Cowardice and Ugliness from the American Jewish Left

A few days ago, I wrote about Hillary Clinton cancelling her appearance at Monday’s Jewish Community rally outside the United Nations, because – GASP! – the organizers (Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations) invited Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin to address the gathering. Whether it was a hissy-fit by Hill (“I won’t share the stage with that woman”), or a nefarious attempt to undermine the Obama campaign (my theory, bolstered by Commentary’s Jennifer Rubin here), it didn’t look good on Democrats, who had the gaul to claim that Palin’s appearance would have politicized the event, at the precise moment that they were politicizing the event by walking out.

Well, now, the cowardice of the “official Jewish leaders” once again rears its ugly head, as it has so many times before in history – by now, under pressure from the Obama campaign, DISINVITING PALIN! As a Jew, I could not be more disgusted. There’s not a single moral code – Jewish, or otherwise – that would condone humiliating a distinguished, invited guest. And there’s not a single better way to show weakness of spirit and emptiness of soul, than to cave in to the craven political self-interest of any party.

UPDATE: Barbara Geller, on her Atlas Shrugs blog, links to the radical Jewish leftist group J-Street as they take credit for the Palin disinvitation. Truly despicable.

Just as ugly is the virulent reaction of liberal Jewish women against Governor Palin. I understand why they are reacting this way – because, somehow, abortion became the holy grail of liberal Jewish women’s life, and hatred of God-fearing Christians became an acceptable prejudice in the community. What I hope these women understand (and this includes many in my own family and social circle) is how intolerant, and just plain ugly, it makes them look. Want a glimpse? Look in the mirror, ladies, at this “comedy” clip of liberal Jewish “comedienne” Sandra Bernhard:

More on the topic of “feminists” lashing out at the Republicans’ first-ever female Vice-Presidential candidate here, in S.E. Cupp’s comprehensive New York Daily News column.



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2 responses to “Cowardice and Ugliness from the American Jewish Left

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  2. Terry Walbert

    How could anyone object to Bernhard’s comments.

    They were passionate, using a rich vocabulary that sent me to the dictionary. She’s obviously well read from her references to the Bible.

    Actually, it reminds me of a six-year old who says bad words when her parents are out of the room.

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