Don Cherry & Rob Ford: A Right that Fights is a Right that Wins

When the left gets challenged, it rarely engages on the issue. Instead, it resorts to whining about “civility”, calling for “unity”, and, when that fails to silence its critics, cries “racist-sexist-homophobe-islamophobe”.

When the right figures out that they can walk right through this veneer, and fight back fearlessly, they can win. That’s why this is such a heartening development: Toronto’s new Mayor, Rob Ford, inviting Canada’s greatest bombthrower, Don Cherry, to introduce him at his inauguration, and letting him give this speech:

Both Cherry and Ford have been unapologetic to the “outraged” leftists on council. If this is any indication of what is to come to Toronto City Council, the next four years will be a delight. Viva Ford!



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3 responses to “Don Cherry & Rob Ford: A Right that Fights is a Right that Wins

  1. Dan Cummings

    Both barrels! And they don’t know what hit them as their socialist gravy train stops cold. Thanks Rob and Don!

    May I also recommend as another excellent news aggregator with links others don’t have, and more of them. They also archive all the old links.

  2. skinny

    The fact that you, would celebrate a complete waste of taxpayers money on this fool, and, a loud mouth shrieking “you left wing kooks!”, is really hardly a surprise flaggman.

    Anything that flies under the banner of “the right” is gold according to you.

    Let’s return to this 4 years from now, and see how well mr. ford has done with our money.

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