The Weakness of Stephane Dion: ATV Interview Exposes a Pitiful Leader

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the video that has sent the Liberal blogosphere and media into a state of complete deranged apoplexy: ATV’s Steve Murphy attempting to ask Stephane Dion a simple question.

What do we, on the right side of the political fence, see in this video?

  1. A Liberal politician who was given directorial control over an interview. “We need to start again.” Has this courtesy ever been extended to a Conservative? I’d like to know. Seems highly unlikely to me.
  2. A Liberal leader refusing to answer a simple, direct question, and not being smart enough to deal with it properly. An intelligent person, if he didn’t want to have to commit to specifics, would have weaseled out of it by saying “I don’t like to answer hypotheticals, but I will tell you why we need a change in leadership”, or something to that effect. Or, a bold politician would have said, “if I was PM today, I would fire the finance minister…”, etc. But Dion was so pathetic, he had to pretend he didn’t understand the question! And if he truly didn’t understand the question, then there’s got to be serious doubt cast on his ability to even be a public figure, let alone a national leader.
  3. A Liberal leader who is prompted by his handlers from off-camera in even a simple friendly TV interview. This tells us that even his own staff knows that this man is not up to the job.

As for the fevered leftist reaction, here’s what they’ve come up with:

  1. This is akin to making fun of a physical deformity.
  2. Releasing this tape is journalistic malpractice.
  3. CTV is in the tank for Conservatives (!)
  4. Murphy’s question was phrased improperly. (Ridiculous. First lesson of interview prep: if you don’t like the question, re-ask the question as you would have like it phrased, then answer your own question.)
  5. In the words of Stephane Dion himself, “it’s unfair!”

And in case you thought this was the first time Dion showed himself to be a complete dork, check out this classic (one of my all-time favorites, Dion at the Calgary Stampede):


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One response to “The Weakness of Stephane Dion: ATV Interview Exposes a Pitiful Leader

  1. Karla

    Kay, Stephan Dion is a douch!!!!!
    He can burn in hell for all I care!!!
    GO NDP!!!!(or Conservative)

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