Debate night in US, Canada: Palin Wows, Harper Seals the Deal

If John McCain wins the US Presidency next month, he’ll have only Sarah Palin to thank. Without her, his campaign has been a disaster.

After weeks of the ugliest elitist pig-piling I’ve ever witnessed, Sarah Palin emerged in front of some 80 million Americans – many tuning in to watch a train wreck in progress – and took one of America’s most experienced politicians to school. Turned him inside-out. Kept him on the defensive. Stayed positive and uplifting. Spoke directly to the American people. Exposed Obama’s duplicity, and Biden’s lies. For a truly gushing, but accurate, review, check out Michelle Malkin’s post-debate entry.

Palin has been such a target for ridicule, hatred, and outright smear because the haters of conservatism saw the threat. She’s connected with the heartland like no one since Ronald Reagan, and she’s moving votes by the hundreds of thousands.

Will it be enough to win? Perhaps, perhaps not. The top-of-the-ticket is what really matters, and John McCain has blundered his way through his lacklustre campaign. His handling of the interventionist-government-created credit crisis has been an embarassing mix of incoherence, half-assed measures, and the tossing of his reformist, anti-spending credentials down the drain. Little worry for Palin, though – this debate proved she’s a true player, and if McCain loses, she’ll be back at the top of the ticket in 2012.

Meanwhiile, there was a Canadian leadership debate tonight as well, and it was a disgrace. Talk about pig-piles! With four socialist pigs taking turns going Torquemada on Stephen Harper, this is what we learned:

  • Stephen Harper appeared statesmanlike in the face of the onslaught. That was his only goal and he succeeded.
  • Gilles Duceppe is dead-candidate-walking, and he seems to know it. He has nothing to offer Canada or Quebec, and is clearly desperate to grab any attention he can get.
  • Stephane Dion is dead-candidate-walking, and he doesn’t seem to know it. He’s very sad to watch.
  • Jack Layton represents the wussified post-modern multi-culti leftist conventional wisdom of Bloor Street West to perfection. I can’t stand him, and neither can most Canadians, but he’ll certainly pick up seats from the Liberals in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, leading to the destruction of the Liberals as a force in Canadian politics for a generation.
  • Elizabeth May’s arrogance is astounding. Representing absolutely nobody in our democracy, she was the most angry and agressive attack hog at the round table event. She’s a sky-is-falling global warming – er, ah, “Climate Change” – fanatic who deserves no place of honour until she gets elected to something. A true farce to see her sitting next to the Prime Minister and making an ass of herself with her slobbering vitriol against a class act.

Harper majority, here we come. The narrative of the next four years: how will Harper’s Harrisite inner circle deal with grassroots challenges from the right.



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3 responses to “Debate night in US, Canada: Palin Wows, Harper Seals the Deal

  1. You are dead-right about the Canadian candidates. Elizabeth May and Jack Layton are birds of the same feather. They want to take our money and run every aspect of our lives. Gilles Duceppe, the incessantly joyless man, shouldn’t even be in the political spotlight.
    The press’ continued attempts to smear Palin show their discomfort with women who are self-made and principled. They have no shame.

  2. I could not stomach more than a few minutes of the debate. I wish Harper had the freedom to tell the others that everything coming of their mouths was a bunch of BS.
    Regarding the MSM, they are doing what is expected, what is worrisome is to see how many people take the hook, line and sinker included.
    Related to one of this election issues, I’ve just signed the petition from the
    Canadian taxpayers federation.

  3. Michael

    “If John McCain wins the US Presidency next month, he’ll have only Sarah Palin to thank. Without her, his campaign has been a disaster.”

    Thanks. I haven’t laughed this hard in LONG time.

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