Attack Jewish Businesses: Toronto 2010

You have to really hate yourself (or Jews) to stand outside a Bloor Street coffee shop and make a public ass of yourself, to serve the interests of bloodthirsty fascists who would rather see you covered in a potato sack to hide your bruises. Check out this unintentionally funny, but ultimately sad and pathetic, video of a mixed bag of Jew-haters hating on Jews at a Jewish coffee shop (Aroma Cafe). Switch the music from Lady Gaga to a Bavarian folk song, and this could be Berlin 1936.



Filed under Islamic Propaganda in Canada, Islamist-Leftist Alliance, Jew-Hatred in Canada, The Confusion of The Left

3 responses to “Attack Jewish Businesses: Toronto 2010

  1. Ron Clark

    It doesn’t get much crazier than this. What the hell is going on in Toronto? 30s Berlin indeed comes to mind.

  2. Voltaire's ghost

    Thanks. I love it when these morons give me purchasing recommendations.

    I’ve been to that Aroma cafe a couple of times. The coffee’s pretty good, but there are about a half dozen others between me and there, so I don’t go there too often.

    Now I’m going to make a point of walking the extra 2 blocks to become a regular!

  3. Terry Walbert

    There is only one problem with comparing the demonstrators to Berlin in the 193k0s. The brown shirts dressed better.

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