Coup Floppers: Prorogued Parliament means Death to Coalition


Parliament now suspended until January 26, with budget presented January 27. Some Liberals are already bailing out of the stinking ship. Some Liberals will be called into Flaherty’s and Harper’s offices for budget consultations, and will slink away from the coalition. Other Liberals will read their e-mail over the holidays, and drop out of the coalition. Iggy will drop his support for the widely rejected coup plot, in his quest to repair his reputation in time for the leadership convention and to separate himself from Bob Rae. The confidence vote will be close. If the government falls on Jan. 27, the Liberals will wear this disaster like a hairnet at a photo op. Conservative majority. Endgame.

And Jack will continue being Jack.



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5 responses to “Coup Floppers: Prorogued Parliament means Death to Coalition

  1. Oh dear….
    If Canadians aren’t so disgusted by this scam that they don’t send these “politicians” out of the country, then I don’t know any more.

  2. J.W.B.

    ‘a coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies but once’

  3. TnT

    The wet dream is always, total control. It doesn’t seem to ever include the Canadians choice that a minority government work with opposition parties to accomplish good things for Canada. Because that is, what Canadians chose. Not to have the ruling minority cause this mess by sticking a hot poker in the eye of the opposition parties. It really isn’t rocket science now is it.


  4. Ruling parties, minority or not, always have the job to see what they can get away with.

    “Working together” is a concept for Yoga classes and knitting parties. With every party so different in ideology, everyone is going to take their turn trying a stare-down.

    This is only the first of many. Enjoy the show!

  5. Mario

    OT (almost)

    Somebody was gloating about the ‘democratic’ European Union in on one of your recent posts.
    Give me a break!

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