The Legacy of Racist Eugenics in North Carolina under the Democratic Party

Reading The Wall Street Journal this morning during a visit to an American friend, I came across an article by Valerie Bauerlein with the headline “North Carolina Atones For Its Sterilizations” (behind the paywall, so you likely won’t be able to read it unless you are a subscriber). The upshot of it is, while most states suspended their eugenics programs in the 1940s after the Nazis discredited the eugenics movement, North Carolina actually ramped up its forced sterilization program after WWII, and continued sterilizing citizens through the 1960s before finally ending the program in 1974. While blacks made up 25% of North Carolina’s population, over 60% of those sterilized were blacks.

So me being me, I announced to my wife and friend, “I’ll bet you North Carolina was run by Democrats”. Immediately, the friend, a political “moderate”, said “you don’t know that, I’ll bet you are wrong”, the pop culture propaganda pinning racist rule on Republicans being that strong. So, I headed to Google. And lo and behold, what did I find: North Carolina was run by Democrat governors from 1901 until 1973. Yes, in the first year of a Republican governor after 73 years of Democrat rule, the forced sterilization program of largely black citizens was ended.

“OK, that’s the governors. But the legislature really runs the state. Which party was in charge of the legislature?”

Google once again: the North Carolina legislature switched from Democrat to Republican control in 2011, after more than 100 years of Democrat rule.

Further proof that pop culture propaganda usually trumps truth, that monstrous anti-human policies almost always come from the left, and that the left has always found a welcome home in the Democratic party.

UPDATE: I have been informed by the husband of the friend, a Democrat, of the following: the Democrats used to be racists, but they switched to being the not-racists when the racist Republicans took over as the racist party. Oh, the tortured logic you’re forced to believe on the left!



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The key to understanding the left: Overpopulation and Resource Scarcity

It’s Malthusianism. Ehrlichism. Suzuki-ism. Scarcity-ism. The belief that there are too many people on earth, and that there are a finite amount of resources on earth. Drill down into the thinking of most left-wing ideas and liberal behavior, and you’ll find this belief, pushed on the public in various forms throughout the culture and academia, is the foundation.

It’s the key to understanding why otherwise normal, well-educated, intelligent people you know, who personally live more-or-less right-of-center lives, accept Big Government as the answer: because population must be reduced, and resources must be rationed, and the only way to do that is with force from above, enforced by the barrel of a gun. It’s why they accept intrusions into the lives of others and themselves. It’s why they accept taxation as a social and punitive tool. It’s why they accept any fraud labeled “green”. It’s why they obsess over the “income gap”. It’s why they feel guilty over their material success. It’s why they feel resentment over those who gain even greater material success. It’s why they accept wealth-redistribution schemes which they fully understand leads to disincentive to work. It’s why they accept government health care death panels. It’s why they accept and defend human baby abortion. It’s why their heroes idolize Castro and Chavez, defend Saddam, clink champagne glasses with Kim Jung-Il, refuse to bomb Hitler’s gas chambers and human incinerators, and idolize the United Nations as it stands by and watches slaughters in Africa.

If conservatives want to have an impact in the fight for the political culture, this is ground zero: the fight against these two twisted notions (overpopulation and resource scarcity) that warp minds and hand all power to the left. Remove this ring the left uses to pull around the people by their noses, and the war can be won. Remove the foundation, and the edifice crumbles to the ground.

So from now on, remember the mantra at all times: there are not too many people on the earth, there are probably too few. There are not too few resources on the earth; mathematically, our resources approach infinity.

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Proof #9487 that the abuse of Sarah Palin had nothing to do with Sarah Palin

Proof #9487 that the humiliation and degradation of Sarah Palin had nothing to do with Sarah Palin: The political opponents of Mitt Romney are now lying about what Ann Romney says, in order to humiliate and destroy a woman who has left the liberal plantation.

And Michele Bachmann:

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Of Menscheviks and Nimrods: Why the Left cannot co-exist with the Jews

A few months ago, I became Facebook friends with someone I call a Menschevik – a play on the old Soviet factional name “Menshevik” – which I define as a humanly decent person (a mensch), but a brainwashed leftist, who is animated by a bleeding heart on issues of race, gender, ethnicity, etc. rather than by the power and envy that animates the more hard-edged class-and-economy warriors. My Menschevik friend recently posted an Occupy Wall Street propaganda graphic that encourages hatred against Israel. The graphic ignores context, history, and decency, preying on ignorance and the goodwill of the Menschevik bleeding heart to make it appear that Israel is guilty of genocide.

Now, why would a good-hearted person, obsessed with issues of oppression and minority rights, fall for the demonization of history’s ultimate minority people, and history’s most oppressed religion? I guess it’s no surprise, given the trajectory of the world of academia and media these past 20 years. But it’s starting to clarify in my mind why even the most good-hearted and intelligent leftists are blinded to their intolerance of Judaism and a Jewish state.

A few years ago, I read Dennis Prager’s “Why the Jews?”, a book that defines what he proposed as (if I remember correctly), the six main reasons for Jew-hatred in the world. The most significant breakthrough he made in this book was identifying what is, to me, the ultimate reason why Jews have always been singled out for destruction by earthly despots and dictators – the nature of the Jewish religion itself. Jews are commanded to be a free people with individual dignity, rights, and responsibilities, committed to values and principles, not politics and tribalism. Dictators and despots, however, require unflinching loyalty and service to vanity and power. The Jewish religion mocks this idea, and encourages speaking truth to power and choosing death over submission.

Now, how does this apply to our big-hearted Menschevik? It goes to the nature of the left. The left at every level is anathema to true Jewish philosophy. For the true left-right spectrum is the spectrum between minimal earthly authority over the individual (far-right), to complete submission of individuals to earthly authority (far-left). The bone-crushing class-warfare leftists require submission to earthly authority in order to punish the rich and redistribute their wealth, while the Menschevik left requires submission in order to eliminate sexism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, religion, anger, hatred, etc, and to unify under John Lennon’s imaginary “Imagine” world of no religion, countries, or conflicts. Whether the motives are harsh, or come from misguided bleeding-heartedness, the fact is, all leftists require a conformity, unity, and submissiveness that Jews are commanded, by God, to never grant. So the only possible solutions to the left’s Jewish problem is: change the Jews, ban Judaism, or kill the Jews. We find a “change the Jews” movement alive and well today, as the left tries to co-opt the term “Tikkun Olam” to justify all measures of government intervention in private lives, and as it tries to eliminate our historical and moral claim to a homeland; we find “ban Judaism” in some form in every communist and Islamist government; and we find “kill the Jews” in the extreme-left fascist states like Nazi Germany and the Roman Empire.

Is there a solution? In short: no. As long as there has been humankind, there has been a left-wing, working to unify mankind by subsuming individual rights into the collective, in order to create heaven on earth and thus move God to a secondary or tertiary role on earth. The first leftist demagogue was Nimrod, the ancient king who rallied humanity to come together, “speak as one”, and build the Tower of Babel to claim equality with God. We all know how that turned out. And yet, the left never seems to learn. Every other Babel – from Hitler’s thousand-year Reich, to Marx’s history-ending communist revolution, to Rome’s Mare Nostrum, to Islam’s worldwide caliphate, to today’s European Union – has come crashing down to destruction.

And yet, the Jewish people and the Jewish religion live on. As long as the Jewish idea survives, the plans of the Nimrods will be thwarted. They know that, and we know that. Sadly, they will probably never stop trying to eliminate Judaism. Happily, the Jews, and those with a true Judeo-Christian mindset, will never submit. And this, my friends, is the overarching theme of the entire history of mankind.

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Photo of the year: AZ Gov. Jan Brewer upbraids an a$$hole

As most of the men are, as described by Andrew Breitbart, eunuchs, America will have to be saved by strong conservative women.

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Where in the bible does it say “Money is the root of all evil.”?

Answer: nowhere! As usual, the left maliciously twists a passage of scripture, in this case preying on biblical illiteracy in an attempt to convince casual Christians that their religion supports socialism.  The true quote is this one, from the New Testament book of Timothy 6: 10 “For the love of money (and all it buys) placed before the love of God (in reality) is the root of all kinds of evil.”

Got that? If I may translate the proper quote into modern English: “Your life will be a shitstorm if you put materialism ahead of righteousness.” It does not condemn money or posessions as inherently evil in any way – it simply warns you not to sacrifice righteous behaviour in the service of protecting posessions. So don’t feel guilty if you have achieved financial success, especially if you strive to live a righteous life. A righteous life should indeed be rewarded – and  a religious person would tell you, if a righteous person is not rewarded in this life, he/she will be in the hereafter.

More here.


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“When Mitt Romney Came To Town” Film: Operation Inoculation

Mitt Romney knows he has one large electoral problem, and it’s his time spent as CEO of Bain Capital during the 1980s and 1990s. If there’s one thing the left and Obama know how to demagogue against (disingenuously, perhaps, but that’s for another day), it’s big-business “Wall Street Fat Cats”. But that specific line of attack only really hurts him with the left-wing Democrat base, which he need not worry about. It’s the Republican base he has to fear, even though it has traditionally resisted this attack, as “Wall Street Greed” has traditionally been seen by conservatives as an ugly but necessary part of free-market capitalism.

To that point, this 25-minute short film, “When Mitt Romney Came To Town”, is an intriguing case in what may be one of the most sophisticated Presidential campaign “black-ops” we have ever seen. The film tells the story of a few examples of Romney’s “creative destruction” at Bain Capital, through the eyes of blue-collar workers whose jobs were eliminated due to the “corporate raiding” of Mitt’s firm.  Watch for yourself, and you’ll see this takes a decidedly left-wing tone: it says, essentially, “Romney destroyed the lives of thousands of poor helpless blue-collar workers”. It’s a tone that, while dramatic, does not really resonate with the Republican base, which generally accepts the thesis that bankruptcy and “creative destruction” are a legitimate part of the free market. So the question is: why would Newt Gingrich be so foolish as to use this film to try to rally the conservative base against Romney? 

While countless conservative commentators have rightly chastised Gingrich and Rick Perry for promoting the left-wing populist angle used in this film to attack Romney (conservatives do not want their candidates to be seen as attacking capitalism), most have gone a step further and given Mitt Romney the ultimate weapon in securing the Republican nomination: they’ve told conservative voters to LAY OFF BAIN! Only Sarah Palin, in her numerous Fox News appearances in recent days, has refused to declare Bain “off-limits”, and has advised voters to take a close look at Mitt’s record – in particular, his claims of job creation, and his possible use of his corporate takeovers to attract government subsidies and bailouts. In fact, last night on Sean Hannity’s program, she used the key word that I think explains what’s going on here: inoculation.

Which gets me to my theory: this film was subversively created by the Romney campaign itself, in order to achieve this desired result of inoculation on Bain. The reason he needs to create the meme out there that “an attack on Bain is an attack on capitalism”, is because of the aforementioned Governor Palin, and her rallying the Republican base around the cause of Crony Capitalism. The Tea Party base of the party is now wise to the concept of statism, cronyism, corporatism, and corruption coming from the big-business side of the economy. The type of capitalism Romney engaged in with Bain is a problem with the Tea Party base not because he put people out of work (many types of capitalism involve the elimination of jobs), but because the businesses and jobs themselves were not a factor at all in the business decisions of Bain, just collateral damage that, on the aggregate, has been extremely harmful to America. Jobs, and the businesses themselves, were irrelevant to the partners at Bain. What Bain and other corporate raiders actually do is not “turn around failing companies. It’s the search for opportunities on balance sheets, stock prices, and regulatory environments, to exploit through political connections and complex financial instruments, to create paper profits, and damn the consequences.

It’s a complex discussion that can take volumes to fully explain. But what Romney’s campaign has discovered it needs to hide is the fact that the profits at Bain usually could not occur without the exploitation of political contacts, regulatory loopholes, and questionable complex financial tactics. So while Newt and Perry were foolish enough to take the bait on this film’s apparent attack on capitalism itself, Palin will continue to try to drag them back from the edge of self-destruction by rescuing the narrative. Romney’s problem is a Crony Capitalism problem, and he knows it. That’s why it’s no coincidence, this film was produced by Jason Killian Meath, a former business associate and 2008 campaign leader for Mitt Romney himself. Romney’s team, consisting undoubtedly of many brilliant and experienced tactical political operators, is loving the effect this film is having. Mission accomplished? We’ll see how successful the savviest political minds, including Governor Palin, are at rescuing the narrative.


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