Globe Reports: Judges, Defense Lawyers Don’t Like Tories (ya think?)

The Globe and Mail really is a sad old hag of a newspaper. In 2,200 words filling 51 paragaphs of dense, unreadable tripe, “investigative journalist” Kirk Makin reveals what I could have told you in one sentence: Liberal-appointed judges, defense lawyers, and ivory-tower intellectuals don’t like the Conservative government and their tightening of the criminal justice system.

Outside of Liberal-appointed judges, defense lawyers, ivory-tower intellectuals (and their sycophants), and criminals themselves, who exactly opposes: closing the 2-for-1 loophole; making the system less arbitrary by enforcing mandatory sentences; and ending the “faint hope” clause that allows first-degree murderers a chance to earn the freedom that their innocent victims can never, ever regain? (I’d call it the “endless nightmare” clause if it was a member of my family that was murdered.)

Congratulations, Globe. You’ve once again led with “Dog Bites Man”. Now (despite David Frum), get me my Post


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