Defending the HRCs: Thin Gruel from Socialist Islamist Apologist Haroon Siddiqui

Haroon Siddiqui 

The man who has been driving Jews and moderates away from the Toronto Star for three decades now, current columnist and former editorial page editor Haroon Siddiqui, served up a thin gruel of a defense today for the four students/self-appointed magazine censors (Khurrum Awan, Naseem Mithoowani, Muneeza Sheikh and Ali Ahmed) who, along with Mohammed Elmasry, are taking Mark Steyn and Maclean’s magazine to kangaroo court. Check out this gem:

One tactic being used to undermine the complaint against Maclean’sis to cite a 2004 statement by Mohamed El Masry, the controversial head of the Islamic Congress. He had said that all Israeli civilians are fair game for suicide bombers. As vile as that sentiment is, must it be used as a weapon of guilt by association against the student complainants?

Does he really expect an answer other than: YES!!!!

Essentially, Siddiqui’s argument runs like this: four students claim they were offended by not just one, but 19 articles published in Maclean’s, including an excerpt from Mark Steyn’s #1 best-selling polemic, America Alone. Because their demands for their concept of “equal treatment” were denied by Maclean’s, they did the most natural thing in the world: they contacted the country’s most notorious Islamic media hound, and partnered with his shell organization, the Canadian Islamic Congress, to take Maclean’s to Human Rights court. Even though I, Haroon, am employed by a publisher that relies upon freedom of the press, and even though my employer is on record as strongly taking the side of Maclean’s, I want to see the Human Rights complaints prosecuted because…it has been done before, and therefore must be done again. And those who see this as an opportunity to change the law to prevent these nuisance suits being brought forward in the future, like Liberal MP Keith Martin (a man who, himself, comes from mixed-race ancestry) are evil right-wingers who hate Muslims. The end.

A sickening display of obfuscation and duplicity. Yours daily in The Toronto Star.


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One response to “Defending the HRCs: Thin Gruel from Socialist Islamist Apologist Haroon Siddiqui

  1. in2thefray

    That’s a scary course of events man. I’m curious is Macleans so available that one sees it without going out,buying it and reading it ? My scattered point being is it an unavoidable publication and isn’t it’s base well known ?

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