’s Anti-Abortion Commercial Phenomenon

It’s hard to imagine even the most fervent pro-abortion advocate not having second thougts after viewing this 30-second clip:



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7 responses to “’s Anti-Abortion Commercial Phenomenon

  1. Sadly, the internet is buzzing with cro-magnon liberals criticizing this ad. Thats’ because, in reality, the root of the abortion debate has little, if anything, to do with a person’s conscience, health concerns, lack of education, religion, faith, unavailability of contraceptives, the U.S. Constitution, when life begins, when the fetus becomes a person, a woman’s “right to choose,” a woman having “total control over her body, “reproductive health,” “family planning,” or any of the other issues commonly used as smokescreens.

    On an individual level, abortion is typically a selfish act to “erase” a mistake. Unfortunately, therein lies the problem.

  2. I saw it. It was a waste of time. The person it should have had the most effect on is a complete idiot with no respect for his fellow man.

  3. Bloodred

    If life is so bloody sacred to the right, how come you support the butchering of women and children at the hands of the Israeli Occupation Force? Who’s a walking cliche?

  4. “Bloodred” is too bloody stupid to understand the contradiction in his own ignorant statement. But on the topic of the right’s view on the sanctity of life, here’s what you’ve probably never been told: a moral person believes in protecting INNOCENT life as much as possible, and there’s no more innocent form of life than a fetus in utero. As for the women and children of Gaza: the Jewish state does more to protect innocent civilians in their wars with GUILTY terrorist groups like Hamas and Hizb’Allah than any other army has ever done in the history of mankind, save for, perhaps, the American military in Iraq. Killing the terror-masters of Hamas is not only acceptable, but is completely moral and necessary, as these are people that not only fail to protect their innocents, but actively seek to murder innocent Jews and Christians. As for the adjective “butchering”, that just once again exposes you as a Jew-hating bigot, so thank you for that.

    Why, Bloodred, did you remove your blog link from your message this time? Embarassed?

  5. I was actually speaking of Palestinian people in general. You know…the one’s that voted Fatah in the West Bank. Who are still killed on a regular basis. Children shot in the back of the head with rubber bullets. Women shot with live amunition. Ya, it really looks like they’re “trying” to protect women and children.

    And again with the Hamas, Hezbollah red herring. How do they know who Hamas is? Do they where uniforms all the time? Is a male between the ages of 15-40 Hamas? I’d question the neutrality of their definition of Hamas. This is collective punishment of the Gazans and it’s a WAR CRIME by international standards. Israel acts above the law.

    FYI a “life” is something that can exist on it’s own external of the womb. If it can’t, then it is merely an extension of the woman who consequently can do whatever she pleases with her body. When abortion is illegal, WOMEN DIE.

  6. Bleh

    LOL, why not show the act of intercourse and ejaculation, then argue that if the male member were wearing a condom, Obama would never have been born.

    Same absurd scenario.

    Have you people never taken biology, or figured out what the word “sentient” means?

    But I suppose, if you can believe that the Earth and the Heaven were created by a guy with a booming voice in less than a day, you can believe that a cluster of cells are a “baby.”

    Wonder what you people will do when cloning becomes reality? Picket surgery centers and blood banks?

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