Another (alleged) Home-Grown Jihadi: Sohail Qureshi, Brother of Suicide Bomber, Arrested in Kabul

A couple weeks ago, I highlighted the story of Orleans, Ontario native Momin Khawaja, who has been tied directly to the foiled UK fertilizer bomb plot, and the not-foiled 7/7 tube bombing. Of course, there were the Summer 2006 arrests of nearly a dozen homegrown Jihadists who aimed to blow up downtown Toronto buildings, storm Parliament, and behead the Prime Minister on live TV. It’s time to add another alleged sicko Islamist to the list – Sohail Qureshi, a 24-year-old University of Calgary grad who was arrested in Kabul last week for plotting to carry out a suicide bomb attack.

Quereshi was born in Pakistan, but moved to Calgary as a child with his family. According to a Calgary Sun report:

A U of C student, who is a fellow Muslim, said Qureshi was a typical student who liked to go to clubs and drink, but then suddenly became deeply committed to his religion and become an introvert.

“It was a total 180-degree flip,” said the student. “The reports I was getting was that everybody tried to talk him out of it and tell him this was not what the religion is.

What caused the flip? First of all, the Internet. According to his family’s Imam, Sheikh Alaa Elsayed:

The imam believes the Calgarian, who he said grew up quiet, polite and well-mannered, was “brainwashed” or “manipulated by emotion” by ideas he found on the Internet.

It is very dangerous to underestimate the impact of the Internet Jihad. But the most remarkable part of this story is that if Quereshi was successful in his quest for martyrdom, he wouldn’t have been the first in his own family to achieve this goal. It seems that the perpetrator of this September 30, 2006 suicide attack that killed 12 outside Kabul’s Interior Ministry was Sohail’s own brother!

This story also exposes the fraudulent myths that suicide bombers are born of poverty and desperation, and that young immigrants (or second-generation immigrants ) will be so seduced by Western culture that they will throw off old-world tribal battles:

Mr. Elsayed said he received a frantic phone call from young man’s father in November. After that, the three men met in in person, at which time, Mr. Elsayed said, the young man insisted he wanted to help his “brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.”

The three of them spoke for about two hours.

“We talked about what his train of thought was, what he believed in and what he was willing to do, and it was obviously out of line,” Mr. Elsayed said. “We tried as much as we could to get him on track.

“I asked if he was still adamant about what he was going to do. He had a look on his face and he nodded.”

Mr. Elsayed said he contacted police, asking them to dissuade the young man from his plans in Afghanistan.

Another truly disturbing story of extreme Islamism being a powerful draw to an otherwise normal young Canadian (and, apparently, his brother). Also, another example of the Canadian media not understanding that a massive story has just fallen into their laps. Where’s the coverage? This should be front-page news for a week. Meanwhile, until we in the West in general, and in Canada in particular, learn to love ourselves and establish a firm idea of what we stand for as a culture, we will have to expect more and more “Quereshis” finding meaning and acceptance in twisted ideologies in order to fill the void in their hearts.

Evil loves a vacuum.



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6 responses to “Another (alleged) Home-Grown Jihadi: Sohail Qureshi, Brother of Suicide Bomber, Arrested in Kabul

  1. philanthropist

    Canadian suicide bombers should be proof enough that the government’s policy of funding ethnic tribalism in Canada is a bad idea.

    Tribalism and the consequent poverty of ideas, rights and freedoms to live and earn a living drive people out of other countries. There is no point in reproducing the same power structures here in Canada.

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  3. peacemaker

    Listen, I think its best to hear both sides of the story. By this I mean hearing Sohail’s side. I knew the guy and yes he became really into the religion but as in any situation we should hear both sides then make a judgement as to whether he is guilty or not.

  4. hurt

    I just heard of this travesty…
    I also knew Sohail, it shows how naive i am, and how I should really watch the news more.
    I hung out with Sohail every weekend for probably about a year, and I was extremely hurt when he stopped contact with me and everyone for that matter. His friends were definitely worried about him, but I had no idea he had turned to religion in this way.
    It is such a shame that it came to this, and I am still in shock that it did. Sohail was genuinely a nice guy, one of the few.
    Obviously he is guilty, but that does not change my memories of him. I wish him some sort of peace.

  5. The very best site I have visited yet, you rock!!

    twisted brains think alike:
    Certainly. I agree with told all above. We can communicate on this theme.

  6. Sohail Qureshi

    First of all I don’t even have an older brother, so that takes away the false circulated story that I am the brother of a suicide bomber.

    Second, for all those who are ignorant enough to follow the media instead of coming to me, then there was not a single piece of evidence which was brough against me for any of the false charges I was accused of.

    Whoever goes further with the story than is true is just looking to try to stain the image of the religion of Islam and Muslims in general, or has an evil heart and wishes to speak of that which isn’t there…

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