The Pro-Abortion Smear Machine: Rob Mitchell calls opponents Anti-Semites

In a nutshell: a former senior aide to Ontario Progressive “Conservative” Premiers Mike Harris and Ernie Eves, Rob Mitchell says in his Toronto Star column this week that if you’re against Henry Morgentaler’s Order of Canada award, you’re either an anti-semite, or part of a Catholic conspiracy to kill women by forcing them into coathanger abortions. Or both. Yet another example of why so many far-left radical positions – from unlimited free abortions, to socialist health care, to same-sex marriage, to a ban on capital punishment – become so easily imposed on well-meaning populations: if you resist, you’re labeled an anti-semite, a homophobe, a sexist, a racist, an Islamophobe, or someone who’s against the poor. Idealogues know that these dishonest attacks are the easiest way to shut people up – and they even have a whole system of justice (the HRCs) to back them up.

Mitchell also quotes Dalton McGuinty – the nothing-between-the-ears politician who pretends he’s a Catholic, but calls parochial education “divisive”, tried to ban the Lord’s Prayer, and protects taxpayer-funded abortions – as the source of all wisdom on the issue.

This is the state of the conservative movement in Ontario. Lord help us all.



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9 responses to “The Pro-Abortion Smear Machine: Rob Mitchell calls opponents Anti-Semites

  1. TnT

    “so many far-left radical positions – from unlimited free abortions, to socialist health care, to same-sex marriage, to a ban on capital punishment – become so easily imposed on well-meaning populations:”

    Well meaning populations. Well we can say one thing Flaggman, if anything, you’re incorrigible.

    I realize that you are firm in your beliefs, that much is quite evident. But come on now. You make it seems that a radical bunch of hooligans (the big left I suppose) are making the good Canadian population suffer through legal abortion, a ban on capital punishment, same sex marriage, and public healthcare!

    However, the real truth is, the majority of Canadians support all of those. I know. It’s not something you want to accept. Even a recent Ipsos Reid poll showed 2/3rds of Canadians supports Morgentalers recent Order of Canada award. ( ) Even Stephen Harper was smart enough to back away from the SSM debate even after trying a free vote in parliament.

    So it’s hardly the picture you paint. The truth is, there is a huge majority of Canadians who prefer to live peacefully with these policies, while 2 very small minorities on extreme opposite sides of the issue continue to throw jabs back and forth, ‘murderers’, and ‘fetus fetishists’. All this does is dig in opponents to allow any ‘give’ and discussion is almost non existent, just this sort of useless name calling.

    Enough with the nonsense. Perhaps with saner heads real discussion just might, might I said, emerge discussing issues such as limits on abortion, and penalties for someone causing a mother to lose her pregnancy through violence. No amount of badgering me as to what ‘I’ think a reasonable limit is like you’ve done before, or calling me a stalker is likely going to help that cause.

  2. TnT

    sorry about some of the grammar I hit submit too soon.

  3. MGH

    TnT, never mind the grammar, you also have faulty logic. Right and wrong are not determined by a vote or a majority, least of all the right to life. Each abortion takes an innocent life, put another way extra judical killings are common place, we just call it “choice”. The Universal Declaration of Huan Rights supports the pro life position, not the “pro choice” position.

  4. What else is new…the tedious TnT disagrees with my post! Seriously, Timleck, why the infatuation?

    And you never answered my question: would it have been OK if your mother had made the choice to abort you?

  5. Actually, if memory serves, I think you did answer the question, and you did say it would have been OK for your mother to have aborted you.

  6. TnT

    yes, you did flaggman, which gave you the distinction of asking the most ridiculous question in a discussion, ever. After seeing that question in black and white, it highlighted the absolute lunacy of your position, and stripped any possibility of a few people with differing opinions likely reaching a friendly impasse. As for having a differing opinion on your blog, well, that’s what happens when you express an opinion in public. Someone just might disagree with you, and respond. It’s absolute narcism to actually only expect people to agree with you. But you aren’t the only one.

    As for ‘faulty logic’, well, according to whom? I only referred to the fact that the majority supports ‘choice’, because I’ve now seen a few times the pro life try to pass off a phoney poll stating that a majority was against the OC for Morgentaler.

    No I stand by my logic, and refuse to allow a minority of religious fanatics dictate what my, and many other people’s logic should be.

    You are free to live according to your pro life beliefs. But don’t bother enforcing your beliefs on others, which is the reason for my commenting here. I know that may bring howls of stalker, or troll. But get over yourself.

  7. Flaggmann, what he said was, “You make it seem that a radical bunch of hooligans … are making the good Canadian population suffer”. Then he explained how most Canadians are in favour of Morgentaler’s award (for instance).

    He wasn’t commenting on the morality of abortions, but on the fact that Canadians agree with the current state of health care, availability of abortions and capital punishment.

  8. Demonising people who oppose abortion as fanatics or bigots is an infantile way to quash debate. It’s not the first time such a thing has happened and it won’t be the last. I say it reflects more on people who resort to such tactics than those whose opinions are- how shall we say?- strong.

  9. TnT

    There is a big difference, between those who live by their beliefs, and those that wish to impose their beliefs, on others.

    I have a number of dear Christian friends who are against abortion, and I do not consider them fanatics, nor bigots. Because they aren’t trying to force me or the rest of the country to live by their beliefs.

    A concept that this blogger, and other commenters seem never to fathom.

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