Barackolytes: Time to wake up, tax hikes are here

Barack Obama’s 2008 voting base can be broken down into three main groups: “The Grad School Left”, who understood perfectly who the man was and what the codes he was speaking meant; “Democrat Tribalists”, who have a pathological hatred of Republicans and would have voted for the remains of Michael Jackson if that is who the Democrat Party nominated; and “Barackolytes”, the dreamy-eyed celebrity-obsessed masses who ignored content, context, and all concepts of common sense, and essentially laid supine saying “Lie to me, sexy!”

The Barackolytes who believed this oft-repeated applause line last fall:

Should watch this and finally say, “the right was right – he is what they said he is”:


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One response to “Barackolytes: Time to wake up, tax hikes are here

  1. DysfunctionalParrot

    How else was this guy going to fund his ideology? Amazing how people think you can just print money.

    oh wait…

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