Two Questions an Atheist Can Never Answer

1) How did the universe begin?

2) How did homo sapiens gain self-awareness?

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19 responses to “Two Questions an Atheist Can Never Answer

  1. And neither can you.

    You seem to be confusing “give an answer” with “give an answer that is actually true”.

  2. Correct, NotAScientist. Man can only speculate on the answers to these questions. But atheists claim to know which possible answers are false, and many claim to know which answer is true. Believers do not rule out anything; they simply accept that there was an initial singular entity that began creation and endowed homo sapiens with the unique qualities that separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom.

  3. kcramone

    My question has always been, “What caused the singularity to explode? ” Science has always answered, there was nothing before the Big Bang. It’s illogical the singularity that carried within it everything including space/time came out of nothing. Something from “nothing” makes no sense in any scientific discipline. Until science can explain how the singularity came to be, one can only conclude a priori reason. Just found this blog and it looks interesting.

  4. Thanks KC. Yes, science tries to get away with explaining the cause of the big bang – including trying to convince us that it doesn’t matter – but they have come up with nothing satisfactory. Same with the question of man’s self-awareness. Nothing in Darwinism or neuroscience, can explain why homo sapiens alone cares about where it came from, and where it is going.

  5. Laurent Fleury

    1) Time is not universal. There is no need to “begin” nor “end” when there is no time.

    2) Evolution gave them vocal cords and a thumb, which in turn gace them leeway to focus on things other than survival.

    You turn.

  6. 2) Other animals have unique characteristics that help them communicate and manipulate; however, none care about their past or their future as homo sapiens do. Having vocal chords and thumbs does not equal self-awareness. All it means is we can communicate and manipulate in our own way.

    1) You can’t believe in evolution if you don’t believe in time. That, among many others, is one reason why your #1 comment makes absolutely no sense.

    Thanks for engaging!

  7. Whirled Peas

    1) Where were you before you were born? Same thing with the universe.

    2) Evolution.

  8. 1) That’s not an answer at all to the question of “How did the universe begin.” In fact, it’s nonsensical circular logic when you actually think it through.

    2) “Evolution” is not an answer, either. How did evolution create self-awareness in humans? Why are humans the only animal to evolve to self-awareness? Where is the evidence of pre-self-aware human beings? If self-awareness is a positive survival trait, then why aren’t other species developing it? You can certainly examine human development in the context of the evolutionary theory; but the word “evolution” is not an answer; it’s a pre-programmed, Pavlovian response.

    At least Laurent (above) gave intelligent answers, even though I don’t think they stand up to scrutiny. Sadly, “Whirled Peas” doesn’t offer even the slightest inkling of intellectual rigour.

  9. DC

    Flaggman –

    1.) I think that the answer that the universe does not need to have a beginning, since it is infinite, is, however unsatisfactory, correct. Your pointing out that there exists no answer that makes more sense to you does not mean that atheists have the burden of providing one.

    2.) Humans became self aware through evolution, specifically through the process of mammals caring for their young, and each other. Here’s a very smart lady talking about this subject.


  10. MakesMoreSense

    1.) Atheist believe no ONE thing started all and that’s it. Your answer from where the universe started is no better than ours. So you shouldn’t be asking us. Aliens should be asked this. They probably have an answer unfathomable to us.
    2.) Aliens gave that of awareness power unto us. Don’t believe me? Well, if you were in the cavemen days looking around and saw a spaceship and had just been gifted self-awareness what would you do? start praying i guarantee it. Example: this plane flew over a poor country with a care package. and when they returned later on there was a monument to the airplane out of sticks… and a question for you to answer. Explain the architecture from ancient times so perfect we cannot replicate today and buildings nearly identical in every way but half way across the earth from each other? I’ve never seen a ship in the sky but i never seen golden roads and wing either ;D

  11. DC: you proved my point on Question#1. On Question #2, this is not a satisfactory answer, because this is a theory, not a fact. In listening to the speaker you linked to, you’ll find that there’s no way she can prove any of her theories because there is no way of comparing today’s human brain with a pre-self-aware human brain, and no proven way of connecting man to snake to rat, as she does. It is interesting theory, but in no way more compelling to me than the faith-proof I hold, which is that God chose to create a particular animal called man, to hold the unique trait of self-awareness, just like he created a particular creature called bird with the unique trait of flight. But good conversation, at least you propose intelligent arguments.

    MakesMoreSense: all I can say about your attempt is – I can’t believe you are serious. And if you are – ouch, a poor representative for atheism you are…

  12. MakesMoreSense

    Well thats not a very christian thing to say now is it? so I guess we are both bad representations of what we believe, supposedly. And are you seriously trying to say MY idea is ludicrous? Walking on water, spreading seas, and out of our entirely infinite universe its only us and your god? THAT is the more ridiculous idea to me.

  13. MakesMoreSense

    Oh, and just like a christian to dance around points and not directly address them…

  14. I’m not a Christian, I’m a Jew. I guess I should have taken you seriously about the aliens. So I will attempt to take you seriously now. In all seriousness, what the heck were you talking about? Was it just mockery? And if it was just mockery, then you’ve proven my point – yet another atheist that cannot answer those questions, because of course, atheism has no answers to those questions.

  15. As for how it all began. . . I honestly have no idea. I have opinions about what may have happened. But, hell, who doesn’t? Now, for the interesting part. Before the History Channel ever had their Ancient Astronaut show, I already had seeds of doubt about how “they” tried to teach us to believe in God.I have a couple of questions myself.(1) If God was always here; why are there not any caveman paintings of anything that would be considered a God influenced depiction? (2) If Jesus was the savior of all mankind, why are there several religions which do not even recognize him? The bible does tell us what happened. We are interpreting it the wrong way. (MY opinion anyway) Something created us in their image by means of genetic manipulation. When whatever did that to humans they “programmed” self-awareness into our genes. Well, that’s all for now. I look forward to any comments. Good or bad!

  16. Billy, thanks for your comments, but in the end, you come right back to the Judeo-Christian concept of God: a supernatural force that, for lack of a better description, “programmed self-awareness into our genes”. Your description fits well into the Judeo-Christian epistemology.

  17. True, for that religious view. But, what about the rest? Have you ever heard of the ancient Sumerians? Are you familiar with any of their writings?(The 1st civilization to record their history in writing, by the way!) There is just too many similarities between their stories and the bibles for me to just chalk up to coincidence. And, they do not even bother to call their creators by any form of what we would call God. They tell where in the universe they are from, what they are called,(Annunaki, by the way) And there purpose for coming. Granted it could all be just a “story”, then again, so could the bible. Oh, I would like to hear know your opinion of the couple of questions I put in my previous post.

  18. Or, we could all just wait until Dec. 21, 2012 to find all the answers huh? Lmao!

  19. hark

    Since we are continuously saying questions as a challenge. Yet again ancient aliens come as a very sensible that aligns with christian preceptions. How do you all explain the perfect roads of rome and monuments bulit so straight that are nearly impossible to do now a days with our advanced technology we cannot repeat ancient percision. And the bricks of these monument not being able to be moved by any force in our so called modern times. And identical buildngs across the world? I am pretty sure if ape man saw an alien come from the sky he would think “its god!” And since we are made in his image maye its justa smarter us.

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