Che Guevara Punk Rock

To the ignorant indie creeps, campus faux-intellectuals, and Hollywood ingrates who idolize Fidel Castro’s sadistic, gay-bashing imported executioner: this is cool, not you. Viva The Clap!

(More in’s entertaining and enlightening Che episode.)



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3 responses to “Che Guevara Punk Rock

  1. No one even bothers cracking open a book and reading what a horrifying murderer and hanger-on he was.

  2. Happy New year Neil!

    The IBD has a good article on the 50 years of the Cuban revolution.

    The bottom line: after all the killing and all the suffering of the cuban people they can proudly show a 94% decrease on Cuba’s GDP.

    I guess that “El Che” get results, don’t you think? 😉

  3. alexb

    I noticed in the CTV interview with Sid Ryan he had a nice little collage of four Che prints on the wall of his office, no more need be said.

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