Sorry, Ceebers – The Party’s Over! (We hope…)


After an enviro-hysteria-filled week that saw our big-C Conservative government turn the collective stomach of its small-c conservative base, it looks like we’ve got a Friday night cookie tossed our way. The CBC is now in the hands of an actual business-person! A few months after the former head, Quebecois artiste Guy Fornier, was forced to resign as chairman, Timothy W. Casgrain has been appointed by the Harper government. From tonight’s National Post story:

Casgrain will replace Guy Fournier, who resigned suddenly from the CBC board of directors in September after stirring up controversy over comments he made about bestiality and bowel movements.

Since 1997, Casgrain has served as chairman of Skyservice Investments Inc., a Canadian aviation company. He was also the executive vice-president of Brascan Financial Corp. between 1976 and 2002, and he worked at NBS Technologies as president and chief executive officer between 1988 and 1995.

He holds positions on a number of boards, including president of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. Oda described Casgrain as “an avid supporter of arts and culture.”

However, the new chairman’s business credentials did little to win over NDP culture critic Charlie Angus.

“I’d really like to know why him and why not someone who comes out of broadcast,” Angus said.

“I’m surprised we have someone there with no broadcast experience. There’s a lot of major issues that have to be figured out at the CBC.”

The fact that Angus is suprised by this is no surprise. Lefties elevate “people of the arts” to the level of deity; and, by contrast, hold business executives somewhere between American Evangelicals and dog feces on their heirarchy of hatred. They honestly believe that a billion-dollar corporation can be better run by an rectum-obsessed playwright patronage hack than a truly accomplished executive.

Every time the Conservatives look like they’re drifting off-course, they do something like this to provide a breath of fresh air into our catastrophic political environment. They know this is going to rankle the left to no end (which is why the announcement was quietly made under the radar on a Friday afternoon). Hopefully, Mr. Casgrain will breathe some fresh air into the conteptuous morass of the billion-dollar-a-year sinkhole known affectionately in some circles as the “Ceeb”, and in other circles, “Pravda”.



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2 responses to “Sorry, Ceebers – The Party’s Over! (We hope…)

  1. bert

    Well we will see how long it takes for this liberal propaganda machine to be shut down.I would replace a lot of the reporters also.Actually the only thing i would keep is CORNER GAS.Get rid of the news and sports and start over.

  2. Proud Canadian

    the CBC needs an independent audit and an investigation into how they manage their existing resources and determine their fiscal priorities …

    a $billion per year and an additional $500 mil. in revenues yet they don’t pay for any of their own productions …. what’s wrong with this picture ….

    and there is no misunderstanding their political bias, the CBC is Canada’s liberal propaganda machine – so let the liberals pay for it ….

    a $billion a year for a broadcaster that no one watches – this isn’t North Korea or Cuba, Canada is supposed to be a democracy – privatize the CBC and put it on pay-per-view….

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