Sarah Palin Video (February Interview): Why the Democrats are quaking

Nothing happening of note in the Canadian election campaign (I can’t even bring myself to jibe Stephane Dion – he’s so incompetent, I feel sorry for him now) – so here’s my thought of the day on the US race:

Sarah Palin has not only given the Republicans a post-convention bounce; she has thrown the Democrats and their supporters into complete meltdown; and, she is about to clinch the deal for McCain when her media rollout begins this week.

Want a sneak-peak at the straight-talking, logical, congenial, humble, and vastly knowledgeable happy warrior in an unscripted, long-format, anything-goes media forum? Take a few minutes and watch part of the February 24, 2008 installment of C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” Guest: Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK), a 24-minute interview and call-in show

Underestimate her, and risk looking very silly.



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2 responses to “Sarah Palin Video (February Interview): Why the Democrats are quaking

  1. Sujong - MA

    I give the Govenor the benefits of the doubt and being hopeful that the citizen and leaders of Alaska are wise and smart people to entrust Mrs Sara Palin to be gorvenor of that state before I viewed the video. However, after finishing the videos I said WOW! again and again WOW! Thank you for posting this and for CSPAN for having the forsite to make this interview ahead of today political time. This is the video that I (and believe many) have been seeking for to know who is Govenor Palin is.

    Having said that, I am so proud of the eleder (perhaps African American) lady called in during the this interview with Gov. Palin and praises the Govenor for having sound mind, right vision-attidutde as a head of a state, and strong mind + courage to be a (with respectful – woman) polititian. The elder AfricanAmerican is a strong Democrats and said she don’t see that she will vote for Republican but she said that Gov Palin is the right person for either party and have asked Gov. Palin to continue with her political career for the sake of this country, women, and young people since Gov. Palin is and has all of those needed quality triates. The endorcement of this elder African American and lady is a very big+big wisdom, eperience, insight, dedicated US citizen whos care and fair about her country – that we as fellow US citizen should take NOTE and appreciate deeper why this elder lady called in during this vaulable interview televise. I thank the elder lady for her stepping up to make the call – because of her call and Gov. Palin interview I am very charged to vote and take part in our free of choice and envy (to the other part of the world) political system. I am so poud to be an American where other Americans taking this right for granted. Sujong (VietNamese-American)

    PS: please ignor my spelling – got to make this quick so I can catch other videos of Gov. Palin before I have to head into work.

  2. God bless you, Sujong. You represent the real America – the nation where anyone, whether Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc. – can live as an equal and succeed!

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