Delusional Dion Proclaims: Canadians Pining for Election!

Delusional Dion, Dynamic Man of the People. (Photo from Armenian Church of Canada dinner)
Delusional Dion, Dynamic Man of the People. (Photo from Armenian Church of Canada dinner)

I nearly spit up my iced tea when I saw this item reported briefly, about 25 minutes into tonight’s The National on CBC: Canadians hungry for a federal election this fall, says Liberal leader (Canadian Press) .

“We have seen over the winter and the spring more and more interest for federal politics,” Dion told reporters Wednesday at a hotel in Ottawa’s west end. “And more and more appetite for an election.”
I was all ready to make the obvious point myself: that no one is talking politics in Canada right now, which means that the most tone-deaf, delusional politician in Canadian history, who in nearly two years as Liberal leader has led the Reds to nothing but humiliation and the brink of bankruptcy, has truly outdone himself. Then, I came across Kelly MacParland’s spot-on column written earlier this evening, “Stephane Dion’s Midsummer Night’s Election Dream” at The National Post, which says it all:
Hmmm. Mr. Dion must be going on highly confidential internal polls, because if there’s a clamour across the land for a chance to spend $300 million or so on a general election, it’s not apparent to us unschooled observers. According to my own proprietary polling figures, here’s the breakdown on issues currently occupying holidaying Canadians, ranked by priority:

1. Boy is it ever raining a lot.
2. What the hell is up with Christian Bale?
3. Is Mats Sundin nuts or what, sitting around Sweden wondering whether to accept $20 million from Vancouver, or $14 million from the Leafs, and claiming he can’t make up his mind.
4. What the hell is up with gas prices?
5. If I sneak off work early this Friday, will anyone get upset, considering I also snuck off last Friday and the Friday before?

Looking down the list, I can’t find anything that says “Boy, wouldn’t it be great to have an election as soon as possible so we can all vote for the same person we voted for last time.” But the list only extends to 500 issues, so it’s not entirely comprehensive…

There’s only one reason I can think of as to why Dion may want an election: the approx. $2 in public funding per vote would help keep the party financially afloat.


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5 responses to “Delusional Dion Proclaims: Canadians Pining for Election!

  1. Fred . . .

    Steffi’s poll is really Iggy & Rae Day Bob whispering in his ear . . . “you go boy”

    Translation: Please call an election so you will have your ass handed to you on a platter and then we can fight it out for leadership of the Party

  2. There’s truth to that, too…but I think they all understand, the only way the Liberal Party can get itself out of near bankruptcy is to get the per-vote public funding after an election. Their own 2004 Elections Act, and their own incompetence, has made it impossible for them to get out of the red any other way.

  3. TnT

    break out the champange Flaggman I agree with you. I don’t know what Dion is thinking either, but then if you ask this question, then you have to question Harper’s logic by saying Canadians wanted to go to the polls all the times he engaged in sabre rattling. Both of them are guilty of opportunism and I disliked all cases Dion included. I don’t have a high opinion of him either.

    However, what he may be thinking, is while some have been screeching the demise of the left, and how the right will triumph, there may be quite disappointment for the righteous right coming south of the border this fall, after the right has so badly destroyed things and having plunged the US in incredible debt.

  4. in2thefray

    Maybe he wants to add votes to the US election-help out Obama ya know ?

  5. Dion needs to be institutionalized. Professional psychiatric care is what he needs.

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