John Tory to challenge David Miller again for Toronto Mayor? NOOOOOOO!!!!

John Tory, hoping to hand Toronto back to Miller again.

John Tory, hoping to hand Toronto back to Miller again.

I am a Toronto homeowner. I am a small-c conservative and a big-C Conservative. I have seen the NDP’s union and activist-owned David Miller turn a mediocre city into a disastrous one over the past five years.

I have met John Tory. I like John Tory. I supported John Tory in 2003 when he lost to Miller, a socialist in disguise with zero public profile. I supported John Tory as leader of the Ontario PC party against Dalton “Not a Leader” McGuinty in 2007. I supported a massive failure both times, when the man snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

John Tory is a nice guy. Good businessman. Good husband and father. Good connections. Smart as a whip. Would love to play golf with him.


There are two men I can see who could galvanize the public against the leftist-unionist block that is destroying this city. If you think a Mel Lastman-style unpolished firebrand is best to advance a common sense agenda, support Councillor Rob Ford, Etobicoke North Ward 2. If you think a more polished, serious, hard-working potential media superstar with less small-c conservative cred, but who came from nothing and whose thinking always seems to start with individual citizens and local neighbourhoods, support Scarborough Centre Councillor Michael Thompson.

Listen: you can make a business deal with a smile and a pat on the back. You can solve corporate problems on the golf course. But you can’t win an election against leftists without fire in the belly. You can’t win an election against leftists without the instincts of a shark. You can’t inspire the people if the people can’t identify with you. The people can’t identify with John Tory, and they never will. John, get out of the way, stop sucking the energy out of the opposition room, and let a competent politician do what it takes to bring down the blood suckers.



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4 responses to “John Tory to challenge David Miller again for Toronto Mayor? NOOOOOOO!!!!

  1. Zeppo

    You say road pylon, I say turnip. We both reached the same conclusion however.

  2. What about George Smitherman?

  3. Zeppo

    At one point I did like John Tory – that was early on. I thought a business guy might do the province some good. As time went on, however, I saw that he was completely without political skill and his inability to win a seat in an election was an embarrasment.
    On the so called faith-based schools issue he was again an embarassment. One could defend this issue on the basis of parental choice, individual liberty, freedom of religion, etc. Tory had not even prepared for the issue. When the obvious questions came – religion vs science (evolution) – Tory looked like a deer in the headlights, barely sputtering out weak justifications. He could have talked about religion being a separate domain of thought from science, metaphysical belief vs what can be proved through experiment, etc., but instead he could not even defend the idea and turned tail and ran late in the campaign.
    A road pylon, a turnip, whatever. I’m just glad he’s gone.
    I would not want him as mayor of Toronto and I don’t want Miller either. Somebody with a brain please run for mayor of TO.

  4. McD

    Neither Ford nor Thompson.
    Ford has the fire but is a loose canon tho can’t think before he talks.
    Thompson is nice and that is the problem. Doesn’t show any instinct to deviate from middle of the road and have the necessary bite to go after Miller.
    Anyone who goes against Miller will have to take on the Construction Unions that have always been the core of his political base and do much of the dirty work for him. So far only I have seen only one Councillor who has had the guts to take them on in Committees. Your man is Councillor Stintz.

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