Barack Obama: If you’re buying what they’re selling, here’s what you’re getting

I still find it hard to believe that America will lose its collective mind next Tuesday, and elect Barack Obama President. People still have no idea who this guy is! By far, the most complete account of his mysterious life – obfuscated daily by his supporters, his fawning media friends, and his very own statements – can be found here at The Obama Files – a site run by the mysterious “Beckwith”, who has spent the past two years obsessively gathering together facts, pictures, videos, and analysis that piece together a history of the man who would be #44. I highly recommend spending some time here – particularly if you’re in the denial school (“he’ll govern as a moderate, like Clinton”), or the bamboozled school (“he’ll bring the country together, fix the depression, end war, and make the world love America”).

The opening of Beckwith’s site introduction gives us an unmistakeable conclusion, reached by anyone who has entered a serious and open-minded study of the facts:

I’ve read everything I could get my hands on about this guy in the last 18 months and I know less about him now than I did at the beginning.

Is he a Muslim?  — I don’t think so.

But, I don’t think he’s a Christian, either.

He’s a Socialist — and worse he’s an Alinsky socialist.

McCain may be a weak campaigner, an intellectual mediocrity, and an ideological lost soul – but he clearly loves America the way it was founded, the way it has evolved, and the way it should proceed – as a bright (but imperfect) light, a city upon a hill.

Obama wants to “Change America, change the world.” He won’t tell us what he means, which leaves us to make our own best guess. I’m quite positive – it will be an ugly, ugly change for the worse.

God help us all.



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25 responses to “Barack Obama: If you’re buying what they’re selling, here’s what you’re getting

  1. Thomas

    Please tell me that this article is meant to be some sort of Joke? Do not take my question as some sort of defensive posture in relation to Obama or the Democratic party of the United States since, I must confess, I regard politics as a ‘game’ to keep the public from rebelling as was so common in the past…

    Anyways back to the point – ‘An ugly, ugly change for the worst.’

    How could the United States possibly get any worse?

    It’s alienated every single one of it’s allies (except, I dare say, for Poland.)

    It’s totally bankrupt, it’s crime ridden, it’s children are out of control, the IQ of it’s populace has dropped a mean 10 points since the 50’s and most are so unhealthy it’s shocking…

    Really how on Earth can it get any worse?

    America at the moment is a third world nation with a powerful Army. The only thing that is keeping that nation a nation is the military force it can project but I fear that with it’s bank balance going deeper and deeper into the red that’s going to change…

    It simply cannot get any worse for the US.

    P.S – Spare us the ‘founding’ nonsense. Do we live in 1776 anymore? No.

    Jefferson often said that he loved dreams of the future better than living in the past.

    And he was a rather bright guy.

  2. Are you trying to frighten a Canadian audience with the word “socialism”? Have you forgotten where you live? We have socialized health care and socialized education. We have socialized welfare – unemployment and CPP – for people and socialized welfare for corporations.

    None of us have a problem with taking care of each other. We like it that way and that’s why Stephen Harper can’t seem to find a majority. Nobody really believes he cares about anybody else.

    What do we know about Obama? He’ll leave Roe v. Wade alone. He will cut taxes for all lower and middle class people. He will raise taxes on the extraordinarily wealthy to compensate (back to the pre-Bush levels). He will get his country out of its quagmire in Iraq.

    I’m surprised, after complaining about the band-wagon jumping against Palin, that you’re jumping on this bandwagon. Americans have a tradition of getting behind their new president. Even Al Gore urged everyone to cooperate with George Bush to heal the nation. People like you will prevent that this time with your ridiculous fearmongering.

    Honestly. Socialism? Fat chance in America. Let me know when they get a national health care system.

  3. There you are, Greg, once again rushing to the defence of socialism on one hand, while denying Obama is a socialist on the other.

    There’s a difference between a country that has adopted certain programs that are socialistic, and becoming a socialist country.

    “Taking care of each other” is what a good Judeo-Christian society is all about. “Government taking care of you” is what socialism is all about. In Canada, we have certainly moved closer to the latter; in the US, they are still closer to your stated ideal, the former.

    You claim that we know all we need to know about Obama because we have read his policy platform? Puh-lease – either you’re a fool, or you play everyone else as one.

    And Americans have a tradition of getting behind their president? You have to be kidding. Have you been sleeping through the last eight years? You really are ridiculous.

  4. Chris C

    A note from down here in the U.S. and A. Trust us there are a lot of us who know who this guy is. Not only is he a socialist… he was also a part of the Chicago machine. Being from Illinois… trust me… you don’t want a Chicago politician being in charge of anything…

    Look at any of our inner cities. They are a nightmare. They have also been Democratically controlled for decades.

    And Thomas? I don’t know what world YOU live in, but you should try reality sometime. You might be happy with it.

  5. For the last time, socialism doesn’t work, not in Canada or anywhere else. Obama would inflict on the American electorate his dreams of a futile America. It’s not like he has ever worked hard in his life. He will reap the newly-lined coffers of the state.
    And he sucks up to terrorists.

  6. The government is the people. What is it with right wingers and their hatred of the government? The government is chosen by the people. It exists to do their will.

    “… Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,”

    If the people want to take care of each other and they insist upon this to their government, then the government will take care of the people.

    There’s nothing evil or frightening about it.

    My kid was sick today. We went to a walk-in clinic. 30 minutes later we’re out with a diagnosis and a prescription for a generic drug. Done. You’ll have to let me know what’s evil about the fact that everyone in Ontario, regardless of wealth, colour of skin or employment status, can get the same treatment.

    That’s a virtue, not a fault, and it’s certainly no reason to go off the wall with your dangerous, violence and hatred inciting rhetoric.

  7. And if you want the kind of “socialism” that can’t possibly work, try John McCain’s plan to bail out every single over-mortgaged sub-prime debtor in America.

    *That* is insane, but I imagine you’re okay with that, just like you’re okay with the socialism that gives massive “exploration” subsidies to oil companies and massive transportation subsidies to corporations that are overly networked and rely heavily on the highway system.

    Of course socialism works. Find me a single successful society anywhere where people don’t work together for communal needs. Best of luck. Maybe shouting “For the last time, socialism doesn’t work” works on the choir, but you’re hardly convincing anyone elsewhere.

  8. TnT

    It makes me laugh so hard to watch the hypocritical right wingers scream socialism with the same frenzied terror of ‘communists!’ of the 50s. Then turn right to shoveling money at the ultra wealthy any chance they can get while sneering at anyone who dares protest.


    Flaggman your response to Greg , didn’t make any sense. First you accuse him of defending socialism, then in the same breath define the very same as simply ‘socialistic’.

    Entertaining at least.

  9. If you can’t grasp the distinction between a socialist government, and a government that adopts some socialistic programs, then you probably shouldn’t be blogging.

    Greg, I have two young children of my own, but that doesn’t change anything. If Americans want Canadian health care, I say: take it away, you can have it.

    Timleck, you’re a caricature. “Shoveling money at the ultra-wealthy” – ha!

  10. Philanthropist

    Obama supporters really don’t want to know who he is, it’s quite a pathetic display of personality worship. Creepy.

  11. I’d expand on that great point, Philanthropist. There’s three types of Obama supporters: 1) those creepy personality-worshippers you speak of, who don’t want to know anything that would shatter their dreamy-eyed visions of a messiah; 2) life-long Democrats who couldn’t possibly consider voting for anyone else, who force themselves to block out or excuse anything negative to self-protect their biases; and 3) those who know what “social justice” and “Change America” mean, and get tingles up the leg in excitement at the prospect of a socialist America.

  12. Joe Blow

    Sorry, it might have been a problem with my browser yesterday and I’d assumed you’d deleted my comment. Here is what I’d written:

    Talk about being in denial. If the unthinkable happens on the 4th and the Dems lose, you seriously think that McCain is a better choice than Obama? You post stated that McCain is “a weak campaigner, an intellectual mediocrity, and an ideological lost soul”, but because he loves America that qualifies him for the job??? LMAO

    “People still have no idea who this guy is!” That Obama files site is amusing, but if you’re going to link to some muckraking site that hides behind the anonymity of the internet (Beckwith…LOL), people should be made aware of the McCain mythology. At least this is written by a known journalist on a real publication. And before you start crying about the leftist media, please try to refute some of the facts offered up in the article, which quotes actual names of people who work/served in the military with McCain.

    And I’m still unclear re: your points around religion and government and frankly scares me.

    “Is he a Muslim? — I don’t think so.”
    “I don’t think he’s a Christian, either.”
    “a good Judeo-Christian society”
    “God help us all” (big G? What about the billions of Hindus, Buddhists, etc.)

    I thought separation of church and state was a founding principle and part of the First Amendment of the US Constitution?

  13. Let me get this straight: an anonymous “Joe Blow” complains about Beckwith remaining anonymous, then counters the fact that we don’t know Barack Obama with…an article about John McCain.

    And regarding your final comment – excuse me, but do you think I’m somehow part of the state? What do my comments have to do with separation of church and state? And show me where it says “separation of church and state” in the US constitution? You must be misinterpereting and misrepresenting the doctrine as all leftists and atheists do.

  14. Joe Blow

    Um, no…do you have reading comprehension problems?

    I was not countering the murky details about Obama…did I not mention the site was amusing?

    My point was that anyone can dredge up dirt on any of the candidates, but at the very least the McCain article was written by an individual not hiding behind the internet

    And I never said you were the state, but I find it interesting that you inject some religious aspect into many of your posts about government.

    Re: separation of church and state, I’ll quote Wikipedia here…much more eloquent than what I could write.

    “The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment refers to the first of several pronouncements in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, stating that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion….” Together with the Free Exercise Clause, (“…or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”), these two clauses make up what are commonly known as the “religion clauses” of the First Amendment.”

    Again, I ask you what does your point about about Obama being un-identifiably Mulsim or Christian have to do with his candidacy?

  15. You lost me at “I’ll quote Wikipedia”. If I wanted to argue with 10th graders, I’d be a high school teacher.

  16. Joe Blow

    So you’re basically saying you can’t argue the point? Or you don’t understand the quote? Because I thought it was pretty self explanatory.

    Here, I’ll make it easy for you and provide a link to an actual .gov site re: the first amendment, religion and expression

    LOL @ 10th grader. Name calling…when all else fails, the last defense of the internet troll

  17. A troll is someone who identifies himself as “Joe Blow”, with no contact information. Identify yourself with links to your blog or your Facebook profile, or you’ll be disengaged from the discussion.

  18. Yes, Greg and TNT, socialism is a bad word because it is a bad thing. You went to a walk-in clinic? Why not visit a family doctor, very much like the kind our government put an eductional cap on because they can.
    Governments with socialist countries have populations that give less to charity. The Americans give more to charity than we do. If the onus is on you to give and not some faceless government that will make you fill out form after form, then you’ll give.
    And yes, Obama’s “spreading the wealth” is very socialist and very bad for people who work their butts off to feed themselves and their kids.
    You are never going to convince me that socialism is a grand economic and moral success because for every one vague, groundless example, there are several other rock-solid reasons why it stinks.

  19. The walk-in clinic was that of my family doctor. End of story.

    We don’t need to give to charity as much in Canada because more of our needs are met. Our public schools are of better quality, our poor are housed and healed. We have fewer people in prison and fewer war veterans. The need for charity is simply smaller.

    The people who work their butts off to feed their kids are the ones who will benefit from a shift of the tax burden from poor and middle class to wealthy.

    Why do you question this “redistribution” of wealth but apparently have no problem with George W. Bush’s *concentration* of wealth toward the wealthy? Did you actually ever read Warren Buffett’s objections to Bush’s tax cuts? Bush changed the system to make poor and middle class people poorer. Obama is just going to put it back to the way it was.

    The social part of Canada’s government works because it makes sure that, no matter your economic status, your children will be educated and your family healed. It’s not a “grand economic success”. It’s not meant to be. If your “economy” can’t keep the people educated and healthy, I really don’t give a fig how “successful” it is in some dollarized measurement. It’s the happiness of the people that matters, not the total wealth or the wealth of the richest.

  20. Are you blind? Seriously? Do you even read what you write? Do you mean to tell me the nanny state that functions for every part of the human body because Canadians are too lazy is effective?
    You are a perfect example of how socialism does not work, Greg Gyetko. If you are still confused, re-read your posts, read a newspaper and get a clue!

  21. TnT

    “If you can’t grasp the distinction between a socialist government, and a government that adopts some socialistic programs, then you probably shouldn’t be blogging.”

    Really. This sounds like classic right wing back tracking to me. If the left does it, it’s ‘socialism’, if the right does it, well, it’s ‘socialistic’. lol.
    I’m not the only ‘caricature’ it seems.

    Shoveling money at the wealthy. Well, massive corporate tax cuts, gst cuts that really only benefit bigger spenders, the huge dollars to oil companies, is there a more acceptable way to put it that you’d prefer?

    And Osumashi, please. If you find a party that proposes functioning for every part of my human body let us know.

  22. Yes, it’s called socialism, TNT, because you could not be bothered giving time or money to charity (apparently, that is what welfare is for), you couldn’t bother thinking for yourself (that’s why you elect MPs) and you can’t speak for yourself (that’s what human rights commissions are for).
    I’m more than willing to give tax cuts to people who put the most in. Higher taxes force companies to go bankrupt or to leave the country. The rich- not being stupid- only put their money in tax shelters (not that this is a problem for socialist politicians who depend on that money for donations), leaving the burden on the middle and working classes who must fund programs that don’t work.
    And no- they don’t work.
    I’m beginning to believe anyone who says otherwise doesn’t live in Canada. Everyone in Canada knows how awful the schools, hospitals, roads and benefits for politicians are.

  23. TnT

    “Yes, it’s called socialism, TNT, because you could not be bothered giving time or money to charity (apparently, that is what welfare is for), you couldn’t bother thinking for yourself (that’s why you elect MPs) and you can’t speak for yourself (that’s what human rights commissions are for).”

    Well. I guess that truly speaks for itself.

  24. Our government doesn’t work in Canada? The only people who think that live in the United States.

    You should visit some time and see how good our public schools are and how good our hospital care is. It is only the right wingers in your country and ours that pretend there’s anything deeply wrong with our system. They would prefer something from which they can make profit. We would prefer that the profit motive not be part of our medical system.

    Like I said: I go the hospital, they heal me; I send my kids to school, they will be well educated. Standing wherever it is that you stand and lying about it isn’t going to change that fact.

    But you are right about one thing: because of successive conservative governments, the rich have too many ways to shelter their money. We reward capital gains with large tax breaks, placing an unfair burden on those who work for their money. That’s why we need the same tax shift here.

    And corporate taxes can’t drive anyone out of business. Taxes are charged on *profit*. If you don’t profit, you don’t pay any taxes. It is impossible for high taxes to force a corporation in to bankruptcy.

  25. We’re way, way off track here. As this is my blog, I’m going to get the last word on this tangent, then ask that future comments are limited to Barack Obama and his stealth socialist Alinskyite campaign.

    Businesses don’t pay taxes – PEOPLE pay taxes. Business passes their taxes on to its customers. If the taxes are too high, and their customers no longer buy their products due to price, the company goes bankrupt. So yes, Greg, taxes can make a corporation go bankrupt. Or offshore.

    And if our health care system is so good, then why did Belinda Stronach go to California for cancer treatment? And where in the world is Ted Rogers right now? Not at Toronto Western…at THE CLEVELAND CLINIC!!!! Though it strikes angry bitter people as “unfair”, America has the finest health care in the world, despite the fact that it’s not government run and “universal”. And I put “universal” in quotation marks because, as we all know, the Canadian system works much better for those with connections.

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