Welcome to Flaggman’s Canada

Multicultural fetishism. Anti-Americanism. Smug superiority. Faith in Internationalism. Mockery of morality. Tolerance of the intolerant. Self-hatred. Europhilism. Quebec: a political obsession. All this, and more, from the Great White North!

An uneasy product of Toronto’s secular-materialst liberal Jewish community, I woke up around 9/11/01 to the vacuous nature of Canada’s dominant culture – a cynical, nihilistic milieu not unlike America’s Democrat-dominated blue states, but with its own unique pathologies. In discovering commentators like Mark Steyn, Robert Fulford, Ezra Levant, Charles Krauthammer, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Dennis Prager, Michelle Malkin, Charles Johnson, and many others, I found a world of fellow travelers, as William F. Buckley once said, “Standing athwart history, yelling Stop.” With this site, I aim to join this resistance, counting myself among the growing legion of Canadians no longer willing to stand for the conventional wisdom spoon-fed to us on a daily basis by the CBC, CTV, The Toronto Star, The Globe & Mail, and by “intellectuals” from coast to coast.

With this blog, I aim to promote the good of Canada, expose the bad, and bring a more conservative, traditional viewpoint to the radical widely-held assumptions that have shaped this country and much of the world over the past several decades. As a busy small businessman, husband, and father of a young son, I can’t promise daily postings, but I will attempt to bring you interesting content as regularly as I can. Enjoy!

-Neil Flagg-

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Monday, January 22, 2007


27 responses to “Welcome to Flaggman’s Canada

  1. alex byrne

    Thanks for your efforts of bringing a side of a story that the msm would ignore.

  2. Tahir Gora

    Please contact me at goratahir@yahoo.ca

  3. Terry from Baltimore


    I just discovered your blog. Good stuff. I spent a lot of time in Quebec from the mid 70’s to the early 80’s studying French and learning about Canada. When I was up there in September 1980, I scandalized some of my Canadian friends by announcing that I was going to vote for Ronald Reagan. But I still love Canada and especially Quebec in spite of some of the lunacy I see both there (and here). After all, I live in the largest city in the Peoples Republic of Maryland.

    Did you choose Flaggman for the flagman who warns us to be careful around road construction projects?

  4. Flaggman was my paternal ancestors’ surname before it was truncated two generations ago.

  5. Matt Stuart

    Hi Neil,
    Just noticed your blog. Nice work. Give me a shout matt@westernstandard.ca

  6. Alberta Bastard

    Hey Neil,

    Just WTF is your problem with Alberta anyways?

    I’ll see your “these people can just go to hell” and raise you with “GFY T.O. centre of the known universe”.

    Other than that stupidity, you seem to be reasonably well-informed. Or at least your reading list meets with approval here.

  7. The map is satire! I have no problem at all with Alberta.

  8. Good stuff. Glad to see someone interested in truth. Of course, what’s good for Canada is good for the U.S., as well — and for the world. Nothing gets better by listening to the tales told by liberals, “full of sound and fury.”


  9. Good site. Let me know if you want to trade links, that would be sweet. Read about James Madison at http://www.darrellepp.com

  10. Peter

    Leave ideology behind? Who has to do that? Us or you? No offence, but IMO, you are a bit ideological.

    And remember, no one man has a monopoly on the truth.

  11. Peter

    What we need in North America is not more hard-rightism or hard-leftism, but centrism and moderation. The people we disagree with are not evil and immoral, they just have different opinions.

    The time has come to end partisan ideological battles and embrace compromise. Moral outrage at perceived “threats” gets one nowhere. The Left and the Right must no longer rule our consciousness and thoughts. We must learn to think for ourselves.

  12. Sounds like you won’t be happy until we all follow the ideology of Peterism.

    Typical narcissistic liberal. Reminds me of another poster around here, Timleck.

  13. Peter

    I never once stated that I was a liberal. Did you read my posts at all?

  14. Peter

    Do you call everyone who disagrees with you a “liberal”?

  15. Stop bothering me, liberal!

  16. Jamie Bond

    Flaggman likes to defend himself hard..what are you worried about there ?That you migth be worng, biased or ignorant…this migth be your blog but reality doesnt come close to it by a bit…smarten up people

  17. TnT

    Oh my. Another scrap here and I wasn’t invited.

    no flaggman you cant just dismiss people who disagree with you as narcissistic liberals. It seems like some sort of a catch all for anyone with a different opinion. Juvenile. Left. Your favorite, narcissistic. You’ve even called me a troll. I thought blogs were places where people post comments, opinions. Apparently, on you yours, only those comments and opinions, that you feel agrees with you, are ones that will likely be free of attack. I saw that post where you went after that woman for saying she lost her comment she was typing, as if she was accusing you??? I doubt that’s what she meant. Wow.

    Flaggman you really need to take a chill pill. Not everyone is out to get you.

    Be careful about throwing around the term narcism. Because to me, narcism is someone putting up a public blog on the internet, and attacking anyone for daring to disagree with them.

    There’s no need to attack this as something inherent to the ‘right’, because even I know this is the stuff of 2 year olds in a sandbox.

  18. “Flaggman likes to defend himself hard.”

    No, I just call stupidity as I see it.

    Why is someone like you, “Jamie Bond”, wasting your time on the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s dime and servers, commenting on my blog, anyway, with semi-literate ad-hominem attacks?

  19. rkf

    We must do everything we can to ensure that bloggmen like flaggmen remain a marginalize and never get up a head of steam

  20. virgomonkey

    Finally, a Canuck that doesn’t hate Americans. 🙂

  21. “With this blog, I aim to promote the good of Canada, expose the bad…”

    Mr. Flagg, Thanks for encouraging discourse on this sort of thing. In the context of the current Canadian election, we have a well-documented situation involving environmental (mis-) management here on St. Margaret’s Bay, NS. Our current MP is Gerald Keddy (Conservative). This is a federal issue that he has been kept apprised of, although there has been a distinct absence of leadership.

    Maybe a topic that your readers would be interested to hear more about, if you want to comment or link to the web site:

  22. blondie

    don’t talk me about 9-11 chump.

  23. ProudAndFree

    Hmm, anti-intellectual?

    Go back to your cave. Everything we have is brought to you by science and logic, not superstition and instinct.

    I’m afraid serious analysis will remain the domain of those who do not shun critical thought. However, you would make a great propagandist, or a minister.

  24. Danny L. McDaniel

    I always was wondered where Canada was geographically located and with the help of your blog I now know. I have to admit that Canadians look and act alot like Americans when they visit Florida. Great Site!

    Danny L. McDaniel
    Lafayette, Indiana

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  26. Cam Watson

    So how do you equate “Tolerance of the intolerant” with your support for Rob Ford?

  27. Michele Tittler

    “Narcissism”…really? Let’s talk about your arrogance, self righteousness and quoting the old testament, then acting like an uptight prick when someone else also quoted the same part of the old testament bible you did….only to be told “is this a bible bashing group, because if it is, I am leaving it”. You literally strong armed an entire group of people on a POLITICAL page using the bible. The old testament at that…the ” eye-for-an-eye” version, not the “turn the other cheek” version. Crazy stuff in this day and age but there you were, so certaim of your omnipotence, you laid down the bible law. No one bashed the bible but even if they had….who the hell are you to tell anyone what to do? And what made you think it was appropriate to pull fanatical religious fervor on a private political group? You should never ever EVER be anywhere near the school board or politics when you are such a far right wing religious KOOK. I called you nasty, you denied it like a child. You were nasty and you showed your complete intolerance, and your short fuse. I have many religious friends on my Facebook and not once in 7 years have I seen anyone be the radical zealot you were yesterday. Religion gone sideways…you have a problem. Dont pull that crap on anyone again.

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