Canada Good, America Bad, Don’t Be Like Us: Al Gore


Apparently, Al Gore was so offended at appearing positive towards Canada’s Conservative government, that he took time out from his global tour of hysteria-whipping to issue a statement to our nation. From Alexander Panetta of Canadian Press, “Conservatives get ‘Gored’; Al Gore says Tories misrepresented him” :

OTTAWA — Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore is taking the Conservative government to task for suggesting he endorsed its performance on climate change.

The environmentalist, filmmaker, and onetime presidential candidate issued a statement from his Tennessee office Monday to distance himself from the Tory claim.

“I understand that last week Canada’s minister of the environment, John Baird, mischaracterized comments I made last summer as praise for the Harper government’s actions on global warming,” Gore wrote.

“The comments I made were designed to encourage the Harper government not to abandon Canada’s tradition of fighting above its weight class on the world stage as part of the Kyoto process.

“It is my experience that other nations do look to Canada for moral leadership. . . Nothing less than the future habitability of the planet is at stake. I urge the Harper government to do the right thing.”

Despite Gore’s urging, the Conservative government has abandoned Canada’s greenhouse-gas reduction commitments under the Kyoto Protocol.

There are at least a half-dozen ways to attack this story, but I’ll stick with the two bold-faced sentences above. The second sentence simply exposes the absolute bald bias of Canadian Press writer Alexander Panetta. For the Conservative government to abandon Canada’s greenhouse-gas reduction commitments under Kyoto implies that the previous government had embraced those commitments. As we all know, the Liberal Government that signed Kyoto in 1997 didn’t even table a climate change plan until April 2005, by which time Canada’s CO2 emissions rose significantly. There simply was no commitment to abandon!

The point I’d like to pick on more, though, is the first bold sentence – Gore’s statement that Canada is looked to by other nations for moral leadership. My response to this? WHO WHEN WHAT WHY WHERE HOW? I love our country, but I cannot think of a single instance where another nation looked to us for moral guidance. Many Canadians have offered advice to the world, but when has it been asked for? Feel free to make your suggestions in the comments below – but the fact is, Canada is more or less irrelevant on the world’s stage.

It is clear what the manic ex-Vice President is really saying: ‘Canada, you are normally superior to America because of your socialism, your progressive social policies, and the moral preening of your many left-wing spokespeople. Yet you went against my will, and elected a Republican to be your Prime Minister. I will not support you until you overthrow your dirty neo-con regime (just like we are trying to do every day down here to the guy who stole my election.)’ 

Gore’s attack on Canada’s Conservative government over Kyoto is outrageous. This is the man who sat by as President of the United States Senate while the Kyoto framework was voted down UNANIMOUSLY by a 95-0 vote in 1997, whispering not a word of objection. This is also the man who spreads his “carbon footprint” throughout the world’s atmosphere in private jets while he lectures us on the type of lightbulbs we use. With such blatant hypocricy, I can only conclude that Gore’s real cause is not “climate change”, but the promotion of internationalism. Gore, and those who support him, believe in the myth of Canada being a nation of multiculturalism, peacekeeping, environmentalism, universal healthcare, and social welfare, to name but a few of our wrong-headed pathologies. This fantasy vision of Canada is what the Al Gores of the world want to impose on the United States, and then the rest of the world. Extra-national environmental regulation is simply one more tool by which these people can exert control over sovereign nations and impose their agenda.

While I certainly do not approve of John Baird’s tactic of using Al Gore as a Conservative Party weapon, I would like to say to Gore: stay out of our politics, and learn what Canada is really like – a country much more like the great United States of America than you would like to believe, where the backlash against doomed Euro-socialism is overtaking the efforts of the dead-end UN-inspired dreamers.


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