Petulance Personified: Vancouver Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh on Election Night 2008

Do you think that the Good Ship Liberal slipped further into the deep this past election because they weren’t angry, obstructive, or hyper-partisan enough? If so, then you’ll agree wholeheartedly with this display of petulance (and complete lack of humility) from former NDP Premier of British Columbia, and long-time Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh, who just moments earlier found out he barely squeaked by with a narrow victory over his unknown NDP rival. “Making Parliament Work, Liberal Style”

UPDATE 10/17: Mr. Dosanjh’s rival in this race was actually a Conservative, Wai Young – and the race isn’t over yet! An automatic judicial recount has been ordered due to the tiny 33-vote margin of victory for Mr. Dosanjh. He may not even make it to Ottawa again to be an obstructionist jerk! (h/t Dr. Dawg):



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7 responses to “Petulance Personified: Vancouver Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh on Election Night 2008

  1. Well now the CPC only needs NDP support.

    I bet he changes his mind in about March and votes CPC.


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  3. voltair's bastard

    Obnoxious and venal in victory, obnoxious and spiteful in defeat. The whole spectrum of genetic Liberal partisan emotions on display here.

    Did you expect gratitude, humility and servitude from statist thugs?

  4. flag

    Now we will hear the cry for proportional representation. We have already started to hear the call from the Greenies on Vancouver Island.

  5. Wai Young is Conservative, isn’t she? My dark side hopes she wins the recount.

  6. Fred . . .

    There is a recount in the riding and Ujjal could still be a loser, rather than just a sore loser.

    What is it with ex NDP Premiers that they find the Liberal Party so attractive for their political afterlife ?

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