Canadian Election 2008: Mission Accomplished for Harper, Conservatives

Election night coverage is still motoring along, but tomorrow’s conventional-wisdom headline has already been written: Harper fails to win majority. True? Yes. But was winning a majority really Harper’s main goal in this election campaign? I didn’t think so from the outset. As I wrote on September 7 when the writ was dropped, this election call was designed to demoralize and bankrupt the Liberal Party of Canada, and delay Bob Rae’s inevitable chance to take on Harper in a national campaign

On that count, this election was a great success for Harper. He got his dream – to have Stephane Dion as his main opponent in an election campaign, and watch him sink his own Liberal party due to his utter incompetence. The financially strapped Libs will now be forced further into the red for years to come. First, they will have to find a way to pay off Dion’s still-significant 2006 leadership campaign debt to get him to resign. Then, they will have to run another leadership convention, always a significant cost. The smart thing for them to do would be to figure out how to arrange a coronation for Rae – but, in a party full of delusion-of-grandeur types like Gerrard Kennedy and Martha Hall-Finlay, they’ll screw that one up, too. Intellectually bankrupt after the utter rejection of the “Green Shift”, and financially bankrupt after yet another leadership contest, the party is now toast for a generation.

So, instead of a possible Harper vs. Rae showdown in October 2009, the Conservatives got a cakewalk over Dion in October 2008, and even if it didn’t result in a majority, it results in another effective majority rule for at least the next two years, as there’s simply no way the Liberals will bring down this government any time soon. Credit where credit is due – by the time the next election is called, Stephen Harper will have been Prime Minister for about five years – time enough to make some nice small-c dents in the socialist consensus of Canadian politics, if he finds the inclination. To call this result some sort of Conservative defeat, is pure lunacy/wishful thinking.

Despite this great achievement of a man I personally supported since the Canadian Alliance leadership contest of 2002, I’m holding back my enthusiasm. To get where he is today, Harper has jettisoned countless conservative principles, shunting right-and-proud stalwarts like Diane Ablonczy and Monte Solberg to the background. Will he begin to repair his reputation with the right, and re-establish his old NCC bona-fides? Here’s hoping (but not expecting).

Other thoughts on tonight’s election:

  • “We just spent $30,000,000 for nothing” is an idiotic statement. The next election was scheduled for October 2009; the money spent by the incompetents at Elections Canada to run this campaign was just laid out a year early, that’s all. It’s not $30,000,000 that could somehow have been saved!
  • Garth Turner, roadkill. Let his moonbat acolytes wail.
  • At this moment (midnight), the Conservatives are sitting at 143 seats. With many tight, tight races still to be decided, at least a couple will go blue. The two Independents are former Conservative Bill Casey who may yet rejoin the party, and right-leaning talk radio host Andre Arthur, who is a Harperite in all but name. A majority is 155. Bringing this government down will be a nearly impossible task for even the most united of oppositions.
  • The carbon tax (the tax on everything) is dead. Kyoto is dead. The earth will be just fine. Harper wins, the left will have to find another issue to bludgeon to death (like water exports or other such nonsense)
  • Can we all agree that the Green Party (0 seats yet again) has no business being considered “mainstream”? Elizabeth May had the gaul to mock Stephen Harper tonight in an interview for never being popular enough to win a majority. WIN A SEAT, LADY, AND THEN OPEN YOUR TRAP!
  • The pollsters who claimed there was a “Dion Surge” last week were either incompetent, or Liberal Party hacks. There was no such thing, dopes.
  • Quebec no longer wants out – but it seems they don’t have any idea what they do want.
  • Once again, the Conservatives failed to pick up a single seat in the 416. Still a lonely place for a conservative to live!


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2 responses to “Canadian Election 2008: Mission Accomplished for Harper, Conservatives

  1. Harper flip-flopped and still got in. He may know how to balance a budget but will not let Bill C-484 pass.
    However emotionally gratifying it was that the Green Party was destroyed, its mirror party, the NDP, got in.
    Pierre Trudeau’s equally useless son and the Bloc Quebecois were also elected.
    We need proportional representation and accountability. See if those SOBs would mess with the electorate if they knew for a fact that we could have them fired at will.

  2. It’s not $30 million.
    It’s $300 million.

    Decimal points are such pedantic things.

    If what you’re saying is accurate – that the Conservatives lied to the Canadian public about the reasons for the election (i.e. not because of a malfunctioning Parliament but rather to bankrupt the Liberals) – then your party of choice has just spent $300 million taxpayer dollars for their own political gains and not for any valid national benefit.

    That would be slightly more than the Sponsorship Scandal, wouldn’t it?

    Good theory. Probably worth investigating.

    As for the Greens, they got two thirds the votes that the Bloc got, and the Bloc got 50 seats. What’s your cutoff more “mainstream”?

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