“Prisoners of the Canadian Consensus” – David Warren at his Best

Canada’s best regular columnist may well be David Warren of the Ottawa Citizen. This must-read column captures the utter frustration of those of us who don’t buy into the sustained status-quo of Canada’s governance: “We are all prisoners of the Canadian consensus” . The conclusion is a spot-on revelation – especially to anyone who, like myself, has witnessed the widespread, utterly agonized revulsion against the future VP of the USA, Sarah Palin, that has emerged in Canada this past week:

The reason Sarah Palin’s speech at the Republican convention in Minneapolis this last week was so very explosive — not only to Americans with the chance to vote for or against her party, but to Canadians, with no chance at all — had only indirectly to do with the fact that she is a remarkable woman. It was the sudden raw exposure to a well-articulated worldview completely opposed to our “Canadian consensus” that we found so horrifying — or exhilarating.

Millions of Canadians long to hear something like that from a politician up here. But millions more are determined that they must never, ever, be given the chance.


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One response to ““Prisoners of the Canadian Consensus” – David Warren at his Best

  1. Why don’t we have someone like Sarah Palin up here?

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