Must-Watch 60 Minutes Video: Omar Khadr Terrorism on Film

khadr-21-gitmo.jpg Omar Khadr at Gitmo.

If you didn’t watch 60 Minutes on November 18, 2007, you must head over to CBS and watch their 12-minute expose on the poor little misguided immigrant boy (as the left would have you believe), Omar Khadr, and see what this little dirtbag and his Liberal Party of Canada- and Al Qaeda-connected family were up to in the months following 9/11.

Click here to watch Bob Simon’s 60 Minutes report, “The Youngest Terrorist?”, on Omar Khadr and the Khadr family.

To the simple-minded useful idiot leftists who hate America more than they love Canada: what kind of country do you want to live in? A country where people like the Khadrs are protected and supported by taxpayer dollars? Or a country where freedom fighters like Chris Speer and Layne Morris are honoured for paying the ultimate price while doing the heavy lifting that, for the most part, we’re simply too small and weak to do?

When you leave Canada to fight for a foreign terrorist army, your citizenship should be considered null and void. Thank you, Harper government, for letting the Americans deal with this citizen of Taliban Nation as they see fit. America, get it together already, and convict this atrocity of his atrocities.



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36 responses to “Must-Watch 60 Minutes Video: Omar Khadr Terrorism on Film

  1. philanthropist

    He could hang from the neck until dead for all I care.

    But perhaps he should be tried for murder by Afghan courts?

    That is where he committed his crimes – and if any Canadian wants him out of Gitmo it should be only on condition that he stands trial in Afghanistan.

  2. el noiro

    What a bunch…he was 15 and this is a war, geneva convention apply. This is no murder, not crime, it is self-defense. Why when you see it fit, you call it murder or crime. How would you call soldiers shooting people (enemy) in the head. Specially in Afghanistan, we do not belong there, we should stay home, leaving them alone. Stop bombing and destroying everything. How short sided are you. That is the reason why they hate us so much…people like you. You should be sorry for what you are saying. I like to see you in his shoes. You would beg for mercy!!! And I would laugh at you poor right-wing face.

  3. Full of fury and hate, spewing opinion as fact, hating Canada more than its enemies, writing with atrocious spelling, grammar and punctuation. Typical narcissist Islamist. “El Noiro”…heh, probably a frustrated 25-year-old sales clerk living in his mother’s basement.

  4. What our government has done to minors, plural, is bad enough. But, what is even worse is the willingness of millions of Americans to either applaud, or ignore, what is being done in our name. When I read so many replies here from people who think torturing a child is an act of patriotism, I resign myself to the fact that we, we everyday Americans, deserve all the pain — the total collapse of the US dollar and the resultant mass riots in the streets — which will surely follow on the heels of our impending invasion of Iran. It is just and aligns perfectly with Divine Order that our godless nation should suffer the judgments described in Revelations chapter 18. The entire planet groans to the heavens for an end to our empire which has proven, again and again — with the attempted genocide of native Americans, the internment of Japanese, the enslavement of Africans, Madeline Albright’s rubber stamping of the deaths of half a million Iraqi children, and our torture of both the innocent and the guilty alike — that “her plagues should come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire; for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.”

  5. Pavithra

    You know, you actually prove el noiro’s point by the above comment.

    Your comment is full of blatant stereotyping, and, might I add, “Full of fury and hate…spewing opinion as fact”(“Typical narcissist Islamist … probably a frustrated 25-year-old sales clerk living in his mother’s basement.”). Would you agree if I say you write exactly like a “typical arrogant, ignorant North American”? If not, would you at least know how it feels to be stereotyped, or is that far beyond the scope of your brain? But I guess that’s beside the point, isn’t it?

    The guy is a minor, for one thing, injured when he was found. He’s been in 5 years at Guantanamo Bay, which is a place where people are detained without any trial whatsoever. Where is the justice in this? Where is the justice in invasion of Iraq, for instance, the killing, by American troops, of a thousand innocent people? If certain North Americans don’t learn to see themselves as others see them, they are bound to be stuck in the rut of being vociferous ignoramuses.

    And in case you’re wondering, I’m not “Islamist”. I’m actually a Communication major from an American university, thanks to which I’m able to view both sides of such an issue with fairness. If you are not aware of your own biases, how do you ever expect to understand, let alone appreciate the views of people who think differently?

    Allow me to enlighten you a bit. Simply refusing to accept that this person was Canadian just because you don’t THINK it was typical of a Canadian citizen doesn’t change the fact that he was one. If Canadians themselves are susceptible to feel this way it is a mark of something going terribly wrong in the country, and might I add, the continent as a whole.

    What this warrants a re-look at what’s going wrong, not blatant denial of his citizenship, which does not serve to base your argument in fact.

    Get YOUR facts straight, dude.

  6. “I’m actually a Communication major from an American university…”

    Therein lies the problem.

    “Allow me to enlighten you a bit.”

    No, I will not be enlightened by a child. Wisdom comes from age, experience, respect for goodness, and the recognition of evil. There’s no wisdom in the brain of a Communications undergrad.

  7. Pavithra

    I mean flaggman’s comment proves el noiro’s point, not istlota’s.

  8. agentorange

    I don’t agree with any form of terrorism. The fact of the matter is, how can a 15 year old be considered an adult soldier of any kind?

    I don’t deny the fact of what he has done or what he has become. I do think that we need to remember that his parents made him what he is. We owe it to him as a child to re-raise him. Albeit now too late as he may harbour deep ill will towards the west.

    The only race through the generations that have not suffered are White Anglo Saxons.

  9. We don’t owe him anything. Khadr was acting on his own as a responsible human being, as a scumbag Islamist murderer in a foreign land. Fifteen-year-olds can be murderers, and even in Canada can be tried as an adult.

    Christopher Speer deserves justice. Justice means punishing his murderer. End of story.

  10. Pavithra

    “There’s no wisdom in the brain of a Communications undergrad.”
    And that’s your problem. Resorting to stereotypes seems to be a habit of yours. I doubt if you know my background – educated since I was young in Singapore, which has one of the world’s best education systems.

    I’ve also found over the years that introspection isn’t characteristic of North Americans and you have just proved that point. Have you rebutted any of my points whatsoever?

    “Wisdom comes from age, experience, respect for goodness, and the recognition of evil.”
    Wisdom is also respecting another perspective and acknowledging the truth in it.

  11. agentorange

    Lest we forget that facts that are slowly coming out that there were manufactured reports to back the war in Iraq. Lest we forget that the West was once a friend to the same fighters in the 80’s and supplying arms to defend Afghanistan against Russia. Lest we forget who forget who trained these same people.

    Oh yeah, you forgot….Let me help you remember, the same right wing you support gave them the knowledge you so now hold deep feelings against. Only when it suits the right’s needs it is ok.

  12. You people have fallen into the wrong forum for your nonsense. You’re not going to find any sympathy for moral relativism or self-hatred here. Daily Kos is where it’s at, children.

  13. agentorange

    to sum up what your site is about, right is white and white is right.

    There are no two sides to your ramblings, just the white side.

  14. Wrong again. I talk about both sides all the time. In fact, I talk about the left perspective in almost every post, and gladly expose it for its danger and stupidity.

  15. I want Stephen Harper to be put in jail, and since he supports it – waterboarded. Someone in our government has fucked up, and needs to be put in jail.

    Flagmann, you are revolting. A disgusting person, someone I think is desperate for attention and love. You won’t get it from me – enjoy your lonely pathetic hate filled life.

    In the meantime, please do everything you can to protest Stephen Harpers illegal activities. Lets free Omar Khadr.

  16. Welcome, Owen Wiltshire – walking, talking cliche of a grad student! You devote your life to “higher education”, yet your only contribution is ad-hominem attacks of the most ridiculous order. Profanity, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, psychological projection – thanks for demonstrating everything I’ve assumed about Canadian academia.

  17. anything I can do to not be “an average liberal arts student” like you 🙂

  18. but you are right about my response being a bit emotional. I can’t believe how upset I get reading your blog, but its quite shocking and it doesn’t reflect the opinions of anyone I know.

    I got trolled… uggh.

  19. Of course you don’t know anyone who thinks like this! That’s the whole point. You live in the insular swamp of the academic herd.

    Your misunderstanding of the word “troll” is icing on the cake! Love you, keep it coming.

  20. I’ll wait for your next posts. I’m sure they will rile me up just as much.

  21. Rose Joe

    flaggman… whoever you are and whatever your intentions are… your brain is small and you are STUPID…

  22. Trevor Larson

    you know his guilt hasn’t been proven yet. his proceedings are still continuing. there are witnesses, and evidence that the defence has no access to, that may otherwise be able to prove his innocence (on the crime of murder), im sure they could get him on other charges. and besides even if he is guilty, he was 16 at the time. he had been warped since a child to some scary fundamentalist views. what do we do to a 16 year old murderer who has a really messed up childhood. The courts look at the situation and find the best way to rehabilitate him. it likely would involve prison time. should omar spend the rest of his life in prison? would a child who murders in any circumstance (in north america) spend the rest of his life in prison. Doesn’t Canada have the responsibility to ensure his proper rehabillitation, because if one day released he would likely have to come back here. the handeling of illegal battlefield combatants has to be more transperant in both canada and the states. in khadr’s case, the one i am most familiar with, there are some potentially valid claims in his defence (you can never know for sure). We can not deny his right to a fair trial. how can we try foriegn nationals for crimes if we do not follow our laws and procedeures.

    i know the spelling isn’t all correct, so save the insults, im too lazy to fix tham.

  23. Trevor Larson

    and flaggman i haven’t seen you respond to one post yet. all ive seen is you is try to discredit the writers. attack their spelling. label them lefty, at no point did you present anything. so i wanna here something insightful dude.

  24. If you didn’t notice, my blog postings outline my thoughts on the issue. Most leftist “points” are addressed in my writings. But you want something insightful? How’s this:

    “Illiterates for Khadr”

  25. 911allo

    His young brother shot in the back by US soldiers, younger then Omar how was then 15 years old while the US soldiers stepped in thinking every one was dead ?

    Omar was send there as a translator and his father as a social worker, with many proofs, ends up at the end of the clip being radical al quaida radical muslim terrorits !

    Evidences ? Infrared video ! They are well equiped for radicals living in mudhouses 🙂

    Omar even shared his house with Ben Laden !

    The whole CBS 60 Minutes was the best propaganda I have seen in years ! Really comic 🙂

  26. get over it

    Can’t you just spank him and send him to his room or send him to Vietnam and put him in the cell with Garry Glitter

  27. moderate

    I don’t think Bush and Co. Had set out with ill intentions in regards to waterboarding and all the other tortue techniques. I think post 911 created an urgency for information and everyone took it way too far. They threw out the Geneva conventoon rules for christ sake! Anyone on here should realize this, but the time has come to end it. The 55 percent in gitmo that are innocent should at least get a nice steak dinner and a plane ride home. Is GW guilty of war crimes? I don’t know about that. He didn’t send them to the gas chamber. This is what’s to be expected when you appoint a moron as the decider though.

  28. 911allo

    Bush,’Rumsfeld and Cheyny all agreed to Guantanamo’s trick against the Geneva Convention and even their own Constitution.

    Now the court has ruled that Guantanamo tactic is illegal.

    Then one can say that these 3 guys obviously knowingly broke the law of war and thus are war criminals. The tactic was designed to circumvent justice.

    I guess people know that Rumsfeld is a Jew and a Zionist. I wonder how many people know that the Bush family is also Jewish ?

    I have nothing against Jews, I am against Zionism.

  29. Eleanor

    Jesus teaches us compassion for our fellow man and responsibility for our own actions: May he without sin cast the first stone. This “murderer” was nothing but a misguided boy when he was taken; he has committed sins but he must be treated as he is, not as we fear he may be.

  30. Eleanor

    911allo: the Bush family is not Jewish, don’t be completely absurd.

    And don’t send me to some silly website that supposedly “proves” as much either. Friends of the family – incidentally the father is a pastor and teacher from Texas, his wife a Christian from Mississippi – have known the Bushes since childhood, have exchanged Christmas cards with them. The Bushes are Episcopalian from way back.

  31. Ah, the Jew haters are out!

    911allo: If you hate Rumsfeld and Bush, and you go to great lengths to (falsely) prove that they are Jews, then obviously you are saying that Jews are bad. You think you’re clever? You’re actually quite stupid.

    Eleanor: I’m a Jew, not a Christian, so I’m not completely versed in the Gospels. But I’m pretty sure that Jesus preached responsibility and accountability. Further, people like me would be far more willing to treat Mr. Khadr as you say if he showed any contrition whatsoever. To date, he has shown none.

  32. Jim McGrath

    America was built on a system of laws with an abiding respect for human rights. Habeas Corpus and trial by peers are what separates us from totalitarian governments. Your statements are based on passion and a visceral logic. Civil rights, liberties and our standing in the world have been undermined and eroded severely by this so called “war on terror”. Guantanamo Bay is appalling to most of the world, our allies and those of us who believe in what American once stood for. Meanwhile, while you are wringing your hands and decrying fifteen year-olds as terrorists, the Bush Administration has advanced corporatist interests. The continued accumulation of vast wealth by a tiny minority of our citizens is unabated: (one percent of the population in America has more wealth than the bottom 90 percent). You and those who dwell in the land of FOX News with its circular thinking and logic wrapped in a flag have been used and duped. May I remind you of the words of American Patriot Samuel Johnson: “Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrel”. Look around you. The economy is crumbling. Millions are out of work. Civil liberties eroded and you are chasing windmills. Wake up! Fifteen year olds have limited capacity for the fullest understanding of their impassioned actions. This is an affront to decency.

  33. He was 15 he chose to toss that grenade why not do some reasearch into what he did. The whole family are and have been involved in terriorism and i as a canadian think he should loose his citizenship. They were not even in canada at the time it happened they only came back because our governement was foolish enough to pay for them to come back because his other brother was hurt and needed medical attention. So they came back here and we as ppl paid for the kid to get help. Meanwhile they brag on tv and admit how friendly they have been with bin laden and omar killed someone thats the point by his own choice .AND SADLY BECAUSE OF HIS UPBRINGING

  34. Trevor Larson

    hey jim mcgrath, now your the type of american im talking about. why aren’t there more of you!

  35. K'naan

    Your blog sucks and has the WRONG views

  36. Twenty Twenty

    Omar Khadr didn’t throw the grenade, but even if he had thrown it, the killing of Speer was not murder. If, as the prosecutors assert, Khadr was a “solder”, then he was doing what soldiers do, right? Killing anyone who is trying to kill them. According to the international law of war, which the US abides by, that is NOT murder. So, whether he threw the grenade or not (and if you knew of the injuries he suffered from the huge bombs and the 8 ft wall he was laying down behind, he could not possibly have thrown anything as far away as Speer was), he is NOT GUILTY of murder. The other two charges against him have already been thrown out against others similarly accused due to being invalid. (Too complicated to explain in this blog). Don’t even try to call me a liberal; I worked for the Bush Administration.

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