Clinton Subversion of Obama? Hillary Cancels Jewish Community Appearance

Do Bill and Hillary Clinton want Barack Obama to win the 2008 Presidential election? Some have argued that they would rather see Obama lose, to clear the field for a 2012 Hillary Clinton run at the White House. Here’s an interesting little item that may support that theory: Clinton Cancels Appearance at Pro-Israel, Anti-Ahmadinejad Rally in New York.

The cancellation stems from the rally organizers’ invitation of Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin to address the same rally. Hillary’s camp claims that the invitation of Palin “politicizes” the event, and that she will not attend the rally if Palin is there. So, who does it help and who does it hurt, if Palin speaks and Hillary does not? 1) it doesn’t hurt Hillary, as the majority of the American Jewish community sees her as “one of them”, and will support her until the cows come home; 2) it helps Palin and McCain’s campaign, as this simply clears the stage for the Alaskan Governor to make friends and fans in the heavily Democrat-supporting Jewish community; 3) it hurts Obama, as it clearly allows the Republican campaign alone to make a high-profile defense of Israel – one that more and more Jews, including liberal Democrat Joe Lieberman, believe is stronger than that of Obama’s Democrats.

Shallow-minded folks may find this to be a Hillary signal that Palin is to be shunned. But the Clintons are too smart to think that petty-minded thinking like that is effective with more than just a sliver of the electorate. Thoughtful people – which, on most issues, the Jewish community is full of – will take the opportunity to listen to what Palin and the Republicans have to say on the issue. And their message is a powerful one: Israel is our friend and ally no matter what it decides to do to defend itself, and Iran’s threats will not go unpunished.


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