Not supporting Israel against Hamas? Welcome to your side.

If you are not supporting Israel in the current campaign against Hamas, you are supporting Hamas against Israel. There’s no middle ground to weasel your way into, people. If you can’t distinguish good from evil, right from wrong, you’ve lost your humanity. (Is this to say that I don’t sympathize with the civilians of Gaza? Of course not. I look forward to the day that Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank can live in peace, out from under the thumb of Islamic and corrupt criminal rule; out from under the thumb of far-off Arab dictators who enjoy using the Palestinian people as pawns in their Hitlerian games).

If you’re not with Israel, you’re with these folks. No, this is not Ramallah, Islamabad, or even London…this is downtown Toronto:

(if you missed it, they’re shouting “INTIFADAH”…then, they’re shouting at the Jewish counter-protesters “You are the brothers of monkeys…you are the brothers of pigs”…then, “Allahu Akbar”…then, we see the Hizb’allah flag flying proudly…then, we see a protestor slugging a citizen-journalist who asks why he said “Hitler didn’t do a good job”.)

If you’re not with Israel, you’re with these folks – the Hamas fighters who literally drag screaming children with them through the streets as human shields:

If you’re not with Israel, you’re with the Muslim protesters of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who included the now-famous “Go back to the ovens” young woman yelling at the Jews across the street (see her at the 3:20 mark):

If you think you’re Mr.-Smarty-Pants, repeating the tired old refrain, “if Israel only acted in such-and-such a way, and did this-and-that, they would have avoided all this mess, and the world wouldn’t hate them,” consider the words of the Toronto Star’s only honest columnist, Rosie DiManno:

In defending its existence, Israel needs no advice from anybody.

It does not require the world’s approval.

That will never be granted and, in any event, wouldn’t minimize even an iota the intransigence of Israel’s many enemies – those who lob rockets indiscriminately at civilians, delete the vilified nation from school textbooks, screech venom during public protests and demand boycotts against Israeli professors in Canadian universities.

Which side are you on? Your humanity; your decency; your soul is on the line.



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15 responses to “Not supporting Israel against Hamas? Welcome to your side.

  1. TnT

    two can play that game Flaggman.

    You support the murdering of hundreds of innocent women and children in Gaza. Period. There is no middle ground, you have no humanity.

    Don’t try and insult our intelligence with this complete oversimplification. And don’t you dare tell me that if I don’t support a certain side I’ve lost my humanity.

    Now I realize that all you are capable of, clearly from your blog entry, is to see anyone who questions anything you say, as supporters of murderers.

    Pure stupidity.

  2. It’s not a game. But it was nice to flush you out. And oh yeah, I never got that answer from you: would it have been OK with you if your mother had chosen to abort you? (Man, did I rankle you with that one – it’s been a year, and you’re still talking about it!)

  3. Yes it would have been fine if my mother had aborted me. It would be the same, to me, as if my parents had never conceived me in the first place.

    As for the Israel thing. Yep, keep taking sides. Keep on truckin’. I’m sure that the current bombing of Gaza won’t create more miserable people willing to throw their lives away as suicide bombers. No way will Hamas ever be able to recruit angry 14 year old boys now.

    Yep, victory and peace are sure to be just around the corner.

  4. What a philosophy of life: it’s OK if I had never been born. How pathetic, to dig that deep in order to save face in a debate. And if you actually believe it, I pity you greatly, and I will pray for your soul next time I am at synagogue.

    As far as your ridicule of those who “take sides” goes: you take sides all the time. What you are really saying is, it’s not OK to take Israel’s side. Which is a cowardly way of justifying your excusing of Hamas.

    I’m glad I get under your skin so much. I must be doing something right.

  5. I can’t be happy or sad about the idea of not having been born. There are an infinite number of people who were never born because a different sperm reached the egg. How do you feel about all of them?

    It’s not that you get under my skin. It’s that single-minded, close-minded, arrogant people like you are responsible for millions of deaths the world over.

    Your unwillingness to consider the feelings of others in a conflict that has gone on this long and has killed so many people is the root of the problem.

  6. Do you actually think pro-life thinkers believe life begins at ejaculation? You’re letting your biases rule your brain, and once again you’re retreating into idiocy to save face.

  7. No. I’m saying that my feelings about having been aborted aren’t any different from my feelings about not having made it to the fertilized egg stage.

    Why are you getting off topic like this?

  8. Terry Walbert

    What first struck me was the juxtaposition of these primitives against the backdrop of the high-rise buildings and modern automobiles.

    Hamas is a truly evil organization of killers that whines when they get what they dish out. I hope Israel perseveres in its course and wipes Hamas from the face of the earth.

  9. TnT

    The sheer lunacy of the hypocrisy shown by those who scream about the sanctity of life in abortion debates, yet will suddenly, justify the mass killing of hundreds and hundreds of innocent children.

    Incredibly disturbing, and sad. And unbelievable hypocritical! In the extreme!

    I don’t think -my- soul is on the line…

  10. TnT: it’s sad that you have to resort to lies and propaganda to make a point. “the mass killing of hundreds and hundreds of innocent children” – excuse me? Find me a shred of evidence for such a claim.

    But, I’ll do you a favour and give you a legitimate re-write of your question: how can one scream about the sanctity of life in abortion debates, yet justify the death of innocents in war?

    The answer: being pro-life does not mean you try to eliminate all death at all times no matter what. That is called pacifism, or appeasement, or Edmund Burke’s triumph of evil. Being pro-life means protecting INNOCENT life to the greatest extent possible. The ultimate innocent life is a baby in-utero. Other innocent life includes the hundreds of thousands of civilians living within rocket range of the Gaza strip, and the hundreds of thousands of citizens held hostage by Hamas in Gaza. At this point, Israel has no other choice: to protect all of the innocent lives going forward, someone was going to have to get hurt now. And if you care to read anything about the way the IDF carries out its missions, you will know that they are as pro-life as can be. But they also are adults, in that they understand that protecting the innocent lives in Israel is not possible without some level of innocent death in Gaza, and some level of death amongst the young soldiers of the IDF.

    Tim, you have a good soul, but you’re letting sickos like CC destroy it. Escape the hate, and your life will change.

  11. Terry Walbert

    The question is whether the Israelis have been indiscriminately killing civilians in Gaza. If Hamas puts its weapons and bases among civilians and attempts to use civilians as human shields, then they, not the Israelis, are responsible for the civilian deaths that follow.

    Have the Israelis taken any actions to minimize civilian casualties?

    State the facts, then give your opinion.

  12. TnT

    Flaggman, I have a tv. I see the news reports, the schools getting hit, UN people getting killed.

    The trouble is with people who took sides. This is something that should have come to solutions years ago.

    You take a nation of peoples, and cram them into a small space and give them nothing to live for, I don’t want to hear about ‘these crazies’.

    If someone did that to me, you can bet I would no longer be a ‘good soul’, and I’d be out there firing rockets at whoever put me my family and friends in that position. And no don’t for a minute think I support that action either. But you’d have to be absolutely stupid not to see it. Just how do you think Hitler rose to power in Germany early 1930s? God it’s common knowledge!!!

    It’s time people realize this. Unfortunately, people will again takes sides, and this will not save any lives, this will not stop the violence. The number of children being killed will be in vain, and we can all go back to our comfy beds having forgotten about them.

    No I don’t hate flaggman, you do. I see the hypocrisy of those who support the killing of innocents in the name of a peace that will not happen. Read Greg’s post, what he says is true. Not only is it true, but it has already happened many times over. It’s just a question of when people will wake up, and see it.

  13. TnT

    257 children killed. Over a 1000 wounded.

    Do you still want to question my ‘soul’ because I question why all these children need to be killed?

    This makes me sick.

    Only a fool would think this will save lives and lead to peace. A fool.

  14. The people of Gaza are packed in liked sardines. To pretend that you can fire artillery (artillery!) in to Gaza and not kill innocent people is absolutely ridiculous. It’s just as random and pointless as the rockets that Hamas fires, but much more powerful.

    More to the point, Terry, Hamas can not be wiped from the Earth unless you are willing to carpet bomb the entire world. Just like Hamas’s rockets, Israel’s indiscriminate artillery fire can not possibly work to eliminate Hamas. It merely recruits more followers who have even less to lose.

    Flaggman, it’s people like you that allow this to continue, generation after generation. It’s people like you, refusing to place yourself in the miserable position of your enemy, that increase the amount of misery on all sides.

    It’s people like you that need to smarten the hell up if we’re ever to end this nonsense.

  15. TnT

    I doubt that will happen anytime soon I’m afraid. The ‘you’re either with us or against us’ attitude is preferred and will likely continue to cause death and destruction for many.

    The hypocrisy of saving the unborn while disgusting justifications of killing innocent people for their cause is just astounding.

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