Say it aint so, Sarah! Harmer joins Canadian ingrates in anti-Harper harangue

One of my favorite Canadian musicians of all-time was Sarah Harmer – front-woman for one of the best groups of the ’90s, Weeping Tile, and auteur of the amazing 2000 solo album, You Were Here.

So, sad was I to discover tonight that the lovely Sarah has descended into the political gutter, joining an ensemble of otherwise little-known and mediocre-at-best musicians brought together by the international leftist agitation group Avaaz to record a “Save the Planet: Stop Harper” anthem. No, this is not a joke! They’ve gone ‘We are the World” – or, more accurately, “Northern Lights” – for an over-the-top partisan message that includes juvenile personal attacks, in addition to the usual insane hyperbole used to rile up suckers to a socialist agenda.

So, Sarah, here’s what you’ve done: you’ve made yourself a partisan demagogue hack. To what end? The earth? Puh-lease. You’ve moved exactly zero votes. And, most importantly, you have joined a group that has become hypocricy personified: the same ingrates who have spent as much time in their careers filling out government grant applications as they have making music, while bitching that the end of their corrupting gravy train is a national emergency.

Viva Harper – all whining ingrates, off the dole!



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17 responses to “Say it aint so, Sarah! Harmer joins Canadian ingrates in anti-Harper harangue

  1. James

    You only found out now that she’s a crazed tree hugger?
    She started hanging around here in Hamilton to protest our new(much delayed, try 50 years!) Red Hill Expressway. All because of some trees they were going to cut down.
    Don’t worry yourself though. More trees were replanted afterwards than existed there to begin with.

  2. Sigh.
    A good singer, complete airhead.

  3. I’ve been always puzzled by the question: why most artists tend to be leftists?
    It is a shame that there are no songs about the benefits of capitalism and freedom (I mean real freedom, not the one spoused by “freedom fighters”) but there are a lot of good tunes that have been paired with disgraceful lyrics.
    Does anybody have analyzed this?

  4. TnT

    As a working musician, it saddens me to see the absolute idiocy of people who think that all we do is fill out grant applications. Get a clue. We are a hard working bunch that often put more into our careers than many would dare to. Wiping so many hard working musicians with such a wide brush seems to me to be a right wing sort of thing to do. You don’t like them, paint them as lazy sobs on the dole. It was plain after seeing the conservatives outright lie about the 3 cases they tried to use to show Canadians what a bunch of leftist lazy commie loving government money grabbing ingrates.

    Well screw you. We work harder than you know. And I certainly don’t spend my time filling out grant applications, nor do many of my peers. No more of the musicians know receive grants or loans than I see small businesses and we do create jobs and have contributed a great deal to our economy. I spend all my time lugging gear busting my ass some days with absolutely no sleep with no grant money and scrap whatever we can to record and go across countries on our own dime.

    So good on Sarah for standing up for what she believes in. I know she knows how hard it is to get a ‘business’ off the ground and is tired of listening to arsewipes calling us lazy leftists on the dole.

    Get a clue.

  5. I don’t understand your argument. On the one hand, you bust your butt, don’t take any government dole, and don’t know anyone who does. On the other hand, you’re defending those who live off the government dole and write songs that bite the hand that feeds them. Please explain the contradiction.

    I never said all musicians are ingrate lazy leftists living off the dole. That’s your inference, which may point to your personal defensiveness. I said those musicians who live off the dole are ingrate lazy leftists. It seems that, if you step back and breathe for a minute, it’s a distinction you should understand, because you claim to be its living embodiment.

    If you are a hard-working, non-grant-receiving musician, then good on you. I happen to love music and respect talented entertainers greatly. That doesn’t change the fact: the government has no business picking winners and subsidizing commercial failures.

  6. TnT

    Firstly, I never said I didn’t know anyone who got a grant.

    Secondly, ‘living off the dole’, now, what do you mean by that? Often when a grant (or loan) is offered, it is a small amount generally, often requires you submit a very detailed business plan, and marketing plan, a complete budget. You will need to spend your own money first, all of it, before knowing if you even qualified for the grant or loan. Then you go through a justification process, and if you’re lucky, you might receive a percentage, up to a certain point of your budget. That’s what I know of these grants, it has been that way for as long as I’ve been playing almost. So what is this ‘dole’ you speak of? No, I don’t know anyone who is somehow magically sleeping the days away wondering what songs to write on some poor hard working tax payers hard earned money.

    I have indeed been hired a couple times over the years(as well as many others in a project) in situations that received a small grant at some point in the project that in turn created all kinds of jobs (mine included) and brought all kinds of dollars to whatever city we were in. No I didn’t fill out the application to receive money, and no I’m not on the dole. The success of the project paid me and others. Which I certainly pay tax on.

    And I’ll let you in on a little secret, often it’s the agencies, or management that fills out applications and creates opportunities to artists if they’re willing to work hard and make it happen. In fact almost all of the cases I know of was done this way. It’s no different than small businesses who get grants or loans to start up.

    So I don’t know what this ‘dole’ is you speak of.

    I know that in any situation, there’ll always be those few who will try to take advantage of anything. But the only way to prevent that, is to remove ALL money flowing to corporations, businesses, artists, individuals, healthcare, any of it.

    All you can do is make the process very stringent and follow up on these applications. As far as I know of the process, it seems that way to me. I appreciate the support that has been there from government and the population, as do my peers. So I don’t know why anyone would try to start painting artists as ingrates when we work so hard.

  7. John Smith

    What kind of idiot choses music based on the artists political affiliation? Lol at your constant anger and bitterness, and really, I laugh ON you.

    Everything you write is an attempt to piss people off… Try smoking a joint or something.

  8. Artists don’t live in a world where stuff costs money and they have to work from nine to five. I have no doubt of the talent and dedication some artists have but that still doesn’t explain why they would be virulently anti-conservative. Arts don’t flourish under socialism, they simply mirror the state.

  9. Mozart made a lot of money because he played and sold his music for money (this is such a horrendous and dirty concept to any artist). He made wonderful music, even before the idea of ‘funding the arts’ was born. He must have been one of those ugly right wing pigs!

  10. TnT

    first, John Smith, I have every right to speak out on the constant sheer nonsense directed at my industry. I could care less what you laugh at or on, and you can keep your pot habit to yourself thank you. I bet you thought that because I’m a musician, I of course must smoke pot…


    And Osumashi. Not all artists are anti conservative, but are against absolute lies and stupidity. Some are conservative and proudly so, just not the ‘conservative’ that Stephen Harper represents. If that is what the conservatives want to do to define their view on our industry, then it is little surprise we will speak out against them. Any industry, would do the same, we’re no different.

    But I see the conservatives have back tracked. But now we’ve seen that they, and their supporters are willing to insult hard working Canadians with lies and insults, don’t expect wide acceptance of a party that does that anytime soon. But I did think that would have been a rather obvious point.

    It rather puzzles me, that someone who is so intent n getting a majority, would play such divisive games to get there. As a observer, seeing how popular Harper became, and how the liberals pretty much disintegrated before our eyes, I would have thought he would have been much smarter than that. I would have expected he could have easily trounced the liberals and got his majority. I admit I am a little surprised at the latest polls showing them sinking. But then, who wants to be PM during the dark economic times when the electorate has a habit of blaming whoever is in power regardless of what they do.

  11. Please re-read my comment, TNT. I said “some” (I would like to meet the Canadian conservative artist). Harper cut $40 million to the arts from a surplus. Where would he divert the money to? Schools?
    Quite frankly, a lot of art and artists do not represent Canadians or Canadian identity (if such a thing could be defined). What I object to is public money supporting things I (and a host of others) find irrelevent and offensive. If I’m going to be slapped in the face, I shouldn’t have to pay for it.

  12. ProudAndFree

    Who, for so many benefits received, / Turned recreant to God, ingrate and false

    I am afraid I cannot see where you prove your argument that any of these ‘artists’ are ungrateful – you simply assert this is fact, presumably because they have the audacity to complain about massive cuts to a fairly palty arts budget.

    I’ll have to respectfully disagree, the money spent is trivial and probably does help up and coming ‘artists’ who do contribute to the Canadian economy. Simply because you don’t like some of this ‘art’ is not reason enough to cheerlead this action.

  13. john Smith

    No, I assumed that since you are an angry punk who associates all human behavior with either being left or right, and that you do it in a really pissed off fashion, that certainly you DON’T SMOKE POT. Because if you did, you might turn into a nice guy for a few minutes, and then how would you further your career as a dick?

  14. john Smith

    Hey I just realized Flaggman’s Canada looks a lot like the U.S. Maybe you should all move?

  15. fred smythe

    What a bunch of meat heads that hang out here!

    Little known mediocre artists? They all make way more than you knobs, and actually stand for something bigger than themselves.

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  17. sas

    GO SARAH GO!! you all are a bunch of knobs! Harper is an ASSHOLE!!! Thanks for posting that handy link I’m going to go donate to this cause now 🙂

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