Video Diary of Toronto’s Anti-Israel Hatefest, January 10, 2009

Nine minutes of pure venom at Bloor & Avenue. Thank you, Mississauga Matt:



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30 responses to “Video Diary of Toronto’s Anti-Israel Hatefest, January 10, 2009

  1. TnT

    almost 300 children brutally murdered. Over a 1000 wounded.

    Tell us all about venom Flaggman.

    All you can do is point to ‘the other side’ and say they’re crazy. Did you really think that would erase the blood on Israel’s hands? Do you?

    Neither side is right. Neither. You included.

  2. Nick

    @TnT Go reboot your brain; it’s clearly malfunctioning. There’s been far too many clear examples of Hamas and Hezbullah using those women and children as human shields. Basing military operations in a residential area (i.e. using schools as a rocket launch pad) is against international law. Moreover, even the Palestinian-loving mainstream media doesn’t claim those ridiculous numbers you pull out of thin air.
    What about the Israeli people who have been killed or injured in the past by terrorist Palestinians?

    Israel is a valid state ratified by the UN. They have a clear right to defend themselves.

    What about the millions of Jews killed by people like those in the video in the past 8000 years?

  3. tdotTim

    That made me nauseous. The enemy is clearly among us. Let’s give them welfare to show our tolerance.

  4. TnT


    Oh yes, and bombing the s**t out of them back and killing hundreds of children and innocent people is better? What the hell is wrong with you?

    And go read the news delusional man. It’s in every news source across the world.

    I realize you need to make yourself feel better by denying the murdering that’s going on.

    I’m sorry but the wrongs of another does NOT justify the murdering of innocent people.

    So yea you supporters of murder can continue to point out the rants of others as justifications for murder.

    I don’t want to see another peep about murdering the unborn. I have never seen such pathetic disgusting hypocrisy ever. It makes me sick to my stomach.

    You should all be ashamed for supporting any, murder, on any side. It all must stop, the Israelis, and Hamas. Now.

  5. TnT

    So you all think those innocent civilians should pay with their lives because of the disgusting violent rants of the few? That’s your justification?

    Stop the hate. Stop the murder.

  6. Is the irony of TnT’s ranting lost on anyone?

  7. TnT


    YOU see the irony???

    YOU, are the one screaming about saving the lives of unborn children. And then YOU, are the one screaming with hate that anyone who dares not support Israel supports the ‘terrorists’.

    I’m merely pointing it out. You want to continue talking about irony?

    Go right ahead…

  8. If the Palestinians had ANY thought about their children (which I can’t believe), there would be no way they would strap bombs on their kids, hide missiles in their apartments, tear down green-houses which could only benefit them or use animal characters on children’s shows to promote hatred. The Palestinians have a death wish, mostly for the Jews but especially for themselves because their god demands blood sacrifice. They. Are. Nuts.

  9. Thats some seriously racist shit right there. islamaphobia anyone?

  10. tdotTim

    Bloodred you’re not only confusing racism with islamophobia, but you are diminishing the very serious issue of racism by attempting to label those who don’t agree with your (probably) fairly narrow views as “racist”. Islam is not a race it’s a religion. It’s a religion that has an abysmal human rights record, treats women appallingly, has “holy men” who regularly spout racist, fascist, sexist, totalitarian and genocidal declarations. If you think I’m racist then you obviously don’t know me…you can accuse me of being phobic one of the worlds ugliest religions if you like anytime however. Don’t confuse the two…and learn to spell islamophobic if you’re going toss it around.

  11. TnT

    Yeah Christians have a real exemplary record themselves don’t they.

    Oh right they’re all better now.

  12. tdotTim

    Tnt I didn’t defend Christianity if you’re replying to me with your 2 cleverly sarcastic “questions”. Christianity’s history is ugly as well. But it is for the most part history isn’t it. If Christians were currently murdering and issuing public death fatwas (hits) on authors, filmmakers and other non Christians (and rather than being appalled other Christians supported such public death threats and calls to murder and took to the streets to burn effigies of said infidels), then I would be more concerned about them infringing on my rights and safety than Islam.
    But ignoring the state of the world’s fastest growing religion because other religions did similar stuff a couple hundred years ago is certainly your prerogative.

  13. TnT

    Yes you did.

    A couple hundred years ago? Are you an idiot????

    First you begin by giving yourself a disclaimer that you weren’t just singling out Islam, that Christianity has an ‘ugly history’ too. Then you show your true colors in the next breath by trying to tell us the christians are all better now.

    Come on walk out your front door. Or learn to use google if that’s too much for you.

    You would see that it isn’t the religion so much as it is the people who use the religion as an excuse.

    Next you’ll be trying to tell us that christians treat their women with much more respect. I suppose you’ve never looked into spousal abuse… that would be a start.

    This business of taking sides and trying to imply ‘your side’ is so much better, and that if someone doesn’t agree with you then they clearly support the crimes of ‘the other side’ is the stuff of absolute morons. And, does nothing but ensure the crimes continue.

  14. tdotTim

    Wow. OK now I realize I’m trying to debate with a 12 year old…but there are so many holes in your “logic” that I can’t resist, just in case you’re NOT actually 12. In my post on January 15th I don’t mention any religion other than Islam.

    But allow me to use your silly rant to reinforce my original point: If I called you a racist for suggesting that Christians have invented or cornered the market on “spousal abuse”, would that make sense to you Tnt? I could use some of your favorite words like “idiot” or “moron” to describe someone who takes a deadly serious and appalling behaviour and tries to ascribe it to one religion to make some undecipherable point, but “racist” doesn’t really fit the bill does it?

    If you’re “argument” weren’t so sad, it would almost be funny. My entire life there have been two causes that have stood out as the most important to me: racism, and violence against women. In two short posts you and Bloodred have shamelessly managed to hijack both causes in an effort to win an argument. Nice work.

    As far as the rest of your post, it could be studied at the University level for an entire term on how to look like you’re debating without actually making a lucid point…which seems to be common these days.

    But my favorite was when you accused me of “giving myself a disclaimer”.

    And since you’re so big on using the internet and Google as your source of education…try Googling this: honor killing.

    Enjoy high school…they really are the wonder years.

  15. TnT

    Well you sure got me with that little rant. Buh byes now.

  16. tdotTim

    Yeah logic is a bitch isn’t it. And I really must thank you for making my day. I just realized that you actually have a blog! Too good. A blog called Real Common Sense! Way too good.

  17. TnT

    you dun good. Pat yourself on the back!

  18. Matty

    I left this blog for a while and returned tonight hoping to catch up on what flaggman thinks of the current political landscape and how silly the Cons look at the moment. Instead I find all this nonsense about Hamas / Israel.

    I am no expert on the Gaza conflict. But if I were to relate how I see it this would be my analogy:

    You are living in downtown Toronto, in fact the only part of Ontario that exists is downtown Toronto. A small militant group has embedded themselves into the area. They are firing rockets into the US which happens to be a few miles from you.

    The US gets angry and sends their full military force across the border. Soldiers armed to the teeth and modern tanks begin blowing up everything in sight in hopes of killing some of the militants. There is no one to protect you and no where for you to go. You have nothing to do with the militants and nothing to do with Israel, all you are trying to do is live peacefully in downtown Toronto.

    Of course it is fantastically more complicated than that, but that’s the human issue I think most important and which a lot of people seem to be missing. Israel may be right to strike at Hamas, but the way they are doing it is all wrong. And the people who are baring the blunt of this conflict are the innocent Palestinians caught in the wrong place.

    Now how about a blog entry on our brilliant finance minister?


  19. tdotTim

    OK I just can’t resist crushing this hilarious and convoluted analogy.

    OK so I am living in downtown Toronto (so far it’s realistic) and:
    “A small militant group has embedded themselves into the area.”

    It’s telling that you refer to them as “militants” and not terrorists. I mean if someone, anyone in Toronto were to “fire rockets into the US”…they could hardly be called “militants”. “Militants would be firing rockets at US armed forces maybe…but just lobbing rockets into residential areas is called terrorism.

    And how long do you think the US (or Russia, or China, or the UK, or even Canada) would allow “militants” to fire rockets at their civilians? A few years? Maybe a couple of months until they had had enough? Or would it be a week or two? Try one rocket-game over “militants”.
    No country on the planet other than Israel would have held off as long as they did before this retaliation.

    Now lets go a little further. If terrorists fired rockets randomly into the US from Toronto, the US wouldn’t have to retaliate, because the Canadians would immediately take matters into their own hands and arrest the terrorists. As any civilized country would. If the Canadian gov’t didn’t act quick enough, then Torontonians would. Arrest would be the best hope for your embedded “militants”.

    I live in Toronto. Do you think we would just walk past some “militants” firing rockets into cities from our neighbourhood and just pretend nothing happened and go on “trying to…live peacefully in downtown Toronto”?? And if so, would we be shocked that armies arrived a short time later?

    In the middle of your Toronto/US analogy you say,
    “You have nothing to do with the militants and nothing to do with Israel”…so even in a ridiculous hypothetical scenario taking place in the Great Lakes region you find a way to blame Israel…also slightly telling don’t you think?

    And finally you say the people who are “baring” (sic) the “blunt” (sic) of this conflict are the innocent Palestinians.

    Next time you make a weak attempt at logic and reason, perhaps you should put down the “blunt” first.

  20. tdotTim

    oh and back to the actual scenario and not your fantasy scenario…the Palestinians elected the militant/terrorist Hamas to lead them…so explain again how they have nothing to do with the “militants”?

  21. Matty

    Ah tdotTim I see you lack something in your brain called an ‘imagination.’ I used the analogy in the hopes of illustrating a simple point.

    So let me be more blunt – the reason people are upset at Israel’s aggression is the fact that a million / million and a half completely innocent people are caught in between Israel and Hamas.

    As you say – Hamas is indeed a terrorist group and blaming the people of Gaza for not ‘rising up’ against them is comparable to blaming the people of London for not ‘rising up’ against the terrorist actions there, or the people of Dubai for not stopping the terrorist aggression there. This is not a black and white issue…

    “I live in Toronto. Do you think we would just walk past some “militants” firing rockets into cities from our neighbourhood and just pretend nothing happened and go on “trying to…live peacefully in downtown Toronto”??”

    — Clearly you don’t understand the situation in Gaza at all. I assumed you had a better understanding. Who exactly are they supposed to call?? The police??? Living in Gaza and living in Toronto is not equivalent. Like I said, I assumed you had the imagination to separate them.

    Even though I compared the two please don’t make the assumption that they are equivalent, safe, free democratic societies – they aren’t. Just wake up and be thankful you live where you live and leave matters across the world you know nothing about well enough alone.

    In any case much could be written about this and it’s a very complicated issue. I was just trying to illustrate why some people aren’t crazy about Israel going in and blowing up buildings / killing women and children.

    Also, I want to add that I believe Israel is 100% right to defend itself against any threat. However, this was a very poor way to exercise that right.

    At the end of the day what have they accomplished? They slowed Hamas temporarily but no doubt reaffirmed Hamas cause in the minds of many youth.

    And at the end of the military operation Hamas continued to fire rockets into Israel. 1300+ people died for what?


  22. tdotTim

    Fail on the retort. You’re the one who elected to use Toronto in your analogy not me.

    People die in wars…it’s unfortunate but that’s what happens in a war. If people keep defending the terrorists (which at least you agree Hamas is), and criticizing the free countries that are defending themselves against terrorist attacks, then the terrorist gain immensely and go further and further each time.

    If you want to be believe that Israel is just blowing up random buildings with tanks hoping to kill the odd Hamas member, then go on believing that. I can’t help you. If you knew anything about the technological capabilities of the Israeli armed forces however you would realize that you’re talking shit. Do civilians die in EVERY war. Yes. Do more civilians die when one side is willing to use their own people as human shields? It’s a rhetorical question you don’t have to answer.

  23. tdotTim

    …and you STILL don’t seem to be aware that the Palestinians elected Hamas. I wasn’t aware that Londoners elected a terrorist party.

  24. tdotTim

    Oh btw Flaggman…you are going to find this pretty funny:

    Tnt…the guy accusing you of pretending to be me…is actually also Matty I do believe. In my inbox I have this:

    Author: TnT
    “Oh Flaggman, oops sorry tDot. Gets confusing

    Who CARES what you call them, if they’re throwing rockets and killing people, would you be happy if I referred to them as ‘assholes’? Murderers? What? What would make you happy?

    What is telling is how you need to pounce on my use of the word militants’, and somehow, vaguely insinuate that there’s something to the use of the word.”

    Now I didn’t say any of that to Tnt, but rather to “Matty”. Yet Tnt says “my use of the word”.

    And then later he says:
    “palestinians ARE baring the brunt…”

    So he’s corrected blunt to brunt…but curiously Tnt and Matty both use baring instead of bearing.

    So let’s see…a guy is getting his ass handed to him in debates on a daily basis…he then accuses me of being Flaggman. And then we find out it’s actually HIM with the split personality!

  25. tdotTim

    it gets better:

    Flaggman why are you deleting these? THIS is also in my inbox:

    Author: TnT
    “thx matty well put. I’ve had 2 comments now deleted saying very much the same thing, I thought I’d get this in to say, well put.

    You know when someone knows their position is shaky when they start deleting your comments even though there was nothing offensive in them.

    Or when they call you a terrorist supporter when you disagree, and in the last tDot er Flaggman comment I’m a ‘pot smoker’. Always something eh?”

    How FUNNY is this? He is posting props to himself as Tnt…and then confuses which is which!
    When did I accuse Tnt of being a pot smoker…I did however jokingly say “Matty” should put down the “blunt”.

    Open and shut case. Tnt/Matty is a delusional schizophrenic. This is hilarious. Does “Matty” post on Tnt’s blog saying “good job Tnt, point well made, you’re so smart”? Man…you can’t make this shit up.

  26. Matty

    First I assure you I am not TnT… Do people actually make up multiple identities to comment on the same blog? What would be the point??

    And as far as my poor writing goes, I apologize that I often don’t proof-read my posts, but isn’t this type of space for easy discourse free of the grammar police?

    And as far as Toronto goes, if you’re so ready to fight terrorists and any uprising threat would immediately be squashed, why is there a gang problem in Toronto? You’ve even got a great police force there – why is this pesky gang problem around still?

    Anyway, since I’m posting to begin with — a few last points. Gaza is a very tenuous area of Palestine, there are at least two major warring factions, and then on top of that Israel occupation (until recently), dire economic conditions (read – poverty) and rampant homelessness.

    Gaza is considered Hamas ‘controlled’, it’s relationship to Palestine as a whole is also shaky. Hamas itself also has a positive presence for the people of Gaza, they have many aid programs / education programs in place that are the only option for many people considering Gaza is for the most part cut off. These programs in turn help funnel people into Hamas. Don’t forget that Hamas are a terrorist organization and are happy to get rid of people unwilling to support them. Israel’s recent aggression has not done much to help curb support for Hamas.

    My point, my point in all of this, is that there are a million / million and a half (depends on who you ask) people stuck in Gaza who are being killed by the Israeli army – that is why people are mad at Israel. Look up the statistics of how many Israeli people have been killed by Hamas rockets, it is not a high number, vs. how many people just died in Gaza.

    There is nothing that makes me angrier than these cowards with the ridiculous goal of wiping Israel off the face of the earth firing rockets from school buildings and mosques. It’s pathetic and anyone engaging in that type of behavior deserves to pay the price.

    The problem is by going after Hamas in such a manner Israel has killed many innocent people and children for nothing. Hamas cannot be stopped in such a way, quite clearly as it has failed. If anything it only encourages them. I think the only way to defeat Hamas is with the co-operation of the Palestinians.

    There is much evidence the reason Israel put on such a show of military might was to drum up support for the current admin who is up for re election and also the fact that Israel has carte blanche with the Bush administration and likely won’t have such unconditional support from Obama.

    Anyway, those are my views. I am not an expert but anyone can see that many innocent people and children died and Israel’s military objective failed (rockets keep coming over the border).

    I hate terrorists like Hamas as much as the next person but I also hate when innocent people are killed – and it’s even worse that they have died for nothing.

    This ‘war’ (it isn’t a war) has gone on for a very long time and cost both sides dearly. Hopefully there are positive changes in the future. This Israel aggression was not a step in the right direction and almost universally denounced around the world.

    Finally, a question to consider: if Israel was so right in what they were doing why did they bar journalists from entering Gaza during the conflict?


  27. tdotTim


    My apologies for lumping you in with TnT…you can see my confusion when he started taking credit for your post.

    And while your Toronto analogy did nothing for me, I at least see we agree on some things. You have to excuse those of us who are quick to come to the defense of Israel when people “condemn” them.

    We had people on the streets attempting to condemn Israels current actions supposedly, but only exposing their own obvious hatred and anti-semitism. Which is why this whole thread exists…the sickening videos on YouTube. So if you are going to come to the defense of those kinds of people on the streets on Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Charlotte, New York etc…you might get lumped in with them. Clearly, unlike many of the people in the streets chanting little Hamas and Hezbollah rhymes with raging zeal and hatred, you don’t support that view.

    We are going to have to agree to disagree on this current clash in Gaza. I don’t think Israel has much choice…and you think this is NOT the way for them to stop Hamas. That’s certainly a valid view.

    But this thread was more about people supporting terrorist organizations openly on western streets and threatening jews in plain view of police.

    As far as Toronto gangs, believe me, if they had an ideology that openly called for genocide and they were trying to control the day-to-day lives of everyone else in the city, then we WOULD’NT have a gang problem any longer.

    It’s a completely separate issue and also an unfortunate one.

    You mentioned that Palestinians need to stop Hamas…and I disagree that this isn’t a war. Terrorist entities don’t fight tradition wars as we have known them for the last 100 years. They don’t have army divisions, uniforms etc. But being among the civilians, suicide bombings, etc is their method of warfare.

    I will end by paraphrasing a quote (from many years ago) from Golda Meir that “there will be peace in the Middle East the day Palestinians love their own children more than they hate Jews”.

  28. tdotTim

    And I will add, that if the Israeli death tolls start to approach parity with their enemies in these various battles…then Israel will cease to exist (much to the joy of Hamas). Israel, as I’m sure you know, is outnumbered on all sides by hostile regimes and an ideology that seeks to destroy them. The day that an Israeli/Palestinian clash starts to have equal casualties on both sides would be the day that the Islamists could eliminate Israel.

    Israel has fought wars where they were outnumbered 7-1 by their enemies…all you have to do is look up the word attrition, and you would see that they would have no chance if the casualty numbers were “proportionate”.

  29. Since all who stand against Islam’s policies and edicts, are considered Islamophobic, a mental disease or also Racist.

    I hereby claim that all who support Islam are Misogynistic Paedophiliacs.

  30. The idiocy of the left, is supporting Islam, both united in hate against Canada’s and Israel’s societies.

    Check how Islam eradicates Communists in their country. Presently study how they are attacking University students in Iran, even killing them in their dorms at Tehran University, not to mention the buggery and rape of youthful prisoners.

    It’s a replay of Stalins agreement with Hitler, in the early stage of the second world war.

    With eventual same results.

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