Worst Canada Day Ever: “Dr.” Henry Morgentaler named to Order of Canada

UPDATE 07/02 – Link to Barbara Kay’s column, perfectly articulating my position on abortion and Morgentaler, added at end of post.

Those who defend Canada’s eugenicist-in-chief, Henry Morgentaler, almost always begin with the title that suits him far better than Doctor – Holocaust Survivor. Just like media lefties relentlessly reminded us that unhinged socialist-pacifist agitator Cindy Sheehan was a Grieving Mother, the Holocaust Survivor title is intended to place Morgentaler on a supposedly unshakeable moral high ground, to inocculate him from criticism.

Surviving the Nazi death camps does not make you a good person, any more than dying in the firebombing of Dresden made you a bad Nazi.

I am in no way minimizing the experiences of a Polish Jew who experienced hell on earth in his youth. I am a Jew whose ancestors lost entire branches of the family tree to the Nazi death machine. But some survivors went on to start businesses, raise families, build societies, and become great philanthropists. Morgentaler chose to toss his Hipocratic Oath into the garbage and, through both activism and his own dastardly hands, ensured the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of children who, at the very least, could have been adopted out, with the chance to grow up and start businesses, raise families, build societies, and become great philanthropists.

We are a debased country thanks to Henry Morgentaler. My alma mater, the University of Western Ontario, is a debased institution thanks to the honourary degree granted to Morgentaler in 2005 (and I let them know about it with every bloody fund raising call). And the Order of Canada is now thoroughly disgraced.

I don’t hang around with radical leftists. But most of my friends and family are soft-liberal supporters of “choice”. And every single one will admit that they do not “like” abortion, nor would they ever want a loved one to resort to it. Yet Morgentaler and his ilk not only like abortion, they profit from it, they promote it, they cover up the associated health risks and effects on future fertility, and they elevate its macabre practice to a virtue. It takes a diseased mind to press a philosphy of death on a society, and those diseased minds have now been validated by our Governor-General and her panel of warped CBC elites.

Enjoy that award, Morgentaler. It will look great right up there next to your 1989 Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger award. Yes, that Margaret Sanger.

UPDATE 07/02 – Barbara Kay perfectly captures my opinion on abortion, and Morgentaler, in her column from today’s National Post.



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10 responses to “Worst Canada Day Ever: “Dr.” Henry Morgentaler named to Order of Canada

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  2. Terry

    You have to be kidding me, this is beyond disgusting that he received that honor. I’m horrified that Canada rewards someone who is this divisive and offensive to so many Canadians! Who’s responsible for this? I don’t know how the Order of Canada works.

  3. The fact that Henry Morgentaler survived a concentration camp reminded me of a Nietzsche aphorism:

    “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

  4. kakistocrat

    I have also blogged on this subject and do not find him a worthy recipient. It is my opinion that arguments which appeal to choice, bodily rights, back-alley abortions, or privacy, do not match the power of the scientific reality that human life is contained within a pregnant mother’s womb. Drop by at my blog and we can discuss the matter if you like.

    Also that is not the only reason why I was opposed to his nomination.

  5. David L.

    Awarding Dr. Morgentaler the Order of Canada is beyond reprehensible. What’s next? A series of commemmorative stamps, issued by Canada Post, honouring the achievements of Dr. Mengele!

  6. i must simply say Canada was attempting to become better, now it is a fallen nation. Now this is worse than any nazi camp, they did not even see the light of day.Remember this, in a book the beginning states “Before I fashioned thee in thy mother’s womb, I did know thee: And or ever thou wast born, I sanctified thee, and ordained thee, to be a Prophet unto the people.” I thank Jeremiah.

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  8. Mark Milotay

    We should most definitely not grant Henry Morgentaler the Order of Canada. Why do we allow people to kill a child while it is still within its mother and call it a therapeutic action, but call it murder once the child has been born?

    As someone who lost a child to abortion, I can honestly attest to the fact that it truly is the taking of a life. I can’t decide that another person is doing things to impact the direction of my life, and kill them. Yet a woman can decide to abort a child, how is this right?

    Rather than taking lives, we should be working to provide sufficient support to women who find themselves in the position of wondering whether or not to keep their baby.

    While in Canada we pride ourselves on being an open and just society, by granting this honour to Mr. Morgentaler, we are betraying these core elements of the Canadian persona. Maybe next year the Governor General will nominate Paul Bernardo for the Order of Canada.

    As a Canadian, a Jew, a parent, and a health practitioner, I am horrified that he is even being considered for the Order of Canada.

  9. Joe

    I’m totally confused by the Harper’s defense, that the govt had no involvement whatsoever in deciding who’s gonna get it. WTH is going on here? Isn’t it called “Order of CANADA”??? This order is awarded by CANADA, not by some private citizens, so why does the govt, the organism that represents Canada, have no involvement???

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