Rex Murphy on Sarah Palin: An Outsider appreciates an Outsider

Rex Murphy in Newfoundland

Few things have bothered me as much in the past couple of years more than the Canadian commentariat’s reaction to former Alaska Governor and Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s emergence as a political force. The left’s vitriol is completely expected, as disgusting as it is (the true face of the left emerges, as the supposed champions of feminism savagely rape the reputation of a successful woman). But nasty attacks from the likes of David Frum, Margaret Wente, Diane Francis, and many in the National Post’s roster of otherwise sensible young libertarian commentators, had been mystifying and depressing.

Well, it took nearly two years, but finally – finally! – an intelligent Canadian pundit has figured out that the Sarah Palin phenomenon is a wonderful thing, and that her detractors’ primary source of animus comes down to the fact that she is an outsider working in an elite insider’s culture. In today’s National Post, Rex Murphy breaks it down in Understanding the Sarah Palin Effect. First, he explains why she is an attractive person and politician:



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7 responses to “Rex Murphy on Sarah Palin: An Outsider appreciates an Outsider

  1. Susaan

    Phenomenal article by Rex. He cuts right to the bone with his insight.

    But I think that there is one issue he never talked about. With such a ready and visceral hatred of Palin by those very feminists who should support her quest into political life, I think it boils down to Palin’s unapologetic pro-life stance. Somehow in this crazy world, that is simply unforgiveable.

  2. Susaan, they go hand-in-hand. Elitists support for abortion stems, originally, from their desire to minimize the growth of the lower classes. Less little people to bother them! Abortion comes from the Eugenics movement, which was quite fashionable throughout the Western world until Hitler actually implemented it. After Hitler, they had to make it respectable by framing it as a libertarian issue. But, alas, a true libertarian should recognize the right to life of all human beings regardless of its place inside or outside the womb. I digress…

  3. David

    Rex Murphy is way off base. What evidence does he have for her intelligence. She went to several Colleges to get a degree in communications. She is cunning in that she had the same contractor build her house that built the local recreation center that was built on disputed land. She also made sure building permits are were not required in Wasilla.

    She has been found guilty on ethics charges and only served half her term as Govenor of a State that rolls in oil money. She has never sponsored any bills of import if any at all.

    She has shown in interviews that she has no curiosity about the world around her and she is a Diva who loves expensive clothes and demands private jets larger than a Lear 60. She is not at all like the blue collar people that like her. She is a multi-millionaire con artist that would bring the entire world down with her ignorance if the dumb Americans ever voted her into power.

    The people that admire have been fooled by this grifter or they are idiots.

  4. In a battle of opinion between Rex Murphy and “David”, I’m with Rex. As for your “facts”, hear this: when you have to resort to half-truths and outright lies, you’ve lost.

    “Multi-millionaire con artist that would brind the entire world down” – as with all leftists, you’re projecting, because that perfectly describes your man in the White House.

  5. “Marxist-Demagogue-In-Chief”. Um, speaking of projecting, Flaggman…

  6. If I called Obama the Marxist-Demagogue-In-Chief, how is that projecting? You think the leaders I like (Reagan, Thatcher, Harper, Palin, etc.) are Marxists? Please make sense next time.

  7. Issam

    “And God Bless Sarah Palin, who understands that the world without a strong America is a very frightening place.”

    Is this a j0ke? The world with a Republican America would be a very frightening place indeed.

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