“A Sick-Souled Religion” – WSJ’s Bret Stephens on the Climate Change Enviro-Fraud

The code has been cracked! Global Warming/Climate Change believers use the issue to fulfill one of three main purposes. Thanks to Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal for articulating it so beautifully in his July 1 op-ed, “Global Warming as Mass Neurosis”:

1) a Vehicle of Ideological Convenience (advancing the cause of internationalist socialism – the Al Gore/UN/World Economic Forum jet-setting elite set);

2) a new theology (fulfilling the need of secular atheists to have belonging and meaning);

3) a punishment for the evils of a corpulent modern Western culture (the harsh, painful, anti-modern “cures” are seen as the penance that is due to clear the conscience).

Stephens’ conclusion hits it right on the head:

In “The Varieties of Religious Experience,” William James distinguishes between healthy, life-affirming religion and the monastically inclined, “morbid-minded” religion of the sick-souled. Global warming is sick-souled religion.



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3 responses to ““A Sick-Souled Religion” – WSJ’s Bret Stephens on the Climate Change Enviro-Fraud

  1. You make a wonderful troll.

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  3. jake

    I thought I might agree with the blogs here in “Over-Environmentalism” but I guess not. You can’t actually say Global Warming isnt at least happening. Maybe its not as severe as it is made out to be, but it is certainly real, as it can be seen in the statistics.

    Also “fulfilling the need of secular atheists to have belonging and meaning.” This is just typical pretentious, self-absorbed, religious bullshit. First of all “secular atheist?” Secular means to be separate from faith, and atheist is one who holds no God exists, and therefore by nature an Atheist is secular. Thus “Secular Atheist” is saying the same thing twice and makes you out to be even more foolish than this post already does. Secondly, as a “secular atheist” 😛 I can have belonging and meaning without environmentalism (in fact I am less environmentally worried than most people I know and love). I find meaning in things that are actually meaningful. Like friends and family, and love, and helping other people, not religious pipe dreams, and smug environmentalism.

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