Hannah Giles, American Hero

Hannah Giles, 20-Year-Old American Hero
Hannah Giles, 20-Year-Old American Hero – Artwork by David Bugnon

What, pray tell, can a disgruntled 20-year-old conservative do when she feels beaten down by events?

a) Whine, complain, smoke pot and enter the cult of Ayn Rand?

b) Listen to the David Frum defeatists, ditch her principles, and tie herself into knots trying to figure out a way to make “Climate Change” a Republican issue?

c) Succumb to peer pressure, mock Sarah Palin, take a job with AmeriCorps, and fit in with the cool kids?

d) Spend her summer and her savings traveling the country dressed like a prostitute, get priceless undercover footage of crime in progress, bust corruption, and take down a major peg in the arsenal of one Barack Hussein Obama.

For doing something positive with her youth, for being David to ACORN’s Goliath, for exposing herself to law suits and leftist harassment, and for poking a huge hole in the prestige of the Marxist-Demagogue-In-Chief, Hannah Giles has earned a spot in my Hall of Fame. I’m sending $15 to her legal defense fund at http://www.defendhannah.com.

To you non-conservatives who revel in attacking Palin, Carrie Prejean, Giles, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Tammy Bruce, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and other women who refuse to submit to the tyranny of liberal orthodoxy: the jig is up, you’ve been exposed again. Because you know better than I do: there’s no bigger threat to the “progressive” cause than attractive and articulate female heretics.


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One response to “Hannah Giles, American Hero

  1. Jose

    I think “harassing” people is a cowardly thing to do. Truthfully, to attribute this to one group, as you do, the leftists, is just as cowardly.

    I have witnessed some of the most cowardly miserably angry attacks from the right since Obama took office. To think it’s a leftist trait is pure stupidity.

    Personally, I don’t care of Sarah Palin is “attractive”. If she publicly makes statements like the ones about the death panels, I’m not going to think very highly of her complete dishonesty.

    Attractive, or not.

    It seems you, are the one making an issue of their “attractiveness” and er, “femaleness” no?

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