Canada’s Share of Greece Bailout: $9 Billion

From CNBC today: it looks like the US taxpayer is on the hook for $50 Billion through the IMF for the recently-announced bailout of Greece. That’s based on America’s 17% quota on IMF funding. Canada’s IMF quota, according to this 2009 Canada IMF/World Bank primer, is 2.89%. That would leave the Canadian taxpayer on the hook for about US$8.6 Billion, or nearly $9 Billion Canadian monopoly bucks. $9 Billion to bail out the failed social welfare state of Greece, half a world away, with no chance of ever getting the money back.

Just thought you’d like to know – that’s $300 from the pocket of every man, woman and child in Canada.

UPDATE 5/14: Congressional Republicans have introduced a bill that will stop America’s $50 Billion IMF bailout. Will Canada’s Conservatives follow suit?



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4 responses to “Canada’s Share of Greece Bailout: $9 Billion

  1. To hell with that!
    If Greece can put itself into debt, it can get itself out.

  2. George Smith

    As the Greek would say ‘Opah!’ Celebrate!

  3. That’s OK. While I was in Greece, I knocked over a four-thousand year old stone artifact and it broke into a million pieces. I figure this makes us even.


    all the news from Greece in English…
    24h. live feed…

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