Attention Baird: This is what eco-pandering gets you!

Man, do I long for the good-ole’-days of Rona Ambrose and the enviro-stonewall of 2006! After months of doing an about-face, pandering to the leftist carbon-pimps and their gullible hysteria-fuelled minions, and producing a green plan that includes draconian regulations, taxes, and simple-minded stupidity like lightbulb bans, this is the “goodwill” that Harper, Baird, and the rest have earned:

Saturday, April 28, 2007 | 3:52 PM ET CBC News

Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore, now one of the world’s most famous climate-change activists, has called the federal government’s new green plan “a fraud.”

Gore criticized the plan while in Toronto on Saturday to attend the Green Living Show and screen his documentary on the environment, An Inconvenient Truth.

The Conservatives have said their strategy, introduced earlier in the week, will reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and improve air quality, but Gore said he’s heard it all before, south of the border, and he doesn’t like what he hears.

“I’m hearing a reduction in intensity is going to be presented to the Canadian people as a legitimate policy,” he said at the consumer environmental show. “In my opinion, it is a complete and total fraud. It is designed to mislead the Canadian people.”

Gore said the rest of the world looks to Canada for moral leadership, and that’s why news of the plan was so “shocking.”

(Gore has pulled the b.s. “Canada as Moral Leader” card before…see my post from February)

And how about the love shown by gas-emitting hack David Suzuki…

Last Updated: Friday, April 27, 2007 | 8:22 PM ET CBC News

Environment Minister John Baird defended his government’s climate change plan Friday, which included fending off a public confrontation with Canada’s best known environmentalist.

Baird had just kicked off Toronto’s consumer Green Living Show when he was approached by David Suzuki, who let the minister know what he thought of the government’s plan. “It’s a disappointment, John,” Suzuki said as he beat a path to the minister.

“You know what you promised was a long way from what you delivered.”

Baird countered that “this is more action than any government in Canadian history has ever taken.”

But Suzuki was not impressed, saying that it’s not enough.

“He promised all kinds of great things and it’s been a big disappointment to see what it is. It’s all smoke and mirrors and what he’s going to do is allow industry to continue to increase their emissions.”

Suzuki later told CBC News the Conservatives’ new plan is an embarrassment because it falls short of what is needed and what Canadians want.

It’s easy for me to say – I don’t have to deal with the Ottawa press gallery or the dipper e-mail campaigns. But to me the lesson is clear. Pandering doesn’t work! Be straightforward like the Czech President, and you’ll be much more respected.



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4 responses to “Attention Baird: This is what eco-pandering gets you!

  1. Oh the horror.. the horror we have fallen in Al’s eyes how will we live? All is lost!

  2. EmZi

    Such a compliment…thanks, Al!

  3. Dacre

    The fact that they’ve gone with the pandering strategy is a big disappointment. The fact that it never works when dealing with the left should be another lesson learned long ago.

  4. EmZi

    What’s more than disappointing than ill-advised pandering on the part of Tories is the liberal media’s propensity to lie or supress information, factual information, about this or any other subject.

    E.g., how much coverage do you think the issue of massive amounts of estrogen from birth control pills into the water everyone uses will get? Not much.

    This isn’t even about birth control per se. Though over-environmentalists are disturbingly gleeful over the plummeting birth rates around the world.

    This is about honesty.

    Honesty calls for identifying that not only does one of the mechanisms of this drug dispose of newly conceived embryos 5-7 days after fertilization (check out the very fine print of pretty much all the pills’ FDA-mandated information sheets)…but that these drugs end up affecting everyone else’s survival too.

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