degrades. I love Toronto but this has to stop!!!

  2. dougtheslug

    This broad can’t even push buttons correctly. How do morons like this get elected? Are the voters this stupid?

  3. ted

    you hit the nail on the head with this article

  4. Civil Rights

    Would this be of interest to the reporters?

    [Case name not on file
    Movant: Ontario Principals’ Council, Gordana Stefulic, Vivian Mavrou and Varla Abrams

    Case Number: 5:2013mc80237
    Filed: November 1, 2013

    Court: California Northern District Court
    Office: San Jose Office
    Referring Judge: Paul Singh Grewal
    Presiding Judge: Lucy H. Koh

    Nature of Suit: Other]

    PDF download of court document:

    The Toronto District School Board is using online search warrants on those who are critical of the school board’s protocols and their employees.

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