Quebec City Tea Party – April 11, 2010 – Canada Wants Small Government!

50,000 Quebecois Protest Tax-and-Spend Policies!

I’ve been waiting for this for a year, and now it’s here: the Tea Party has come to Canada! If 50,000 Quebecers are marching in the street against big government tax-and-spend policies, then there’s hope for the free world. PM Harper, I hope you’re listening: Canadians want change, Canadians want smaller government.

UPDATE: Amazing footage from inside the protest here:



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10 responses to “Quebec City Tea Party – April 11, 2010 – Canada Wants Small Government!

  1. These people are deluding themselves. They want their services, and they want no taxes. I see a problem here.

  2. Chris: that’s typical leftist subversion. These people never said they “want no taxes”. No one believes in no taxes. What real people outside of your pseudo-intellectual edu-bubble want is: reasonable taxation to cover the legitimate functions of government, handled in a responsible manner.

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  4. rockyt

    Don’t make me laugh.

    These are the same people who received $4 billion more in transfers from PM SH and then mounted a campaign to vote against him in the next election because the feds cut $24 million in culture grants.

    And where have these guys been for the last 50 yrs?

  5. If this was a Tea Party, they’d all happily ask that non-Quebec provinces not be taxed as much *and* would forego a few services themselves (that paid child care thing they have going on, perhaps)…no?

    Color (sorry, colour) me unsurprised.

  6. Dan

    I’m afraid I have to agree. The poster children of the modern welfare state that stomp their feet and have hissy fits like spoiled children are not against taxing and spending as long as someone else is being taxed for their spending. It would certainly take more than this to convince me these nationalistic socialists have gone through any kind of conversion on this. This is a demand for more money from the ROC. And they will probably get it. They always have. Nothing has changed. It is a sad commentary on Canada when something as thin as this could give encouragement. But I understand it. Nobody even throws us a bone anymore.

  7. John Lewis

    I wouldn’t be over-cynical about Quebecers. The
    right has always been strong there. The federal Liberal policy of buying Quebec ultimately failed.

    Finally, it has probably not escaped notice that the
    best way to kill a cat is to fill it full of cream. Quebec
    has not benefitted from its particularist policies nor
    from the vast quantities of money poured into her.

  8. Jamie MacMaster

    Well, I’m the first to admit that the media can get stories terribly wrong, but I didn’t get the impression that this protest was a demand for government to downsize or to exercise fiscal restraint.

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