Did anyone vote for this? Separatist-Opportunist-Socialist Coalition wants to run Canada


Is this a dream, or a nightmare? Just weeks after a Federal Election that returned a strengthened Conservative Minority Parliament to Canada, the three losing parties have joined together in an attempt to govern the country. To cut through the bull, here is what is happening, in a nutshell: the lefties in all three parties, inspired by the Barack and Bailout mania sweeping through the USA, want to join the party here North of the border. When Harper refused to join the Keynsian/New Deal redux to disaster, the socialists freaked.

Now, it’s up to them to convince ordinary Canadians – who, I would guess, are about 75% against this nonsense – that they are a legitimate government. Constitutional, maybe. Legitimate to the voters? Good luck with that one.

More soon.

UPDATE: Are you buying the “economic crisis in Canada” rhetoric of the three pinheads? Buried (purposely) by the media today: Canada’s GDP Rises in Q3. That means: no recession, folks. And, from first-hand experience as the proprietor of a consumer-discretionary-goods retail business – Canada is in much better shape, relatively speaking, than the US right now.



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26 responses to “Did anyone vote for this? Separatist-Opportunist-Socialist Coalition wants to run Canada

  1. TnT

    Now wait a second, surely you aren’t attributing all the bailout packages to Obama now. Last time I checked it’s still Bush in charge.

    But being a conservative you may not be able to accept that a right wing government could possibly engage in er, ‘socialistic’ activities. I do admit it makes me smile to see such, ah, socialistic moves by a republican administration. Oh right, It’s Clinton’s or, Carter’s fault. I forgot.

    Truth is, over 60% voted for them. I don’t know about this coalition either. But had Harper kept his word and focused on making parliament work in the spirit of cooperation -like he said he would-(it’s a minority government afterall…) and refrained from his seemingly obsessive preoccupation with crushing the liberals activities, perhaps we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    But even more amusing to me is to watch conservatives just wailing about the possibility of this coalition, as some kind of unconstitutional socialist scourge when their dear leader, himself engaged in the very same talks with the other opposition parties in 2004.

    But somehow, that was different. lol.

  2. At least read my words before pouncing with your biases.

    I happen to be disgusted with the US bailout frenzy initiated by Bush, Paulson, Bernanke, and cronies. Obama’s all for it, though. And so was McCain, which is how he cost himself his final chance at winning the White House. The Bush administration has been anything but conservative in most areas. Republican does not mean conservative.

    60% of Canadians did not vote for Stephane Dion as PM. 60% of Canada did not vote for a Bloc veto on policy (in fact, 80% of Canadians couldn’t have voted for the Bloc if they wanted to!) 60% of Canadians did not vote for a Toronto-Quebec cabal to form the government. Simply put, 60% of Canadians voted for one of the three losing parties. It’s a stupid argument, because the choice wasn’t Conservative vs. Coalition. The coalition was not in the picture. Let the people vote on Conservative vs. Coalition, and we’ll see what happens. I suspect the Coalition will be punished…which is why they want to grab power outside of the electoral process, because they know in a vote they’ll get trounced.

    The Conservatives never entered coalition talks with the Bloc in 2004, let alone signed an agreement to govern only at their pleasure. All they did was try to get Duceppe’s help to bring down the Libranos. It is disingenuous at best, malevolent at worst, to equate the two.

  3. Democracy is the rule of the majority. You’re not in the majority. A majority of MPs, representing a majority of Canadians, are going to form a government and make compromises to blend their policies and satisfy a majority of Canadians.

    Deal with it.

    If Harper hadn’t tried to destroy every other party (and democracy) by ending public financing and turning our country in to an American style “government by the party with the richest donors” political system, they probably wouldn’t have all jumped together like this.

    Blame your leader. He forced their hands by trying to destroy them.

    It must burn up the right wing types, though. It’s almost like the centre-left formed a union. Mmm, collective bargaining.

  4. Greg, you are far outside the mainstream if you think this coalition is democratic and representative of the will of the people. If “deal with it” is the best you’ve got, then your side has lost.

  5. The coalition is made from a majority of the MPs representing a majority of the people.

    Democracy means “rule of the majority”.

    What about this is confusing to you? Is it the part where the coalition fits the exact definition of democracy?

  6. Sas

    Greg: you are absolutely right. The majority of Canadians voted for one of the opposition parties, NOT the conservatives. This simply means that the MINORITY conservative government has no other option than to work together with opposition…. Refuse to do this, guess what will happen? Stephen Harper did not leave the opposition any other choice… And then to start discussing the Bloc Quebecois as a ‘Separatist Part’ that you should not work together with? Last time I checked Quebec, and the Bloc Quebecois, are still part of Canada and still represent people that are part of Canada.

  7. I’ll repeat: no one voted for a governing coalition that includes the Bloc. I suspect that a majority of Liberal voters would have switched to the Conservatives had they known this was in the works. You can spin it six ways to Sunday, but you’ll never convince the Canadian voting population that this is legit.

  8. Sas

    And Stephen Harper, with a minority government, trying to press his ideas through parliament is what Canadians voted for? The majority of Canadians did NOT vote for Mr. Harper, and he should not act like he has a majority. Now stick to the facts and keep your ‘suspicions’ to yourself. The Bloc Quebecois is representing part of Canadian people and all 3 opposition parties together represent a majority of Canadian people. That is democracy. Stephen Harper blew his chance at being Prime Minister by not working together with the majority of parliamanent, and thus ignoring the majority of Canadian people. The opposition had no other choice: it is their DUTY to stand up to a bully to make sure that they can represent the MAJORITY of Canadians.

  9. Sas

    Oh, and by the way: it is perfectly legit. Again, get your facts straight. Stephen Harper actually wrote a very similar letter to the Governer General in 2004, as leader of one of the opposition parties. To make it even better: this letter was also signed by Mr. Gilles Duceppe….

    No one voted for a bully as Prime Minister who refuses to work together with the majority of parliament, representing the majority of Canadians.

  10. To correct your misinformation: Stephen Harper never, EVER signed an agreement to govern with the Bloc. He signed a letter to the GG stating that the house lost confidence in the Martin government.

    Don’t try to whitewash here. We’re not stupid.

  11. Now you’re just lying. The coalition does not involve the Bloc Quebecois. You have some research to do.

    Besides, no one voted for a coalition because there’s no option on any ballot for “coalition” or “not coalition”. If I could have voted “coalition of NDP and Liberal”, I would have.

    What matters is that the will of the majority of the people is executed. Since only 37% of the population voted Conservative, following the *Conservative platform* exclusive of all else would be the failure of democracy – a failure to obey the will of 63% of the population.

  12. “The Bloc is not part of the coalition” is the big lie being spread in this whole affair. They ARE the coalition! Without them, they don’t even have the seats to match the Conservatives.

    If the only way you can justify this is through self-delusion, or deliberate manipulation of the facts, then you’re not worthy of debating.

  13. http://www.benedictionblogson.com/2008/12/02/a-copy-of-the-federal-opposition-accord/

    The Bloc are not part of the cabinet. They’ve just promised not to bring down the coalition government through a non-confidence. It’s simply in their best interests, policy wise, to have a centre-left gov’t as opposed to a right wing gov’t.

  14. I repeat: we’re not stupid.

  15. Sas

    You are right: we are not stupid….

  16. Smokes

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a liberal or a conservative, the support of this coalition by the Canadian people is in doubt. In today’s Q&A session, it was clear that the Bloc play a significant role in the coalition as they (paraphrasing) “are consulted upon on every decision made”.

    Let’s be honest. Most Canadians would not support this coalition in an election. If you are so sure otherwise, let’s go to the polls. If you support this because you want a coalition, you’re supporting the gain of power through means that circumvent the regular democratic process. Either way.

    Whether or not you agree with Harper’s decisions is irrelevant. He was voted in. If the confidence of the House is in question, go ahead and dissolve it. But it would be undemocratic to not follow it up with an election.

  17. Sas

    He was voted in by 37% of Canadian voters, a minority. That means he has a moral and legal responsibility to work together with other parties in order to make sure the majority of Canadians are properly represented in the decisions made by parliament. If Harper had not acted like he has a majority and had worked together with opposition we would not be in this situation to start with!

    Now you tell me what other option the opposition had. Sit back and do nothing and let Harper do whatever he wants? If they would have done that they would have failed to follow THEIR moral and legal obligations towards the people that voted for them….

    New elections would not solve the actual issue: a lack of working together between parties. As long as our parliament is divided, it will only serve to divide Canada further and further. No elections can solve this issue.

    Coalitions are an everyday reality: most countries in Europe are governed by coalitions, in case you did not realize that. Are you implying that most of Europe (and the European Union) is undemocratic? Before condemning any type of coalition, do your research. Coalitions are formed for the exact reason of stability: parties agree on main subjects and negotiate compromises BEFORE forming a government, thus preventing instability and creating a situation that enables fast and decisive responses by parliament when needed. The fact that different parties have to work together means that there is no one party in power and different opinions are taken into account.

  18. Mario

    There are several inconvenient truths for the supporters of the coalition of the Three Amigos.

    1) It looks like this has been in the planning for weeks or months, it is not a reaction to something that Harper did or didn’t do.

    2) the idea of taking the buck 95 from the parties is wonderful. It saves taxpayers money and if you really support a candidate you can spare some change (although I know the concept of putting their hands in their own pockets may offend most people in the left)

    3) No matter how much you spin it, the BQ will do anything to keep Quebec doling money from the rest of Canada, the NDP is a Marxist/Leninist party that run every province they ever got to the ground and Dion disgraced the liberals beyond measure.

    4) If you think Europe as a paradigm of democracy, let me disabuse you of the idea. Last time there was some resemblance of democracy there was in a place call Athens, 2500 years ago. We owe Europe such democratic ideals as the French revolution, Fascism, Nazism and Communism.

    5) of course there are a ‘few’ other incovenient truths, see: http://www.PetitionOnline.com/CANADIAN/

  19. TnT

    The truth is, well to anyone with more than 5 neurons and a cable connection, we all saw who on national tv, was pushing for, and demanding that congress get that 700 billion bailout bill through. The right wing, Bush. So, how does the Canadian center to left, be inspired by Bush? You were a little deceptive, and as you accuse -me- of bias, there it is in black and white.

    You certainly attempted in your post, to paint the democrats as the ones behind the bailout. Obama, bailout, bailout, Obama, you know, those wascally wiberals, left wing losers, etc. etc., it’s a clear theme with your posts. I’m glad to see you straighten things out a little in regards to the fact that this bailout thing was initialed by the right.

    I’m not going to bother addressing your math. You seem to not be able to accept this coalition idea, mainly because it doesn’t involve the conservatives. Again, the truth is, Canadians didn’t vote a majority government, for a 3rd time. The majority of Canadians, voted for someone, other than Harper and his MPs. So, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say a coalition is representational of Canadians. And certainly, coalitions have proven to be quite successful in many countries for decades.

    I don’t know about this coalition. If it comes to pass, it will remain to be seen if it could work. I have my doubts. I would rather see one that involved the conservatives, but not the conservatives that includes Lyin Harper and that moron Flaherty.

    Canadians voted a conservative minority to work with the other parties. Harper promised a new season of cooperation, and making parliament work. For some inexplicable reason, he didn’t mean what he said, and decided to create a political crisis and, he has no one to blame but himself. This was Harper’s opportunity to lose, he could have made much smarter decisions but didn’t. After watching his actions, I can se clearly, he isn’t fit to lead in a time of crisis. Though, I’m not sure a coalition is going to be any more stable.

    Now finally. In regards to your assertion that I can’t compare. I bet Harper wants this to be kept a little quiet…

    “As leaders of the opposition parties, we are well aware that, given the Liberal minority government, you could be asked by the Prime Minister to dissolve the 38th Parliament at any time should the House of Commons fail to support some part of the government’s program. We respectfully point out that the opposition parties, who together constitute a majority in the House, have been in close consultation. We believe that, should a request for dissolution arise this should give you cause, as constitutional practice has determined, to consult the opposition leaders and consider all of your options before exercising your constitutional authority. Your attention to this matter is appreciated.”

    -From a letter to then-Governor General Adrienne Clarkson signed by all three opposition leaders: Gilles Duceppe, Jack Layton and Stephen Harper
    (September 9, 2004)

    Signed by Gilles Duceppe too?

    Now tell me again how Harper never entered into coalition talks wit the bloc. See this is why I find your opinions totally biased, and full of falsehoods.

  20. Like most liberals, you can’t escape your bias and your hatred. As I explained earlier, Bush is not “the right wing”. And anyone with 4 neurons can tell that the bailouts are exactly what Obama wants.

    And where, exactly, is the video of that old 2004 press conference, where Stephen Harper sat down with Gilles Duceppe to announce a coalition? When did Stephen Harper announce he would become Prime Minister, backed by the guaranteed confidence votes of the separatists? Sorry, folks, but there’s a reason why the Conservatives are winning this battle of public opinion. Only fools can’t see the difference, and only a deliberate deceiver would paint consultation between opposition leaders as “coalition talks”.

  21. TnT

    and a fool would try and deny a signed document to the GG, signed by Harper, Layton, -and- Duceppe. You really expect anyone to believe there was NO consultations before that signed letter? Come on Flaggman, wake up. Stop lying.

    I’m sorry. But you can throw bias, ‘hatred’ (where the HELL did THAT come from?????) all you like.

    The fact remains, it seems it’s ok if Harper does it, but holy hannah if the other party does it…

    And for the hundredth time, will you stop this nonsense about hatred. Do you really have to resort to this silliness.

  22. Thick ones: consulting with fellow opposition leaders in a minority government is wholly different than ENTERING INTO A FORMAL COALITION. Capiche?

    The hatred I am referring to is yours for conservatism, Bush, and Harper. You can’t deny it, it drips from everything you type.

  23. TnT

    For the love of pete Flaggman. The man wrote a formal letter to the GG asking to consider a coalition signed by Harper, the ndp and the bloc!

    And you call me thick!

    And I thought you said:

    “The Conservatives never entered coalition talks with the Bloc in 2004”

    Obviously, they had to have given this letter and the signatures!

    Get a grip. And I don’t hate btw. Stop projecting that nonsense thank you.

  24. Matty

    This comments section argument got heated awful quick!

    Stating my bias upfront – I disagree with flaggman on the majority of points. Now that that’s out of the way…

    One thing I didn’t understand at all was the link to the Q3 results. Of course it’s not front page news – it’s irrelevant. Did you take a vacation from (sorry no other way to put it!) planet earth since the start of Q4? Everything was going along ok, and then boom economic collapse. Those of us on Earth at the time watched as the world markets fell apart, industry froze and job losses started piling up.

    If you only go by these quarterly results I urge you to wait for the Q4 ones before relaxing completely. It might be a bit of a shock.

    On the matter of the coalition vs. the current minority Conservative government hellbent on instigating everyone else? Either way we lose. The coalition is laughable, Harper + team (Jim ‘candy and canes and lollipops, surpluses for all – join us in 09!’ Flaherty) are equally laughable. Suspending Parliament till January is bad news as well. Trying to switch power to a coalition? Might even be worse.

    If there’s one thing people on the left and right can make peace over it’s the fact no matter who you support our government has failed us.

    As even the Globe and Mail (who supported Harper during the campaign) said, Harper should resign. The man was impotent when it came to dealing with the economic crisis and has now managed to open a hornet’s nest with the parties he should be rallying in a bi-partisan effort to get the country back on it’s feet. Harper’s resignation would cause it’s own problems but probably the best move in this bad situation.

    Don’t get me wrong, anyone in Canada who thinks Dion would make a good leader is delusional in my opinion. I am no supporter of his. And I certainly don’t support Layton and do not live in Quebec.

    The whole lot of them are doing their jobs poorly. They should get their collective heads out of their asses and get busy doing what they’re elected to do – work for us.


  25. TnT

    “If there’s one thing people on the left and right can make peace over it’s the fact no matter who you support our government has failed us.”

    Bang on. The trouble here, is Flaggman can only deal with things in terms of right is right and left is losers kind of mentality. This is exactly the kind of thinking that led to 3 liberal majorities without real opposition.

    Harper needs to learn that crushing the opposition is not what Canadians want. We sent them to Ottawa to work with the other parties to ‘work for us’, as you said.

    And that, is the real problem.

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