The Libs still don’t get it: Andre Arthur on Quebecers’ hate for Stephane Dion

The Coalition-pushers at the CBC were hoping Quebec Independent MP Andre Arthur – the former talk radio iconoclast from the provincial capital – would help promote the myth that the Separatist-Opportunist-Socialist coalition (as coined by Monte Solberg) will be popular in Quebec (and thus, in the pathetic Europhilic arse-licking world of the urban left, an obviously good thing). Arthur wouldn’t bite at any of Don Newman’s promptings, and instead told him what Quebecers really think of the Coalition’s PM-wannabe, Stephane Dion (hint: they’d rather see him on a shrimp boat in Louisiana). Watch and enjoy!



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6 responses to “The Libs still don’t get it: Andre Arthur on Quebecers’ hate for Stephane Dion

  1. One of the features of any leftie attempt to organization is their tendency to self-destruction once they gain any amount of power. It is understandable as all left-wing ideas are mainly based in envy and hatred and they always define themselves as anti-something.

  2. Philanthropist

    The Governor General must call an election.

  3. TnT

    Interesting observation Mario, except from my viewpoint, it appears the conservatives have once again, been the engineers of their own self destruction.

    This really could have been avoided if Harper focused on leading the country rather than partisan politics and destroying the opposition.

    As regards Quebec’s hatred of Dion, he will not be liberal leader for long.

  4. Mario

    I keep hearing the ‘Harper the suicidal’ meme over and over again. I am not so sure about that. I think this is something that the media throw at him as payback for him not to go and kiss their asses when he got elected the first time.
    I keep hearing the main argument of the opposition and the libs/NDPers and greens on the street is that we have to stop the ‘right wing agenda’ (whatever that is) but none of them can give a rational explanation on how a particular measure or act of the PM is damaging to Canada.
    Lets face it, the three amigos would have use any excuse to cut Harper’s head and they had to act fast before Dion is gone. The next liberal leader would not have agreed to a pact with the PQ, that would suck all his political capital. Dion is in the red anyways and he doesn’t give a shit, or he doesn’t even understand.
    In any event, Harper is the real leader. He still is right about the buck 95 and better qualified than the opposition to brave the economic storm.
    We Canadians are going to regret it, once we realize the full horror to be unleashed by Jack and Gill and Dion.

  5. EBD

    Wath Newman’s frozen/shocked forced smile after he thanks Andre Arthur for coming on — he looks like an uninvited house guest just dropped his pants and left a log on the tabletop linen.

    Reminds me a bit of Mansbridge. Whenever a panelist or in-studio reporter says something that’s — in effect — positive for the Conservative position, or negative for the Liberals, he bristles and shifts in his chair uncomfortably and tries to redirect the conversation — kind of a “don’t you realize what your job is here?”

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