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Hamas vs. Israel: A Cartoon Says 1,000 Words


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Video Diary of Toronto’s Anti-Israel Hatefest, January 10, 2009

Nine minutes of pure venom at Bloor & Avenue. Thank you, Mississauga Matt:


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Pro-Gaza protesters burn Israeli flag in Toronto, Montreal orgies of hate

Aparently, this is simply “protesters gathering”, to the dhimmis, lefties, and Jew-haters at Candian Press and CP24.

If you don’t support Israel, then you support this. What’s next, oh wilfully blind ones?
Psychopathic Islamists burn the Israeli flag in Toronto 01-10-2009

Psychopathic Islamists burn the Israeli flag in Toronto 01-10-2009

 UPDATE: Montreal also got in on the action today.

Miserable human beings torch Israeli flag, Montreal, 01-10-2009

Miserable human beings torch Israeli flag, Montreal, 01-10-2009


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Not supporting Israel against Hamas? Welcome to your side.

If you are not supporting Israel in the current campaign against Hamas, you are supporting Hamas against Israel. There’s no middle ground to weasel your way into, people. If you can’t distinguish good from evil, right from wrong, you’ve lost your humanity. (Is this to say that I don’t sympathize with the civilians of Gaza? Of course not. I look forward to the day that Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank can live in peace, out from under the thumb of Islamic and corrupt criminal rule; out from under the thumb of far-off Arab dictators who enjoy using the Palestinian people as pawns in their Hitlerian games).

If you’re not with Israel, you’re with these folks. No, this is not Ramallah, Islamabad, or even London…this is downtown Toronto:

(if you missed it, they’re shouting “INTIFADAH”…then, they’re shouting at the Jewish counter-protesters “You are the brothers of monkeys…you are the brothers of pigs”…then, “Allahu Akbar”…then, we see the Hizb’allah flag flying proudly…then, we see a protestor slugging a citizen-journalist who asks why he said “Hitler didn’t do a good job”.)

If you’re not with Israel, you’re with these folks – the Hamas fighters who literally drag screaming children with them through the streets as human shields:

If you’re not with Israel, you’re with the Muslim protesters of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who included the now-famous “Go back to the ovens” young woman yelling at the Jews across the street (see her at the 3:20 mark):

If you think you’re Mr.-Smarty-Pants, repeating the tired old refrain, “if Israel only acted in such-and-such a way, and did this-and-that, they would have avoided all this mess, and the world wouldn’t hate them,” consider the words of the Toronto Star’s only honest columnist, Rosie DiManno:

In defending its existence, Israel needs no advice from anybody.

It does not require the world’s approval.

That will never be granted and, in any event, wouldn’t minimize even an iota the intransigence of Israel’s many enemies – those who lob rockets indiscriminately at civilians, delete the vilified nation from school textbooks, screech venom during public protests and demand boycotts against Israeli professors in Canadian universities.

Which side are you on? Your humanity; your decency; your soul is on the line.


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Is the tedious anti-American leftist whinging over yet? Omar Khadr, getting what he deserves.

Omar Khadr, May 2008 Courtroom Sketch
Omar Khadr, not a kid anymore. (May 2008 Courtroom Sketch)

Has the leftist hysteria over the cause of Omar Khadr subsided yet? Probably not. But the mainstream support for his return to Canada probably hit a peak the day BEFORE the “smoking gun” interrogation tapes were released last week, and is surely on the wane. As Michael Coren and Mark Bonokoski of the Toronto Sun observed this weekend, the images of a self-pitying liar showing neither a dash of remorse nor a sign of mistreatment during interrogation by Canadian officials, are more likely to have extinguished Canadians’ sympathy for him, than fuelled it.

Bonokoski’s column is a little long and plodding, but it is worth reading for its review of the history of the Khadr family, going right back to PM Jean Chretien’s personal intervention to have Papa Bear Khadr released from Pakistani custody back in 1996 so he could take his family to re-join Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. Coren, as always, is pithy in his devastating condemnation of Omar Khadr:

If there has been any abuse over the years it is clearly at the hands of Khadr’s own kin. As the highly respected clinical psychologist Dr. Marty McKay told the Children’s Aid Society back in 2004 when Omar’s mother, Maha Elsamnah Khadr, came to Canada, “I am sure that you would agree that counselling one’s child to become suicidal or homicidal constitutes emotional child abuse, leading to physical abuse when the child acts upon these feelings.”

And this is precisely what the good woman has done, often and in public.

She has also, of course, loudly expressed her hatred for western culture and condemned Canada as a vile place where all children are drug addicts or homosexuals. She said she did not want such a fate for Omar or for her other son Karim, who suffered spinal damage after a firefight with the Pakistani soldiers who killed her terrorist husband.

The man may have suffered a different fate if the invincibly naive Jean Chretien had not, in 1995, personally pleaded with the late Benazir Bhutto, then Pakistani prime minister, to release Ahmed Khadr from prison and allow him to come to Canada. He didn’t stay long — there was work to be done with international Islamic murder gangs.

In 2004 the Khadr matriarch was brought back to Canada even though the family had lost several Canadian passports. Hey, it happens. They were flown business class from Pakistan. Hey, it happens. On public money. Hey, it happens.

Well, it happens to some people. Especially if they have friends within special interest groups and can convince credulous liberals who hate America more than they love truth and justice.

Omar Khadr is a tenuous Canadian at best, unlike most newcomers to the country who love it with pride and passion. If we feel sorry for him and his family, consider the family of the young medic smashed beyond recognition that horrible day six years ago. Good Lord, most people don’t even know his name. But they know the name of Omar Khadr.

Fact is, Khadr was captured fighting FOR Canada’s enemy, AGAINST Canada’s greatest friend and ally. Whether or not he was mis-raised by his parents is beside the point. We have no business interfering in this case, which represents: 1) Justice for Christopher Speer; and 2) Protection of America from the deranged psychos who hoped that 9/11 was only the first of many civilian mass-murders of its citizens. Sorry, Omar, but you’re getting what you deserve.

(On a related note: MR. DITHERS IS BACK! Paul Martin, Liberal PM (2003-2005) to Harper: BRING KHADR HOME! The audacity of hypocricy…this guy can’t be for real.)


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Watch Geert Wilders’ FITNA Here – Because Freedom, Goodness, and Western Civilization Matters

Whether they like it or not, the Dutch are on the front lines of the war being waged by Islam against the non-Muslim world. One Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, has chosen to simply show us what most of us have seen before, but many of us choose to minimize, ignore, excuse, or ally with – the supremacist and deadly ideology of radical Islam that comes straight from the holy book of the Muslims, the Koran (Quran). Watch his 15-minute film here, and be educated when the media (and seething Islamic masses) tell you that Wilders released an “Islamophobic hate film” intended to offend.

Who offends? Who slaps us in the face every day? Who pledges to slaughter Jews and Christians every day? Who blows up its own kinsmen in suicide bombings every day? Who treats women as separate and unequal? Who loves death more than we love life?

(Note: Liveleak, which deserves great credit for being the first to unequivocally agree to allow FITNA to appear on their servers, has now removed the film, due to specific death threats against its employees. View their statement here.)

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Aqsa Parvez’ new friends in heaven: Said sisters, murdered by father in Texas

Yaser Abdel Said, on the run after murdering two teenaged daughters

Yaser Abdel Said: Irving, Texas taxi driver on the run since daughters shot dead in taxi cab.

In a story eerily similar to the murder of Mississauga, ON teen Aqsa Parvez three weeks ago, two Texas teenage girls were shot dead on January 1 after feuding with their Muslim father over their modern ways.

Don’t let anyone tell you this is just another example of “violence against women”, or “domestic violence”, or “religions fundamentalism”. This happens somewhere in the world nearly ever day, in one community, and one community only. From the Fox News report:

 As the family of two teenage Texas girls allegedly shot by their father and left to die in his taxi prepared to bury them, their brother issued a plea to his father.“I just hope he turns himself in because, you know, he messed up the whole family,” Islam Said, 19, told after his sisters were found dead Tuesday night.

Said said his father, Yaser Abdel Said, 50, of Lewisville, Texas, was having a very hard time when his daughters, Sarah Yaser Said, 17, and Amina Yaser Said, 18, started dating.

Connie Moggio, the girls’ aunt, said there had been turbulence in the Said household for a while.

She said her sister married Yaser Abdel Said at the age of 15 and was pregnant shortly after, adding she had tried to leave her husband many times over the years, most recently, on Christmas Eve.

“A few days before she called me at my job and told me she was leaving because he had threatened the girls because they were dating,” Moggio told

Rest in peace, ladies. Aqsa has saved a place for you next to her in heaven.



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