Join the Herd: Abdicate independent thought, Pigpile on Palin

In all walks of so-called educated, sophisticated life, people are pigpiling on Sarah Palin as US election day draws near. Everywhere I go, otherwise intelligent people repeat the same droning mantra: she’s stupid, she was a bad choice, she’s out of her depth, she’s a joke.

I’m not going to argue the points. Believe me, I’ve tried, and no amount of logic or facts seems to get through to those who prefer to retreat into intellectual laziness, and accept the bully-boy hate-mongering of the Obama media in order to join the herd to join in on the trite, assinine jokes. But I suggest reading this piece by Greta Van Susteren, the former CNN and current FOX News legal analyst, and a liberal feminist:

Governor Palin is  very smart.  You may not agree with her on issues — but that does not mean she is not smart.  People who don’t agree with YOU are not stupid.  Sometime YOU are the stupid one.

She is a lot smarter than many journalists who say/write she is not.  I am appalled by the arrogance of some who call themselves journalists.  I don’t  know why the gross  disregard for this woman and her accomplishments — is it because she a woman? or because Hillary isn’t around to take the whacks?  or it is the “herd mentality” where they all copy each other and then label it “conventional wisdom?”  Some of the so called conventional wisdom turns out to be completely wrong but the journalists never revisit their mistakes and admit how stupid they were earlier. God forbid that a journalist should mumble the words “I got it wrong.”  It is absolutely disgraceful the personal insults hurled at the Governor of Alaska.

I can understand not agreeing with her — whether it be on one issue or many and that is our job– but you are so wrong if you think this woman is not smart.  Let me repeat: she is a lot smarter than many journalists who I hear yapping about her. (And I am around journalists from all news organizations all the time and I hear some pretty stupid stuff from them…or stupid predictions like “Obama [the day before the New Hampshire primary] is going to beat Hillary in New Hampshire.” NOT!

Plus get this – the journalist below can’t even a get a quote right in interviewing her? Who is the dummy?

Here is a fact:  Governor Palin is also more accomplished than many (most?) journalists…make no mistake about it: it takes a lot more to be a mayor or a governor than a jounalist.  A mayor or governor must be chosen by the people.  To be a journalist, you just announce, “I am a journalist.” There isn’t even a test!

And yes, I am a defense attorney at heart…I will stand up to the crowd – in this instance the journalists who are so arrogant and so wrong.  It makes me sick to see people so unfair to anyone. I hated it when I worked 24/7 for about 12 years for poor people as a young lawyer.  I hated the unfairness…I hated the discrimination against my poor African American clients (and 99 per cent were African American.)  I hate the unfairness and meanesss now, too – the discrimination against this woman.  I hate to see anyone whacked unfairly. It is not right and you all know it. Question the Governor (and other politicians) about issues – that is our job and we should do it — but the insults? Give it a rest.

And if you can’t “give it a rest” because you are petty…how about at least getting the quote right instead of exposing  yourself a fool?

And watch this 5-minute clip of a Palin rally in California from October 4, in which an uber-liberal-feminist, President of the L.A. chapter of NOW (the pro-choice National Organization for Women), Shelly Mandell, endorses the Alaska governor and her running mate. If you watch any major news source or read any newspaper, you would never know this happened:

Now, if you still feel Sarah Palin is a bimbo to be dismissed, ask yourself the following questions:

1) Do you judge all individuals by their worst moments? Do you dismiss all individuals entirely because they flub an interview question here or there?

2) Do you hear the flubs of other candidates discussed by news readers, pundits, or comedians in the same context, with the same intensity, with the same sense of glee? Do you dismiss another V-P candidate because he thinks “Jobs” is a three-letter word? If you discovered that there was a double standard being unfairly applied to one particular candidate, would you try to find out why?

3) Do you wonder why items like the Mandell endorsement, or the massive Palin rallies around the country where enthusiasm and crowd size dwarf those of Barack Obama, are unreported or dismissed by the media?

4) If you have been convinced that Sarah Palin’s experience makes her unqualified to be Vice-President, how were you convinced that Barack Obama’s experience makes him qualified to be President?

5) When a child was being bullied in the schoolyard, were you the type to a) stand up for the victim, b) avert your eyes and cower away; or c) join in on the torture?



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13 responses to “Join the Herd: Abdicate independent thought, Pigpile on Palin

  1. DM

    I read all of your posts, though you rarely hear from me. I especially appreciated this one. I shutter to think if the only source of our news was the main stream media. Thanks for the time you put into blogging. DM

  2. The unfounded hatred for Governor Palin only cements what many already know- that liberalism is an irrational philosophy and that liberals are terrified of a woman who exemplifies strength of mind and body.

  3. 1) Do you judge all individuals by their worst moments?

    No, that’s more your thing than mine. I read this article once where this guy jumped on a politician because some illiterate interviewer couldn’t pose a coherent question in English. Huge bandwagon jumper there:

    I don’t judge Sarah Palin on one interview or her lack of experience or her apparently fake accent. I judge her on her actions and her words.

    She congratulated her daughter on her choice to keep her baby while she wishes to deny that choice to other women … even rape victims.

    She’s pro-Iraq war. She sows the seeds of hatred with her talk of “Socialism” and “palling around with terrorists”. She insults her opponents community work. She supports the wealthy at the expense of the poor, mouthing the words of the “trickle down” voodoo economists. Her running mate differentiates “Arabs” from “good Americans”.

    Whether or not she’s stupid is irrelevant. I happen to think she’s wrong.

    But I won’t insult her intelligence. Clearly she would have absorbed a lot of information as someone who reads all of the newspapers.

  4. No, Greg, I did not judge Dion by one bad interview. Dion never did anything to impress anyone in two years as a leader, yet was given a free pass by the media. In fact, the #1 point I made when posting about his interview with CTV was that the interviewer actually granted him three “do-overs” – a courtesy no Conservative would ever get.

    And thanks for proving my point about Palin. After your litany of regurgitated lies about rape, hate, voodoo economics, etc., you couldn’t even stop yourself from attacking her as stupid! You people have absolutely no self-awareness. You just don’t get it, and you may never get it.

  5. First, the point about Dion’s interview is that you dogpiled on it just like everybody else.

    In other news, I’m not going to pretend that I think she’s intelligent. Her pro-creationism stance is enough to mark her as frighteningly ignorant, as well as her inability to name a newspaper she has read.

    I just don’t care about her intelligence level. The world is full of selfish people and honest people and they seem to be spread equally among the smart and the stupid.

    What matters are the opinions she has and the issues she stakes out for herself. Pro-creationism, anti-abortion in all situations, pro-Iraq war and all the rest. These are positions that are opposite to those I take.

    Her stupidity or intelligence isn’t the primary issue. Her opinions are.

  6. Governor Palin doesn’t have a problem with creationism being taught in schools along side the theory of evolution. The world is a better place without Saddam Hussein. The Middle East will always be a hot-spot. Being pro-life can only be a plus. Socialism works if you are Pol Pot but not if you are in the killing fields.

  7. Philanthropist

    The elite are terribly frightened of the proletariat, when one of the ‘great unwashed’ could end up in a position of power they have to tear them to pieces.

  8. TnT

    Oh I highly doubt Palin is one of the great ‘unwashed’ despite the attempts to connect her to the average ‘soccer mom’, and from reading Gregs post that isn’t the point at all.

    It makes no difference where she came from, or her gender. It’s her opinions, and her inability to answer questions such that it shows her intelligence on the issues that I believe people want to see and hear in anyone, who is running for vice president.

    It seems people want to run and hide behind the whining that people are so unfair in regards to Palin, which is ridiculous. And I hardly think the media has given Dion a pass. Different media sources have their slants, and this whining about a ‘liberal media’ is just sheer stupidity.

    When almost 70% of an electorate tends to vote center to left, cry me a river.

  9. Actually, in the schoolyard I was the kid being bullied–one reason I don’t take anyone’s crap no mo’.

  10. Creationism should never be taught alongside evolution in schools. Creationism isn’t science. There is no experimentation. There is no evidence. There is no observation. There is merely faith and faith is not science.

    The world is not a better place without Saddam Hussein, at least not the way he was removed. Millions of Iraqis are exiled. Up to a million are dead. They now live in poverty and lethal civil war. The American gov’t bankrupted itself to get there.

    And don’t try to pretend Sarah Palin is some kind of fighter for the lower class. She’s in with McCain and the Republican party, the richest of the rich, George Bush’s “base”. If you think she’s some kind of fighter for the proles, you’re deluding yourself.

    And furthermore, you can’t pretend Sarah Palin is a prole while calling Obama a socialist. I’m from Canada and I can promise you this: Obama is nowhere near “socialism”. Let me know when he actually proposes gov’t healthcare for everyone.

  11. Philanthropist

    The richest of the rich back Obama because they know he can be bought, he’s a liberal after all. That’s how the wealthy exercise power over others, through surrogates like Obama.

  12. I suppose fearmongering doesn’t have to be consistent, but you’re going to run in to trouble if you want to espouse two views at once on a single blog.

    Either he’s the tool of the wealthy (a ridiculous assertion from someone wanting people to vote Republican) or he’s a socialist who wants to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor.

    You can’t have it both ways. Is he the Nazi, Sharia-imposing monster or the liberal who will surrender to China and Russia. Make up your mind.

  13. Philanthropist

    Enormously wealthy people back Obama, it doesn’t matter to them that he’s a socialist, his policies will only affect the little people. And the little people include those who have a little more than average middle class wealth, they’ll regret voting for this Messiah the second most, the future unemployed will regret it the most.

    Wealthy liberals with socialist tendencies are nothing new to anybody paying attention, Professors, entertainment celebrities, media celebrities et al. are all for government intervention. They all seem to believe big government will eat them last, so they’re okay with it.

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