Frank Deford on Golf: Politically-Correct Enviro-Nonsense Infecting the World of Sports

The man generally known as the wise old genius of American sportswriting has joined the team – the politically-correct enviro-nonsense smear machine. Exposing himself as a self-hating liberal, Frank Deford’s latest NPR commentary, “Thirsty Golf Courses Need to Go Green“, explains that, because of global warming, golf courses are going to have to allow themselves to turn brown and ugly.

There’s nothing new here – it’s a rehash of left-wing tripe that would have us believe that such lies as “of course, we don’t have enough water anymore for all the people on the earth.” But what is truly annoying, as a lifelong sports fan, is that Deford insists on infecting the most innocent and American of all journalistic areas with this downer crap. And, he demonstrates how liberalism spreads its poison virally through venues like sportswriting and hollywood films. Here’s how the column concludes:

Golf Digest points out, for example, that an incredible 41 percent of golfers polled believe that global warming is a myth.

But among the 59 percent of the enlightened golfers, the problem is being addressed. Perhaps as many as 1,000 courses are using recycled or reclaimed water, and the United States Golf Association has made that mandatory for some areas of the Southwest. New grasses are being developed that require less moisture to thrive. Overseeding is being frowned upon. Courses are being returned more to their natural state, so grass will often have to lose some of its sheen.

You see, at the end of the day, for golf to go green and accommodate itself to the real world, it’s simply going to have to be much more brown.

So here’s the message to the average sports reader who is generally disengaged from political and scientific discourse: if you don’t accept the slippery, ever-shifting force-fed fear-mongering that the world is headed to catastrophe because of your selfish American bourgeoise ways, you are unenlightened. And you don’t live in the real world if you think golf courses should remain lush, green, and clean.

Say what you want about golf and golfers. I, for one, can’t understand where people get the time to take it up as a serious hobby. But there’s no proof that the world is running out of water, let alone being drained of it by golf courses. There’s also no proof that fresh water supplies are in peril in any way. But there is proof that self-hating liberals will eventually turn on everything beautiful, enjoyable, American, and middle-class.

So stop calling me unenlightened, kooks. Stop dismissing my skepticism of your hysteria as being outside the “real world”. And believe me when I tell you: this will be the most mocked and derided magazine cover in the history of sports when all is said and done, and you will feel very stupid for having taken it seriously:



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2 responses to “Frank Deford on Golf: Politically-Correct Enviro-Nonsense Infecting the World of Sports

  1. philanthropist

    Professional athletes are heroes because they can afford the best hookers and cocaine – they should stick to that.

  2. TnT

    you’re right. Politicians wouldn’t know anything about those now would they.

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