Free Speech News: Maclean’s dismissed, Mair vindicated, Pankiw persecuted, Lesbians vengeful

An interesting day in this Orwellian land of speech control. First came the news out of Ottawa – the third of three Human Rights compaints filed by Mohammed Elmasry’s Canadian Islamic Council was dismissed by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, leaving just the BC complaint alive. After viewing the spectacle of the BC tribunal’s hearing earlier this month, and seeing the widespread public revulsion over the kangaroo court’s actions, it seems the bureaucrats at the CHRC retreated into self-preservation mode, and decided against exposing themselves to further worldwide scrutiny and ridicule.

Further good news came out of the Supreme Court of Canada, which, in a ruling released today, reaffirmed the extremely high standards of proof and injury required to convict on a charge of defamation. In WIC Radio Ltd. v. Simpson, the court unanimously voted to overturn a BC appeals court’s ruling that pompous leftist columnist and talk show host Rafe Mair must pay damages to social activist Kari Simpson for defaming her in a 1999 radio commentary. As despicable as Mair’s commentary was – essentially calling her a Nazi, skinhead, and Klansman for campaigning against homosexuality-promoting books in BC’s schools – he should have the right to blather on as he wishes, without fear of being sued. Here’s the nonsense that Mair spewed nine years ago, that will no longer cost him any money (his entire commentary was reprinted as part of the Supreme Court’s ruling):

Before Kari was on my colleague Bill Good’s show last Friday I listened to the tape of the parents’ meeting the night before where Kari harangued the crowd.  It took me back to my childhood when with my parents we would listen to bigots who with increasing shrillness would harangue the crowds.  For Kari’s homosexual one could easily substitute Jew.  I could see Governor Wallace — in my mind’s eye I could see Governor Wallace of Alabama standing on the steps of a schoolhouse shouting to the crowds that no Negroes would get into Alabama schools as long as he was governor.  It could have been blacks last Thursday night just as easily as gays.  Now I’m not suggesting that Kari was proposing or supporting any kind of holocaust or violence but neither really — in the speeches, when you think about it and look back — neither did Hitler or Governor Wallace or Orville Fauvis or Ross Barnett.  They were simply declaring their hostility to a minority.  Let the mob do as they wished.

 As I listened to Kari Simpson I wondered about her, but I also wondered what was the matter with those parents, and my colleague Bill Good said it all on Friday when he said he’d rather have a competent gay teacher teach his kids than a vicious gay-basher.  Don’t make any mistake on this score.  There is no distinction between condemning the rights of blacks or Jews and condemning the civil rights of homosexuals.  Whether she realizes it or not, Kari has by her actions placed herself alongside skinheads and the Ku Klux Klan.  I’m not talking the violent aspects of those groups but the philosophical parallels to other examples of intolerance.

This is the kind of demonization that makes conservatives stay home, quiet and defeated. Trying to keep the promotion of homosexuality out of schools is in no way discrimination. There’s not a single value system upon which our rich, comfortable, and just Western societies were built upon that accepts the promotion of homosexuality to children as acceptable. Comparing the righteous protection of children from indoctrination, to the genocidal actions of Nazis and Klansmen, is perverse. But in our politically-correct times, when the worst possible thing that could happen to anyone is to be called racist, sexist, or homophobic, this perversity has effectively chilled the opposition. Witness the imposition of same-sex marriage in California this month by split-decision judicial fiat – despite the fact that every poll shows a vast majority of Californians are against the idea, barely a whisper of opposition can be publicly heard.

A smart lawyer – Mr. Levant, perhaps? – should take this ruling to the Supreme Court, and use it as an argument against the speech-chilling Section 13.1 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. If you shouldn’t have to pay damages to someone for smearing them on the radio, then you shouldn’t have to be subjected to human rights tribunals for speaking your mind, either.

In a third piece of news – this one much worse – former Conservative MP Jim Pankiw was informed that his appeal to the Supreme Court has been denied, and that his persecution by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal would continue. At least Pankiw hasn’t lost his fightin’ spirit here:

By Thursday evening, Pankiw, who is now a chiropractor in Saskatoon, said he may “just tell the human rights commission to go to hell, and just ignore them.

“That would be the easiest way, is to just to say: ‘You know what? Go to hell’ — I’ve got nothing else to say, because I’m busy, I’m running a business, I employ people, I don’t need this crap,” said Pankiw.

I think more victims of the Human Rights “courts” should do what Pankiw suggests here. There are no Human Rights police. Who can force you to these tribunals? Who can enforce their rulings? To me, this is the best path toward defeating this garbage – civil disobedience, forcing these clowns to either put up or shut up.

Finally, another example of how abused and perverted the kangaroo Human Rights courts have become:

A Canadian stand-up comedian will face a human rights tribunal hearing after a woman complained she and her friends faced a “tirade of homophobic and sexist comments” while attending one of his shows.

In a decision released this week, the B. C. Human Rights Tribunal ruled there is enough evidence to hear the case of Vancouver woman Lorna Pardy against Toronto comedian Guy Earle. Zesty’s Restaurant in Vancouver, where the May 22, 2007, show took place, has also been named in the complaint.

Note to lesbians, Jews, blacks, geeks, women, men, Chinese, Albanians, postal workers, Americans, Muslims, alcoholics, and “little people” – if jokes about you offend your sensitive ears, then don’t go to comedy shows in bars. Or, on the flip-side, if you’re looking to make a spectacle of yourself and earn a little shakedown cash, go to comedy shows in bars, and take notes…



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2 responses to “Free Speech News: Maclean’s dismissed, Mair vindicated, Pankiw persecuted, Lesbians vengeful

  1. Bruce Rockwell

    I ran into a non-copyrighted article on Google which everyone should reprint. To read it, type in “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up.” It is one thought-provoking item, for sure ! Bruce

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