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Photo of the year: AZ Gov. Jan Brewer upbraids an a$$hole

As most of the men are, as described by Andrew Breitbart, eunuchs, America will have to be saved by strong conservative women.


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Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher Shows Off Ugly Face of the Left

Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher and Mayor David Miller

A taxpayer listens to John Tory’s drive-time radio show on 1010am, and is encouraged to attend a public budget consultation meeting at Toronto City Hall. After asking a question about rising property tax rates, Toronto Ward 30 City Councillor Paula Fletcher does us all a great favour, and shows us off the true face of the leftist crew that currently runs Toronto council: utter contempt, absolute condescension, and pure venomous hatred for the middle class. Her public denunciation of the taxpayer is indistinguishable from the tactics used in Maoist and Stalinist purges. Listen and be amazed at the treatment afforded to a man who, like us all, pays her salary!

Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher Freaks Out on Constituent, Radio Host, Political Enemies.

UPDATE: Did I say “Marxist Hatred”? I didn’t even know how right I was! For, alas, this is the same Paula Fletcher that led the Communist Party of Canada – Manitoba from 1981-86, standing as a candidate for the legislature under that party’s banner twice.


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Jonah Goldberg: Sending the Fascist legacy back to the left


Who doesn’t love it when the left goes apoplectic? Jonah Goldberg – my favorite secular-Jewish-iconoclastic columnist (read his National Review columns here) – has made the Jon Stewart-idolizing conservative-hating liberal mainstream go nuts with his book “Liberal Fascism: the Secret History of the American Left, from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning”. I cannot wait to read it; especially after listening to this extensive 2-part, 70-minute interview from yesterday’s Hugh Hewitt show. Well worth a listen, especially for those of you, like me, who are glowing with pride that a hip, articulate polemicist is successfully demolishing the right-wing-are-fascists myth:

Part I – Jonah Goldberg on The Hugh Hewitt Show, February 21, 2008

Part II – Jonah Goldberg on The Hugh Hewitt Show, February 21, 2008

I’m not much of a bibliographer; perhaps there have been other books in recent years debunking the deceptive smear linking Nazism and Fascism with the political right. But while Friedrich Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom is the ultimate tome linking the totalitarian menace with modern “liberalism”, it is more than 50 years old, and does not focus on the countless specific examples Goldberg identifies.


Sorry, left – you’ll have to find another beating stick. Fascists!


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