Green Party Leader Elizabeth May: “Canadians are Stupid”

UPDATE: Stavros, from TVO’s The Agenda, has helpfully posted more information below that shows that, possibly, Ms. May actually said (or meant to say) that other political leaders think Canadians are stupid. After reviewing his info, he may indeed be right, but it is not exactly clear. I’m willing to listen to other opinions, including that of Ms. May – she should simply clarify what she meant to say, and move on from there, instead of sending her minions out to threaten bloggers!

Congratulations, Green Party of Canada! First, you claimed legitimacy as a political party by poaching a disgraced, (allegedly) corrupt former Liberal MP from the ranks of the Independents. Then, after gaining entry into the leadership debate, your leader goes on TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin, and says this:

Yes, Canadians, you are stupid. Elect Elizabeth May to set you straight! This, my friends, is the totalitarian impulse of the left in action. More evidence? How about the Green Party’s reaction to a left-wing blogger who dared to post this video to his site.

(h/t Smalldeadanimals)



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6 responses to “Green Party Leader Elizabeth May: “Canadians are Stupid”

  1. The full context video of May’s words in the above video that are making a splash in the blogosphere are available from the source TVO (TV Ontario).

    Judge for yourself:

    Elizabeth May has a feature interview tonight on The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO 8pm repeated at 11, as always uncut and commercial free.

    I work at The Agenda with Steve Paikin and as always we welcome your involvement.

  2. Let me start by saying that her agreeing with the assessment was truthful. Canadians are kind of stupid, easily lead and apathetic. Danny Williams said that that Harper would be the worst thing for Canada. If Harper has done such a good job, then why does his war room group have to come up with slanderous and “pretty weiny” attacks on the Liberals. That speaks volumes in my mind. Has everyone forgot that they only call themselves conservatives. Its the Reform Party people…wake up. Joe Clark didn’t leave for no reason.

  3. So Elizabeth May thinks Canadians are stupid? Does that mean her non-opponent buddy Stephane Dion thinks Canadians are stupid? I mean if May and Dion are so close that Liberals would not run a candidate against her? And furthermore ashadowman, the conservatives may have had made an overzealous gaff but they have never stole from the Canadian public like the Liberals did with the sponsorship scandle in Quebec!

  4. Hey Rick,

    The conservatives are nearing the area of creating a deficit which wasn’t done by the Liberals. Jim Flaherty sucked as a finance minister under the Harris regime so he’s not doing any better federally either . In fact the Liberals paid down the deficit more than any other government in this country.
    If your from the west I’d understand why your in love with the reform party oops sorry the conservatives (who stole the name). If Harper has done such a great job then the attack adds make his bunch “just wienies”.

  5. Just like Jean Chreitien did in fraudulently taking credit for the strong Canadian economy that was a result of strong trade with his debased Canadian dollar having an advantage in trade with a booming American economy in the 1990’s now they are blaming Harper because our economy is in a bit of a downturn due slowing trade with saging American and world economys having an effect on our economy! So you see ashawdowman, some people in this country other than Liberals know more about the the effect that trade and the value of a dollar has on an economy and about who can truthfully claim credit or not! Brian Mulroney set up free trade with the United States and Mexico (something the Liberals rejected – then later endorsed when they finally came to their senses). And what part of the country I am from should have nothing to do about a debate on federal political issues unless you are a Liberal, then on course you would use divide and conquer politics (like the NEP) and wreak havoc on national unity! And even if I am from the west your job as a Liberal should be to convince me to vote for your party, but Liberals have already turned me off by the NEP, HRDC boondoggle, Gun Registry boondoggle , running down the military for years, steeling my tax dollars in the Quebec sponsorship scandal (with no Liberals doing prison time like they should be), lying about scraping the GST, etc, etc, etc, to the point who could trust them to run anything? How about trying to apologize for the things you have done starting with the above list? Admit you many mistakes, come forward and start the healing process!

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