The Stanley Cup of the Canadian Blogosphere: Mohammed Elmasry vs. Maclean’s

As I watch Stanley Cup Game 5 work its way through double-overtime, I thought I’d help spread the word about the Stanley Cup Finals of the Canadian blogosphere, so to speak – this week’s BC Human Rights Tribunal hearing in the case of Mohammed Elmasry vs. Maclean’s magazine. An update, in a nutshell, for the previously uninformed:

  • Maclean’s Magazine, Canada’s Time, prints an excerpt from columnist Mark Steyn’s New York Times #1 best-seller, America Alone, in October 2006.
  • The head of the Canadian Islamic Congress, Mohammed “Every Israeli Jew is a Target” Elmasry, decides that Maclean’s must be dhimmified. Three “sock puppet” law students with ties to Elmasry and his lawyer, Faisal Joseph, try to shake down Maclean’s publisher for both an unedited “response”, and for financial donations to Muslim groups. Maclean’s shows the students the door, probably too politely for my taste.
  • Elmasry’s sock puppet students take their case to the media, and shop it to Canada’s kangaroo court alternative (in)justice system – the Human Rights tribunals. Cases are filed in Ontario (the province where the magazine, and the complainants, are located), British Columbia (a province many thousands of kilometres away, that has no connection to the individals involved, but has the country’s most notoriously far-left-activist human rights tribunal), and at the federal level (the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal). The Ontario complaint was thrown out due to jurisdictional issues, but not without a most outrageous “you’re guilty anyway” press release accompanying the dismissal.
  • At least one of the sock puppets, Khurrum Awan, magically gets a lawyerin’ job at Mr. Kutty’s firm.
  • Dozens of bloggers, interested citizens, and journalists from around North America, have decended on a tiny windowless room in Vancouver this week to hear a panel of three non-judges, freed from the rules of evidence, procedure, fairness, and common sense, expose themselves and their fellow star chamber wizards as the banal faces of fascist evil that Hannah Arendt so famously warned us about.

Live-blogging the proceedings on their blackberries are Maclean’s Andrew Coyne and the great Ezra Levant. All the info you’d ever want (and more) can be found linked at Free Mark Steyn. Look for other great commentary at Steyn’s own blog, my friend Blazing Catfur’s blog, and at Kathy Shaidle’s Five Feet of Fury, which was unexpectedly dragged into the opening day of the farcical proceedings.

Why is this so important? Because it so neatly shines light on two of the biggest issues facing Canada in the current epoch: the unrelenting attack on Western values by Islamic jihadists, and the unrelenting attack on freedom of expression by arrogant leftist university-trained activist grievance mongerers throughout a country that generally rejects concepts like freedom of speech and checks-and-balances for no other reason than “they’re American.” Put them together, and what do you get? One of my favorite topics, the Islamist-Leftist Alliance. And no matter what you think of the issues – it’s damn fine theatre (of the absurd)!

(Good news – the Conservative government is starting to exercise some conservative muscle. Led by St. Catharines MP Rick Dykstra, Delta-Richmond East MP John Cummins, and Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson, a Parliamentary review of the entire Human Rights Commission structure is in the works.)



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2 responses to “The Stanley Cup of the Canadian Blogosphere: Mohammed Elmasry vs. Maclean’s

  1. You’ve summed this up brilliantly and I’m going to provide a link to it. I also love that map!

    When (not if, but when) the Kangaroo Court finds Maclean’s guilty then Maclean’s must not pay a cent or concede anything. Instead, they need to take the 3 Star Chamber wizards to court (a real court), perhaps even funded by the federal government.

    This has gone much too far already and must be quashed if we want to live in a future Canada that we can all respect rather than something that more reflects a Mel Brooks movie.

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