Hamas vs. Israel: A Cartoon Says 1,000 Words


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  1. and it’s true
    I’ve seen it with my own eyes more times then i care to!
    I’ve seen kids surround a Hamas shooter so he won’t be seen by us and then they act like human sand bags when we return fire trying to protect that same Hamas shooter like he was a G-d..
    Thanks for putting this here, hopefully the blind will start to see the truth

  2. andy.s

    Please 4 peace! Whole world crying of u both.

  3. You’re throwing the equivalent of a temper tantrum: My blog, my rules. Then telling ME to grow up? Sheesh. Zios are sensitive to truth.

    I posted a great article by an Israeli academic but quasi-fascist Flaggman is censoring it.

  4. If anyone is interested in reading a rational analysis of the conflict by an Israeli academic:


  5. Look- the best way to prove what a bunch of bloodthirsty mongrels the Israelis are is to show how Hamas is better. And they are better how?

  6. That doesnt even make sense. No one is saying Hamas is better. That is a red herring statement. they are a resistance that exists because of an occupation. because fatah were a bunch of sell outs that sold them out in the oslo talks. dont over simplify this.

  7. zed246

    Hamas is a wee-bit more than a ‘resistance’. Most resistances stop short of sending missiles onto civilian areas for 8 years, or targeting clubs and busses for suicide bombings. They resist alright – they resist the feeling that intentionally killing people who don’t posses any kind of threat what so ever is wrong. They are quite good at that.

    You know, when and Israeli IDF officer was accused of short-rang kill-verify of a little Palestinian girl – he was the subject of a much media-uproar and was arrested by the IDF military police. This was done due to a suspicion, and after about a year in court he was found innocent.

    What will Hamas do if it is even rumored that one of their officers intentionally aimed his weapon on a child in close range and killed her? Hmm…

  8. tdotTim

    I believe the expression is about a picture being worth MORE than a thousand words. And so far, whatever the word count is in this comment section…they don’t hold a candle to the cartoon.

  9. Philanthropist

    H – Hiding
    A – Among
    M – Mosques
    A – And
    S – Schools

  10. Seirafi250

    Irsreal has killed 1000 people on the war on gaza 452 women and children.

  11. The death count is deceiving. Over 1200 killed now and all I’m hearing on the news is that half of them are civilians. The Israeli Occupation Forces count any male between the ages of 16-40 as a “militant” so take the numbers with a grain of salt.

    The suicide bombings happen because Israel has appropriated Palestinian land and horded them into bantustans as surplus humanity. Hellbent on ridding “Judea and Sumeria” of the native Palestinian population. The Palestinians have every right to resist a colonial, imperial occupation.

    One need only look at the amount of dead Palestinians in the 60 years of occupation versus the amount of dead Israelis. Sickeningly disproportionate. Collectively punishing people, Israel is quite good at that.

  12. tdotTim

    Bloodred you ramble on with your one sided views but make no comment on the picture at top. As the title states…the picture is worth much more than your words, so you conveniently ignore it.

  13. TnT

    Here’s what that picture says to me. A brainless individual, who hasn’t grasped the fact that there are 1.5 million people crammed into a tiny tiny patch of land. I could correct the cartoon to reflect the true geography and population, but what’s the point. People will only believe what they want to.

    I wonder what the cartoon should be for the UN center and UN personnel that was bombed.

    As I said before as Flaggman chastised me for being incorrect, and even challenged me on it.

    Hundreds of innocent children, murdered. And this will bring peace? Only a fool would believe that.

    A UK Jewish MP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMGuYjt6CP8&e

  14. TnT

    to add to that, Red Tory said it best here

    If anyone thinks that this kind of murderous action will go unanswered leading to more innocent lives lost in ISrael this time they are, a real fool.

    This truly disgusts me.

  15. tdotTim

    It must be ultra frustrating to live in a world where everyone who doesn’t agree with your personal world view is “brainless”, a “moron” or an “idiot”. Good luck with that. Is does make for the odd hilarious blog though. For some reason I picture Tnt as Corky St. Clair, on the verge of tears, telling those who don’t agree with his terrorist sympathizing moral equivalency life view that they are “bastard people”. You go Corky.

  16. TnT

    Personal world view? That there are 1.5 million people crammed into a tiny patch of land? I made this up? You’re for real?

    Now I get it. tDotTim, is Flaggman. I don’t know why I didn’t see that before. So obvious that I missed that.

  17. tdotTim

    Oh TnT…you do crack me up. I’ve known about Flaggman’s blog for a grand total of about a week. Perhaps you have a long running feud or an unhealthy obsession with him, I don’t know…but I hardly think he would need to invent a new personality to debate you…especially when you have trouble understanding a cartoon.

    In your infinite wisdom you suggested that you “could correct the cartoon to reflect the true geography and population”…
    Did you think the cartoon was meant to be a topographical or census map? Do you truly believe that having a high population density is a valid reason to commit war crimes by using your own people as human shields?

    The cartoon seems to be too high concept for you to grasp I guess.

    It’s about the fact that one side is run by a (banned in Canada) terrorist organization who’s very constitution calls for genocide, who has been lobbing missiles and mortars at Israeli civilians for months (an act of war if there ever was one) and who, against all civilized rules of warfare, tries to maximize their own civilian death count for sympathy in world opinion…against the regions only democratic country that tries to minimize civilian casualties.

    If anything your lame population density excuse would be a valid argument for the Israelis, but it’s hardly a defense for the cowardly terrorists of Hamas using their own people as human shields.

    But all my words, and all your words times 100 still say less than that simple cartoon. Like all good editorial cartoons it spells out the truth in the simplest terms. And you can’t accept the truth so you ignore it and talk about population. Go back to your riveting blog of Real Common Sense…Christopher Guest will need an idea for a new movie soon, you might become (in)famous.

  18. TnT

    You see Flaggman, er, tDot, the problem is, you people seem to take great delight in loudly proclaiming that if one doesn’t support your murderous people, then I must support the other. It seems to be the only way you can think. There doesn’t seem to be any ability to reason, no ability to be able to see things in any other way than ‘my way’ or ‘BAAAAAAAD’.

    I’m sorry but, there’s really no way to put this. It’s both stupid, and very, very offensive.

    You see, as I’ve said oh, about 10 times, I support neither side. Maybe I need to put this in caps for you. NEITHER SIDE. Should I put this in red too? Not sure if I can do that here. I think the cartoon is nothing but a justification for murdering innocent people. I don’t there is ANY justification, for either Hamas, nor Israel, to kill innocent people. Is this clear enough? I bet not.

    I think the Israeli government, and Hamas, are murderous assholes, that both should be charged with war crimes. BOTH. I think anyone in the Hamas governments and military, and the Israeli goverment who were involved in these war crmes, should be all charged with murder. The Israeli army just finished murdering hundreds of innocent children, after Hamas themselves fired rockets into Israeli civilian areas and murdered people.

    Now, I don’t know how many times someone has to say it. It’s really quite clear. You can assume any name you wish, make fun of my blog as many times as you like, but it doesn’t change the fact, that I, DON’T support ANY of the murder.

    But you, do.


  19. You’re kidding me, TnT – you’re now accusing me of creating pseudonyms to argue with you? Get some help. Get a grip. And quit your “unhealthy obsession” (well put).

  20. TnT

    right tDot, er flaggman. Debating on a blog is a, ‘unhealthy obsession’. You right wing freaks are true winners.

    How obvious can you get. True desperation!

  21. Kid4

    What is the israely soilder aiming at the baby or the Hamas fighter

  22. tdotTim

    Tnt…I can’t take this anymore…you’ve given me too many good laughs already. Referring to someone who supports Israel’s right to defend itself from terrorists as a “right wing freak”…I love it.

    And Kid4…that’s a question you shouldn’t have to ask…it is a war crime to use your own civilians as shields. That’s why civilized nations obey such a simple and obvious rule of warfare…you can’t hide behind your babies and then cry foul when your civilians are killed.

  23. Kid4

    Yeah your right but it is also a war crime to use illegall weapons banned by the UN

  24. Mt6

    Kid4 what are you talking about?

  25. tdotTim

    He’s talking about phosphorous, which is NOT an illegal weapon banned by the UN actually. It is however a bit of a grey area on when it’s acceptable to use, and Israel is currently undertaking an internal investigation about it’s use in this conflict.

    Good luck waiting for any investigation or discipline from Hamas however for their multiple and ongoing war crimes.

  26. TnT

    I’m glad you see this as a laughing matter Flaggman, are getting a source of ‘entertainment’.

    Personally I don’t think te death of hundreds of innocent people is very funny, and I would consider someone who announces that anyone who disagrees with them as supporting terrorists. That’s what you did, and it’s disgusting, stupid, and offensive.

    I heard on the news that there are now reports of people who are getting limbs amputated because when their wounds are cleaned, the oxygen causes the wound to begin burning. Think about how that feels.

    No Phosphorus isn’t illegal. But I really have to wonder about those who feverishly screamed about abortion, and how it’s still wrong even though it’s legal, could flip flop suddenly consider this, different. People are dying from this.

    It makes me sick to my stomach. Both Hamas, and the Israeli leaders should be brought up on war crimes, all of them.

  27. TnT

    Sorry second paragraph should read:

    Personally I don’t think the death of hundreds of innocent people is very funny, and I would consider someone who announces that anyone who disagrees with them as supporting terrorists, as a ‘freak’. That’s what you did, and it’s disgusting, stupid, and offensive.

  28. tdotTim

    Tnt you haven’t made a new point in at least 4 posts. Your repeated attempts at moral equivalency are “disgusting, stupid, and offensive.”

    Trying to convince people that the terrorist “state” and the democratic state that responds to repeated terrorism are each no better than the other is akin to supporting the terrorists of Hamas. You are either too thick to ever get that or you know it but won’t admit that you support them.

    Those who do support Hamas or Hezbollah would like nothing better than to lob missiles into civilian neighbourhoods, use their own people as human shields, hide and store arms in schools and mosques to increase civilian casualties…and then have useful idiots like you try and tell us that Israel is no different.

    When one side (who’s constitution calls for genocide of Jews btw) hides behind their own women and children like cowards, they instantly lose all credibility to complain about their civilians being killed.

    It’s really not complicated…but clearly you will never get it.

  29. Thread closed. TnT, you’re just repeating yourself ad nauseum. With emphasis on the nausea.

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